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Please do every thing to make sure you read the part 2 of this message, this is my favorite message, and I love it with all my heart. Joel 2:28: And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy. Whenever someone speaks about the Last Days, just know that they are speaking about this very moment. In fact, the scripture given above is by the prophet Joel who is speaking of God’s plan for this last generation living in the Last Days. Particularly, God declared hundreds of years ago through the prophet Joel that He will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh, and “all flesh” means all flesh, so it does not matter if you are a child, teenager, or old, because God has said that He will pour out His anointing on people of every age in the Last Days.

But, this is a specific anointing with a specific purpose. To be exact, the anointing is a prophetic anointing which will allow men to know the truth of God (righteousness and holiness), then declare it to the nations so that men can adjust to this truth. Therefore, from those who will adjust their lives, God will raise up a church without a spot or a wrinkle; they will revive the nations. In fact, this post that you are reading is what God wants to use to revive the nations. So, you, the one reading this message, God wants to use YOU in your nation for revival. However, God cannot revive your nation if you do not take action. In fact, how can you be used to deliver your nation from sin when you are still struggling with addictions? So, although God is ready for revival in your nation, God needs a vessel to demonstrate His power through in a tremendous way. Thus, it is your responsibility to make yourself available for God’s service, and the only way that you can be useful to God is by complying with His standard.

Therefore, you cannot remain a lukewarm Christian, but, you must first revive your inner man then separate yourself from the world and be joined to Christ. So, today is a preparation day for you, because the Holy Spirit is working in a mighty way to prepare the Bride (the Church), for the bridegroom Who is Jesus Christ. In order to be prepared, you must be submissive to the Lord, Jesus Christ and have His very nature. In fact, having the nature of Christ is a sure way that you will be qualified to receive the anointing and be a vessel used in these Last Days. Thus, it is written, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus” (Philp. 2:5).

But, not only will you be a vessel for God, but you will also join the ranks of many of others all over the world known as the Army of the Lord. Specifically, the Army of the Lord are believers who fight for holiness and righteous by living holy lives, evangelizing in their communities, and preaching to nations that “without holiness, no man will see the Lord” (Hebrew 12:14). However, now the question becomes, are you qualified to be in the Army of the Lord? Are you living a holy life? If not, you need to prepare yourself in holiness and righteousness so that you can be spiritually fit to join the Army of the Lord and fight the end time war. But, know that this is not a carnal war against men, but, a spiritual war. Therefore, the weapons of warfare are not carnal or fleshly, neither do they corrupt nor pollute. But, “the weapons of our warfare are …mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds” (1 Cor. 10:4). Amen.

Having said that, I know that many are still carnal, living in ungodly passions and going deep into the love of pleasure, and at the same time, some have become disheartened and say, “Where is the promise of the Bridegroom’s coming? So right now, I announce to you that Jesus is coming soon! This is why God is pouring out His Spirit on all men to prepare this Army. Hallelujah! In fact, this Army will shake the entire world. So get out of lukewarmness and put on the armor of God! Likewise, take up a red hot, unshakable passion for Jesus Christ! However, nevertheless, I must warn you that there will be a violent persecution of this Army and some will even suffer death. But, those in the Army of the Lord do not fear death, because to die for Christ’s sake is a great honor. In fact, for a Christian, “To die is gain” (Philp. 1:21)! So, in spite of death and opposition, the Gospel of the kingdom of God must be preached all over the world as a testimony against those who opposed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Therefore, it is written, “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come” (Matt. 24:14). Yet, when it comes to the Gospel being spread, the Lord is saying, “Who shall I send?” You see, God is ready to send someone and that someone is you. But the question is, are you ready to be sent? But, if you are busy with the things of the world, you are not ready to be sent. Therefore, forsake these things, because God is ready to empower, not only you, but all who are ready to follow His will. In particular, God will pour out His Holy Spirit on you and other. So to the young lady/young man reading this post, what is stopping the purpose of God in your life? It is certainly not God because God has said that young ladies and young men will prophesy (Joel 2:28). Therefore, you must not be dead in spirit, but, arise with an extraordinary zeal and love for Jesus, and rebuke worldliness from your life to revive your nation!

