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Holiness & Rapture

The Lord’s Warning Against Reading Obscene Materials



I was in prayer and when I was saying the concluding words,a vision flashed before my eyes. It was so clear as if what I was seeing was right before my eyes. I saw a magazine with the title ‘New Age’ written there. I had never even heard of this magazine before this vision. On the cover, I saw a man dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and he had his hand over one eye which is a symbol of the illuminati. There was also a body builder without a shirt on the cover of the magazine and there were various words written on the magazine.

Some were written in red and some in black. They were trying to entice people to read the magazine by telling them what was inside. The Lord also brought to my attention where it was written “SEX AND LOVE TIPS INSIDE.”
It was written just like that in Capital letters. This magazine just like ALL other worldly magazines all over the world are a tool of Satan and a trap to Hell.
The Lord has warned various times about how unholy these magazines are. The Lord will listen to no excuses to whoever still reads them. There will be no reason that you will give for reading them that will be valid. You may say you want to learn this or that and you will only read the good things but reasoning is always the first step to sin. Sin always takes you further than you wanted to go and by the time you realise it,it may be too late.
1 John 2:16 tells us, “For all that is in the world the lust of the flesh,the lust of the eyes,and the pride of life is not of the Father but of the world. And the world is passing away,and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.”
The Lord knows the intentions of our hearts. We may stop watching secular Tv but still run to reading materials that contain the same things that defile the temple of the Holy Spirit which is our bodies. Before we do anything, we should ask ourselves, if Jesus was in my position, would He do what I am doing? If He was to come and visit in my house, would I do everything the way I do it or would I stop doing some things? If so then why? It simply means those things are unholy. If I was chatting with my friends and Jesus came and sat down with us, would we continue chatting about the guys and the girls or would we change the topic? Would we continue chatting about how horrible our neighbour’s dressing style is or about how cheap the car they bought is? Would we continue talking about how how our friends successfully cheated in their wives without being caught? Would Jesus join in the conversation and be happy about what we were talking about or would He be grieved?
Galatians 6:7 says “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for what a man sows,that he will also reap.”
The Lord doesn’t want his children to be swayed by the devil because Hell is a very horrible place and it is eternal. The Lord warns but the choice is ours to make.
Things in this world usually seem like they will never end but they usually end when you are not expecting it. Death is waiting and beyond,Jesus is waiting with open arms if only we cooperate with His Holy Spirit who wants us to live Holy lives.


Divine Revelations

Stretching Hair By Blowing is Taking People to Hell

After I shared on Facebook about how God showed me that stretching hair by blow drying it was taking people to hell and that God said it is just like perm, satan was so angry because this is one way he was still trapping many children of God.



I want to share about stretching hair using a blow dryer again because this is something taken so lightly, yet it is so costly. PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HELL FOR IT. It is just a trick from satan and he is using it to trap Christians who know that perming hair is sinful and God hates it.

From the time God started giving Zipporah and I revelations, Satan has tried to kill us numerous times. I can’t even begin to recount the ways he’s been trying to do this, and this has been happening uncountable times but we are not intimidated and we will never back down because greater is He who is in us than the one who is in the world.

It has become part of our lives to know that satan wants to kill us but we are not afraid because he will never manage, only God has power to take our lives.
After I shared on Facebook about how God showed me that stretching hair by blow drying it was taking people to hell and that God said it is just like perm, satan was so angry because this is one way he was still trapping many children of God.

Days after I shared, he attacked me in the night and wanted to kill me but I rebuked him in the name of Jesus Christ and he fled. Last night, around 2 A.M, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to wake up and pray, so I prayed then went back to bed. God wanted to show me how angry satan is about the children of God who are giving up stretching hair by blowing.
Satan was desperately angry.

Immediately I got in bed, I heard a very angry voice and I knew it was satan. In the spirit you just become aware of things without anyone telling you.
God told me he was angry about people stopping blow and also about how the prayers which were in obedience to the Holy Spirit had destroyed his kingdom.
He was in form of a man and stood near my bed, he was talking to me in a very angry tone saying, “why did you wake up to pray?!!!Why did you wake up to pray?!!!! This time around am really going to kill you!!!”

Immediately, he transformed into a very powerful wind, blowing where I was sleeping.
It was so powerful and gave me a sensation of drowning.
I felt like someone would feel when drowning in water, only that this wasn’t water, but wind. It blew so strongly all around me and created something like a hollow in the center, going above me and covering me.