Also, to encourage you, I want to tell you of a vision that I saw about the Army of the Lord in my fourth encounter with Jesus Christ. In this vision, the Lord said, “My son, I have prepared my own army and I will use all of my power on them. They will deliver many people. They will cast out demons and set the captives free. They will declare My whole counsel! I will use little children mightily and I will use the youth for My own glory! Everyone shall declare that I am the Lord of Hosts, come and see them”! At this point, I saw many armies. In fact, some of the people in that army looked to be children no more than four years of age, yet, they were all ready to work. Then I heard a powerful voice say, “Whom shall I send”? Next, all of the armies arose and raised their swords while shouting, “Send us! We will go”! Likewise, this was the same thing that happen in the Bible with the prophet Isaiah; “I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me” (Isaiah 6:8-10). After this, the Lord began to smile. And oh! I cannot describe how wonderful His smile was! Then the Lord said, “Tell my people I have given them the last minute of grace so that they might repent and not perish. They should run right now to my room of grace and be saved. Go and tell them! You see, this is why Revelation 3:20-22 says, “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me”. It is because Jesus is waiting for men to open the doors of their hearts and run to His grace. Amen. In the part 2 of this message I want to tell you about what is hindering The outpouring of the prophetic anoininting in the last day.

Emmanuel SamsonJude +2347038404005

Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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1 Comment

  1. Cassandra

    June 26, 2016 at 3:02 am

    Thank for sharing, I started following you all on facebook, the message I get now some I never heard, but I started ask God for his truth, and that is how I got connected with you sisters. God love us so much, he did everything that, we will make to heaven. Thanks for obey God.

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Divine Revelations

Demons in Human Disguise

Exposing who they really are – demons from the pit of Hell!!!



Revelation by Zipporah Mushala and Rachael Mushala Chisulo

This post is to fully expose demons in human form as the Lord has exposed them to us. We had no intent of writing this post but it was a direct instruction from the Lord Jesus Christ and He is the One who gave us the title of this post and how it should be written, as we have done above. The Lord told us, “Write another post to expose demons in human disguise. Expose them some more!”
Some of the things are going to be hard to believe but that doesn’t stop them from being true. Just like not believing that Hell doesn’t exist doesn’t stop it from existing.

The Lord told us,

“Demons in human disguise have always been living among you even before I revealed it to you and they have always been working against you. Just because you didn’t know that they existed among you in human form doesn’t mean they were not there and were not working against you. Me revealing them to you is not what has made them demons. They have always been demons.”

Living life with false imaginations that demons do not live among us while pretending to also be human, does not help because you will not know how to fight spiritually and you will be overcome. The scripture says, “My people perish, for lack of knowledge.”


These are just a few of the countless encounters we have had with demons in human form.
When I (Zipporah) was at school, the Lord showed me a vision was I was with a group of my classmates discussing school work. We were standing on a grass loan outside. So, I wanted to talk to one of them and I called her name “Salome ….” (Not real name) I didn’t finish my sentence because as soon as I called her name, she disappeared! The place she had been standing was empty and there was nothing but grass there.

Then I turned to talk another one and I called her, “Molly….” (Not real name) but she too disappeared! The place she had been standing also remained empty! There was only grass there.
The Lord was showing me that these two are demons in human form. I was calling the name Salome and Molly, but there was no Salome or Molly there. That is why they had disappeared. There was no human named Salome or Molly standing there. They didn’t exist. That is why the place became empty and there was nothing but grass there. There were only demons, which had put on human-like flesh in order to deceive people that they were human and had acquired the name Salome and Molly.

When I looked at the place where they had been standing, I noticed that the grass had completely flattened and become dry like it had been ironed! Someone looking would see as if the grass was normal, unless if they could see in the spirit. The Lord is showing us that these are not human at all and that we should never think of them that way just because they are hiding in a body that looks like ours.
The Lord had also revealed to me that a certain ‘girl’ whom I know was actually not human but a demon from the pit of hell in human disguise.

After ‘She’ saw that She was now exposed, She came to openly attack me at night. I was between sleep and wakefulness and I could see her coming to attack me. When I looked at the floor, I saw that She was leaving foot prints on the solid floor as if it was a fresh floor! But the Lord helped me during the attack. He wanted to show me that these are spirits, real demons no matter how human they may look.Demons in human disguise are not far way from you nor do you just encounter them once in a while. You encounter them EVERYDAY but you just don’t know they are demons because there is no physical way of knowing them except the Lord reveals to you.