The wind made a loud noise, going whoooooooo woooooooooo woooooooooo! all around me and I started to hear a noise in my ears like ding ding ding ding.
I was literally “drowning’ in this demonic wind and I lifted my hand out of it,shouting,”Jesus!Jesus!”And when I called on Jesus it immediately ceased.
God wanted me to know how serious it is that satan doesn’t want people to know about stretching hair by blowing.
When the wind was gone, I thought to myself, “so Satan is really using blowing hair as a way of taking people to hell! We really need to tell people more about this.”

Then Satan came again, and he said to me, “okay, I won’t kill you. I want to give you money. How can I send it to you? I want to send the money to you from Kitwe (This is a city neighboring the town where I live), do you know anyone who ll be going to Kitwe soon so that they collect the money for you?”
He had transformed himself into a man again when he said this.
And I said,”be gone satana!I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ!” and he vanished.
Shortly,he came again and this time,he transformed himself into many people,journalists to be exact (am a journalist by profession).Satan transformed himself into many journalists and appeared again and said,”We are making you an offer,do you accept or not?”
They were all talking at the same time and saying the same word at the exact time.It wasn’t many people,it was just satan pretending to be many people and I knew this.
Immediately they said this,they vanished.

I was shocked at what I was seeing and all this time,I was just thinking to myself,”so blowing is really something being used to get Christians into hell and .Its serious,and it must be shared.”
And satan came back again,transformed into a brown dog!
This time his tone was different.He wasn’t trying to be persuasive in any way now,he was very angry and screamed,”don’t say anything!Don’t say anything!I ve given you an offer! Don’t say anything!”
He was offering me money in exchange for silence about warning people about how stretching hair by blowing will take them to hell!

I rebuked him in Jesus’ name and this time he went and didn’t come back.
God wanted to how me that satan wants to keep this truth from people,but God wants you to know the truth. Stretching hair by perming it and stretching hair by blowing it are just two different methods of achieving the same thing. The one who perms and the Christian who knows it’s wrong to perm yet uses a blow dryer to stretch their hair will go to the same hell.
Please read my previous post about blowing hair.

I have to tell you this truth that God told me because if I tell you half truths then am not doing any service for God.Because you will still end up in hell. For me,it’s better to tell you the truth that will save you,than the lie that will comfort you to hell. God wants our all or nothing. One thing God has taught me is that if we have made up our minds to repent and follow Jesus Christ,we must be willing to lose ALL.

If we want to follow Jesus but are not willing to lose some things which God tells us to,then we are just wasting our time.Following Jesus Christ is a serious decision that involves reaching a point where we are willing to lose everything for the sake of Christ.

Phillipians 3:8 :

“Yea,doubtless, and I count ALL THINGS but loss for the execellency of the knowledge of Jesus my Lord;for whom I have suffered THE LOSS OF ALL THINGS and do count them but dung,that I may win Christ and be found in Him…………”

All Christians are called to a life where their life is an offering to God.
Mark 8:34,”Whosoever will come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me.”:
Following Jesus actually involves complete death. Us dying, and Him living.Meaning, it doesn’t matter whether we love something or not or how much a part of our life it is, if Jesus says get rid of this, we should be willing to let it go because our life has been offered up to God. We do not live for ourselves, but we live for Jesus Christ.

This is why Jesus said anyone who holds on to their life will lose it, but anyone who lets it go will save it (JOHN 12:25). Luke 9:62”And Jesus said unto him, no man having put his hand to the plough, and looking back is fit for the kingdom of God. We have to reach a point where no matter what it is that God tells us to do, we are willing to do it.  This is why Jesus compared the kingdom of God with a man who found a precious pearl. He went and sold ALL he had,just in order to get that pearl.Matthew 13:45

We too must be willing to give up anything just to get Jesus.
We however do not have power to die to self on our own,it is the work of the Holy Spirit.
This is why salvation is a work of the Holy Spirit.We need Him to bring us to that point where we are willing to let go of anything. And He will if we ask Him to and are willing to obey. You have a role to play by being willing to obey, and by obeying because the more you obey,the more He will teach you and you will be perfected.