They are your classmates, colleagues at work, church mates, neighbors, friends and even relatives for example, cousins, nieces and nephews! When your brother or sister marries a demon, their offspring will be demons and these will be your nieces and nephews. They do not accidentally become demons nor are they born and then they discover that they are demons. Not at all. These are the same demons who were cast out of heaven with the devil. They willfully come to earth to fulfill a mission and in order to fulfill that mission, they need a body that looks human so that they can convince others that they are also human.

When a woman is pregnant, a human-like body in form of a baby will be forming inside her body.
But in order for that baby –like form to have life and be active, another demon from the pit of hell will come inside this baby- like form to stay inside it and will go through all the baby growth stages in the womb and will even be kicking. You won’t even know it’s a demon. It will be born on earth and everyone will think that it’s a baby but it’s a demon and it will be growing like any other normal child and will go through all the stages of life, from baby class all the way to tertiary education and will start work and even get married.

Human beings can only be produced when two humans marry each other but when you marry a demon, you have demons which come from hell but will pretend to have been born like we explained above.
They come in human disguise so that they can influence humans to sin. Their whole lives here on earth with a human-like body, they are working their mission of making people sin. They also pretend to die and when they do that, they just come out of that fake body and go back to hell, until they have another mission on earth that requires their physical presence.

Their punishment is the Lake of fire together with the devil as it is written in Revelations. They are already doomed and can never can saved.
They come in all forms, like Pastors, like beggars, like the rich, like the poor, like the deaf, dumb, blind etc. You name it. Some pretend to be Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and even Atheists.
They pretend to be everything humans are so that they can associate with people from all walks of life, races and class. They mix with humans so that they can influence them and make them sin in various ways e.g, dirty jokes, secular tv, artificial hair, making women wear trousers etc.
They set trends of life to make sin appear normal. They do all these things to make them look like the normal and humans start imitating them and doing these things as well. They make it seem like it’s alright to live a double life and like God doesn’t mind that.

The Lord had also told us that Satan writes movie stories and demons, along with human Satanic agents act them out. Majority of those who act movies are working for Satan even though physically, it may seem like they are working in order to make ends meet. Even if demons come to earth and pretend to be a Pastor, their doom is already set and nothing they do can make them go to heaven.
God can be telling you to stop a certain sin but you will say, “Even this Pastor or that Pastor dresses like this or does this or that and so I will not stop. For them to be doing it, it means it’s not a sin.”

Going to heaven is a personal journey. That Pastor you are trying to imitate may be a demon in human disguise working its mission of dressing in an indecent way while pretending to be a Pastor so that it can influence humans to dress the same. You have a chance of going to heaven while it is already doomed and it is trying to make you doomed with it.

Just like you have a soul inside you and when your soul leaves your body you die, the same for these demons. When the demon leaves that fake body, it becomes lifeless. They are not in any single way human.
They pretend to be human in every way and will even talk about God and may even pretend to have been sick and have received a healing from God and give ‘testimonies’ of their healing. To you, it will look real but it’s all fake.

The Lord told me (Rachael) that demon incarnates really hate to be exposed. He told me that they wish they had remained hidden forever and they really hate the revelation of demons in human form.
They are demons from the pit of hell whom satan sends to come to earth to pretend to be human, they come in a human like body and look, talk, act like humans but they are demons, here on a mission.
Some even pretend like they don’t know each other, when they are here on earth in a human like body. Sometimes, they will even pretend to hate each other but they are all working together.
The Lord told me, ”These demons in human form are the very demons from the pits of hell, they look human when hiding in a human like body, but look at who they really are!”

Then I saw a very huge demon, so big and scary! It’s foot was about the size of a double bed!
And yet this very demon was in a human like body, and living among humans and nobody even knew this was what it really looked like. Ever since God started exposing them to my sister Zipporah and I, we have encountered numerous of these demons. Their existence isn’t something we could deny even if we wanted to, because even when we don’t want to see them, we still see them everywhere we go!
God still shows them to us. He’s given us a gift to see them and we too wish they did not exist, BUT THEY DO EXIST.

They are here to take you to hell. This is their major mission. They work exactly like demons which are in the spiritual realm, infact they are the same demons.
You can never know them unless by revelation. There is so much darkness on earth and without being close to Jesus, you will not overcome. You do not necessarily have to have the gift of seeing these demons in order to overcome them. Seeing them is good because you will know whom exactly you are dealing with.
But the most important thing is to be filled with the Holy Spirit and have a very close relationship with Jesus Christ, this is the only way you will overcome them. Only Jesus will help you overcome their traps.
Jesus told me that these demons work best in ignorance and they are so desperate to keep their cover such that if a ‘couple’ are both demons, and one of them gets exposed as a demon in human disguise, the one who has not yet been exposed will do ANYTHING to avoid being exposed like their partner.
Jesus told me that they will even be ready to divorce their partner, all in an attempt to keep their disguise just so that they can work properly.

They will pretend to be horrified and be ready to divorce, just to keep their own cover. Note that everything they do is simply a mission including marriage. They don’t even love each other and have simply been instructed to live and act as husband and wife.
Even their friendship to you is a mission and they constantly give updates about how they are progressing in their mission against you to the satanic kingdom. They are demons who are just wearing a human like cover to fit in and work properly and every human emotion is simply an act!

There is a woman whom God had revealed as a demon in human disguise, I first met this woman in a bank, when I didn’t even know who she was. She was just a random person, but when I saw her, I could see with my spiritual eyes that she was a demon! She was extremely creepy, and as I looked at her, I kept thinking to myself,”they really know how to pretend to be human!” A few days later, someone I know introduced this same lady to me. Coincidentally, she knew someone I know! Then I remembered her as the lady I met in the bank. She knew I knew who she was but she still pretended.
Later, I heard a knock at my door, when I went to check who was at the door, it was this same ‘lady’ with her daughter, a girl of about 7 years old. They were both smiling at me, still pretending to be human though they knew I was seeing who they really were!

Later that night, God showed me what had really been happening. I saw a vision of this lady and her daughter knocking at my door, and when I opened, standing right there in front of me were two ape like creatures, standing upright, with big red ugly eyes, they were both growling at me! Yet in the physical, while hiding in their human likes bodies they had been smiling at me in a very friendly way.


God had showed my husband why these demons keep pretending to be human even to the people who God had exposed them to as demons! God said because these demons have been in existence for centuries, they see all humans as babies! For example, there’s someone whom God exposed to my husband as a demon in human disguise. Physically you can never suspect him and even my husband was shocked when God showed him this person was a demon! God showed him that this person was a demon and that he was there even in Ahab’s time and also that even at that time he even knew about electricity!
We were shocked because people then didn’t know electricity but God said this ‘person’ knew about electricity in great detail even then!

The satanic kingdom are more advanced in technology than human beings, that is the truth.
But when they come to earth they pretend to just know as little as humans know about everything.
They pretend technology is new to them too, and all these technological devices which are being invented on earth are new to them too, yet they have had them for years in the demonic kingdom.
These demons have been in existence for centuries, when they come to earth in a body which looks like a baby, you will think it is a baby who is innocent and knows nothing.

They will cry like a baby, reason like a baby, and do everything babyish, yet it is all an act.
They are much older than you! They have been alive for centuries and are just hiding in a small body.
They already know so much, but will pretend to just know as much as humans are expected to know!
But because they are spirits and have been around much longer than us and know so much more than us, they see us as babies and easy to deceive!
They know how humans act, how humans reason, they have been tricking humans for centuries, therefore they see us as easy prey.

That is why you cannot defeat them physically.

They are much more complicated because while we are physical beings, they are spirits and can only be fought in the spirit.
Yes, even those that look like babies are much more complicated than you are because while you are a physical being, and you are physically much older than them, in reality they are way older than you, they know much more than you know and in their eyes you are the one who is a baby and because they see you as a baby, God said that is why they do not give up trying to deceive you.
Even when you know who they are, they will use every opportunity to try to make you doubt what God showed you!

That is why they can only be fought spiritually because with the Holy Spirit you are much wiser than them!