If we try to obey God in our own might and strength we will fail,that is why Jesus said it is the Spirit that quickens,the flesh profits nothing……….John 6:63 . The first thing we must do if we want to be saved is to believe in Jesus Christ, and

Repent, turn from all our sin, ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit

We need the Holy Spirit to overcome.If you do not have the Holy Spirit,you will not be able to overcome. You need the Holy Spirit. This is why people will hear a warning from God and try to obey it for a day or two then go back to their sin,without the HOLY SPIRIT,it will just be a bunch of rules and you cannot overcome on your own, that is why Jesus Christ had to die so that He does the work in you. The Holy Spirit will help you overcome.

You can ask for the Holy Spirit even now, God is willing to give you and God is willing to save you.
Ask Him to save you.Even if you think it is impossible for you to be saved,just ask Jesus to save you,He will do it,you won’t even remember how come you are no longer struggling with obedience.
Jesus will do the work in you, yield yourself because today is the day of repentance.
Repent and become obedient to God.If you really want to be obedient God will help you to obey.
Jesus is mighty to save.

Develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by reading the bible ,praying, and fellow-shipping with Him. That is the only way you will overcome. Please refer to my previous articles on the importance of outward and inner holiness.

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Holiness & Rapture

How God Showed Me That People go to Hell for Blowing Hair



When we came to the Lord,He started teaching us about His holiness little by little.
He told us that He hates artificial beauty which includes perming hair,dying hair,wearing jewelry, painting nails and using fake nails, tweezing eye brows,wearing makeup,using wigs,worldly haircuts e.g mo hawk,sagging trousers,tattoos,women wearing trousers,or wearing clothes exposing your body indecently,wearing high heeled shoes,etc.
1 John 2:15 ‘love not the world,neither the things of the world.If any man loves the world,the love of the Father is not in him.”

The Lord really does want us to be separate from the world.
A tree brings forth fruit after its kind,you cannot say you are Holy inside while outside you are just like the worlds. The outside shows what is in you. At the time when the Lord had told us about all these things,we had thought stretching hair by blow drying was not a sin as God had only mentioned perming.
This post is about how God told me that people go to hell for blowing their hair.
God told me that blow drying your hair is just a different procedure but will have the exact same effect as perming and it’s not the procedure He was concerned about,but the effect.
At about that time,I got so sick and was in hospital.

God then showed me a vision that I should wash my hair to undo the blow drying, and He told me that if I died then,I would go to hell for blowing my hair.
God also gave me an experience to show me how serious this was.
I found myself out of my body and descending into the pits of hell.
As I descended and saw the people suffering and screaming in hell,I immediately knew that the reason I was going to hell was because of blowing my hair.
I was so scared and I thought to myself,”so this is it?i ll go to hell for blowing my hair?!”
And I was so desperate and began begging the Lord Jesus Christ for mercy, and I found myself back on earth.

The Lord was warning me, and if He hadn’t showed me mercy,I would have been doomed forever.
At about this same period,my sister had an encounter where she was attacked by agents of darkness.
They appeared in her room and strangled her in an attempt to kill her.
As they did this,they searched her looking for anything that would give them right over her.
They inspected her whole body,looking for something to accuse her of and in the end one of them said to the others,”holiness is there,yes,but not in the hair.”
She immediately knew they were reffering to her blown hair.
It was what they had found to accuse her of.
So God has shown Zipporah and I that blowing hair is a sin and people go to hell for it.
God is extremely holy, and if we want to make it to heaven we must be ready to let go ANYTHING that the Holy Spirit tells us to stop.
If you want to make it to heaven,anything God has convixted you of,you need to stop it,don’t postpone and don’t compare yourself with others,just follow Jesus in complete obedience.
Narrow is the way that leads to life and the bible says strive to enter at the narrow gate because many will try to enter,but they will fail.
Some people keep arguing that the outside does not matter when it comes to holiness but I tell you today without any doubt that God cares about the outward holiness too.That is why He said,”you are the light of the world.”
Your holiness starts from the heart but its fruits are visible on the outside.
Satan is the one deceiving you that it doesn’t matter,it does,repent now before its too late.
Whoever gives up their life for Christ will find it and whoever holds on to their life,will lose it.
You can live for yourself now and perish,or you can live for Jesus Christ now and enjoy eternal life.
Yes,while here on earth,when we see people so worldly and yet seemingly being used by God,or when we see other Christians being worldly and still praying and getting their prayers answered,we may interpret it to mean all these things don’t matter,but they do.