You will overcome them with the Holy Spirit.

God wants you to know these demons exist among us so that you understand how dark the world is and know that Jesus is your only hope and know that do not follow people because some are actually not people. You cannot tell who they are physically. It is not about how someone behaves, dresses, talks, that is not how you tell a demon.

We have seen MANY who look holy on the outside and talk as if they are holy but God had exposed them to us as demons who are just pretending and also in their own way, and also working just the same way l the demons who are working indecently are working!
They too are just the very demons in the pits of hell and they do everything the other demons do i.e casting spells to make you do different things, attacking your prayer life, or teaching false doctrines etc.
They are just acting and dressing according to their mission.

So only God can reveal them to you.

If you are not close to God you will be easy prey for satan and his schemes.
This is the time to be really close to the Lord, and depend on Jesus completely.
Pray and have a personal relationship with Jesus and look only to Jesus Christ.
Please read our other article with biblical explanation of these demons at this link

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Divine Revelations

Vision of Open Doors



During prayer,the Lord told me that everyone here in earth has an open door of salvation. He said that everyone, no matter who they are or even what they are doing right now be it murdering a person.

The Lord Jesus Christ showed me doors countless doors and I saw some of their owners. I looked at a door and I saw an Indian woman bowing down to an Idol. She was not even aware that there was an open door for her.

I looked again and I saw three doors. I saw 3 Arab men at a boarder. They had worn white as Muslims do and they seemed so busy. They seemed to be doing business transaction and it was like something had gone wrong with the transaction they were handling because one of them seemed so angry and was shouting at one of the others on top of his voice and pointing fingers. They were so busy with the things of this world and were not even aware that there is an open door for them.

They are fully convinced that Islam is the way and yet a door of true salvation stays open and unused.

I then saw a certain lady who was a Christian but lived a double life. I saw her dying and the moment her soul left her body and went to Hell, Jesus walked sadly to go and close her door. He was walking towards her door with His head facing downwards. He was closing her door and shaking His head in pity and sorrow. Her door of salvation was closed. She walked in the opposite direction of that door through the life she lived.

In these doors, I saw that only the person it was meant for could enter because it was like they were designed for their body and height only (personal journey).

I also noticed that the doors were fully wide open and a golden light was shining through the doors. The door was wide open so that it was inviting ( I am the door John 10:9) and there was a light so that they could easily see the door of salvation and not miss it (I am the light of the world John 8:12).

Beyond the golden light, I could see beautiful fountains, fluffy purple clouds with beautiful birds, lakes and gardens. It was the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus is inviting you and me to walk through that door and not ignore it through living an unrepentant life. Let us enter that door before it closes and life on earth is history. No more repentance. Only tormenting memories of missed opportunities. Many people do not know that there is an open door for them and some are even in false religions altogether. It is our duty to perform the great commission (evangelism) and make sure they see that door before death. Today is the day of salvation.

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Divine Revelations

Vision of the Lord Against Playing Cards



The Lord Jesus Christ told me that playing cards is demonic and that whoever plays them makes demonic covenants over their lives. He said that playing cards either for fun or for money is demonic. The Lord told me cards have got demons of witchcraft and that when people play, in the spiritual realm,they are casting spells without even being aware. They help demons to put people’s lives in various bondages and cast spells. In short,they make you practice witchcraft. Cards are even used by tarrot card readers teII fortunes and all that is demonic divination.


It is no wonder that even in games of gambling, it usually ends in bloodshed . There are demonic spirits involved. When the Lord told me all this,it came as bad news to me because my siblings and I grew up playing cards for fun. It is something we became accustomed to and we would spend most of our free time playing them. Even at School with friends, we would play when we became bored. We would not use money but the Lord said that aII card playing is eviI. Infact Jesus said in His word that whoever loves me keeps my commandments.


I have seen many even here on Facebook defending some things such as Football or Makeup just because they have become accustomed to them and are not ready to give up their lives for the sake of the Gospel. We should crucify our flesh and obey the Holy Spirit. The Lord said that it is the same for many of these games. He told me of another game called snakes and ladders.He said they may seem fun and innocent but they have demonic covenants. We should always seek the guidance of the HoIy Spirit before doing anything

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