2 Corinthians 10:12,”……………………but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves are not wise.”
Oneday,you will die and have to account for your life and you will realize its too late to repent.
It is God’s mercy that we have been warned before it is too late.
Let us continue seeking God’s correction in all we do and live for God.
Lets not grieve The Holy Spirit by hardening our hearts from His correction but rather let us submit to Him in obedience.
1 Corinthians 3:19,”For the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God,for it is written,He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.”
Matthew 6:24,”No man can serve two masters:for either he will hate the one and love the other…………………….”

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Hell and Heaven

False Holiness: Clarifying Outward Holiness

Sometimes, the Lord may tell you that something is wrong and you stop doing that thing but you start doing it in another form.



God really takes outward holiness clear and you can’t enter heaven without it.

My sister Rachael shared on how the Lord showed her that stretching hair using a blow dryer is just the same like relaxing it with cream and that people who do that are in hell today if they died without repenting. In this post, I’m going to share an experience that I had when after the Lord had told us to stop using artificial hair when He first visited us, I decided to start using cotton wool to braid cornrows in my hair.

Sometimes, the Lord may tell you that something is wrong and you stop doing that thing but you start doing it in another form.

People do such things, even apart from examples like that of hair and you don’t know that you’re still trapped by the devil. The way is narrow and you have to make sure you’re not deceiving yourself. These things may look so trivial to us and yet they can cost us our souls for all eternity. The Lord told me that many people who think they are following holiness are actually deceived and are practicing false holiness.

Am sharing this so that you can check yourself and be warned. The way is extremely narrow. Its not only about hair nor is it justice about women, but both males and females from all races do various things thinking they are following holiness not knowing they are deceived.

The following is just an example.

I had plaited cornrows using cotton wool and it was a normal day just like any other, then I went to sleep.

At night, I started seeing demons entering the room. They all surrounded me and started strangling me.

Immediately, I knew that it was about my hair. 1 Timothy 2:9-10, 1 Peter 3:3. I n the spiritual realm, you just know some things without anyone even telling you. I was struggling to get out of their grip and fighting to wake up. I was kicking my legs up in the air and moving my hands up and down vigorously trying to wake up, to no avail. This demon that was strangling me was tall and had a thick long tail. Its skin was greenish in appearance and it’s flesh had no pores at all but it was just smooth. It was also smelling bad and I kept spitting saliva while struggling to get out of its grip because it was smelling horrible! It was strangling me so hard that its muscles in its arms were even tight. This same demon was looking me straight in the eyes and it screamed, “eeeeeeeeeee!!! ” in a freaky voice, celebrating! I knew that if I was to escape, I should wake up, but I found myself coming out of my body instead. I looked and saw behind me, my body lying lifeless . I was literally dead. I saw my body lying on the bed. The light had been on in my bedroom but when I came out of my body, it was pitch black. I was exactly how I had been in the physical realm, including being barefoot since I had been sleeping and I could feel the cold floor under my feet. Everything that exists physically manifests spiritually. If someone had come into the room, they would not have seen me in the spiritual but would have just seen my physical body lying lifeless on the bed. I was alone with these scary demons! I tried for a long time to fight but couldn’tand get back in. I kept begging, “Lord Jesus have mercy on me! Please help me! Have mercy on me please! ” But there was not even a trace of any sound. I looked to see if He was coming but there was nothing. It was very dark and there was no answer. I was alone with these demons. Nor was there any sign of His presence or assurance or warmth at all!

Then these demons held me by the legs and started dragging me to hell! They were dragging me on a place that had sharp stones and taking me deeper. Other demons in hell came running to come and join in torturing me. They are spirits. No one had to go and tell them but they knew what was happening and came running. I could hear them running hard as they came! and I could see that they were preparing to rape me! One of those which came running had a huge iron private part shaped like an arrow and it wanted to rape me! They were not talking to me but they were making celebrations sounds like, “wooo! wooo! wooo! ” and dancing and looking straight at me while dragging me and preparing to start the torture.

Then I screamed, “Lord Jesus, if you help me, I promise I’ll unplait my hair tomorrow” and instantly, I opened my eyes and was back in my body. God’s mercy. Because of cotton wool, I’d have gone to hell.

This is just one example. After God had said that outward adorning leads people to hell, I had replaced artificial hair braids by plaiting cornrows using cotton wool using thread but to the Lord, they are all attachments. This was false holiness. In the same way, you can stop stretching your hair using relaxer cream and start using a blow dryer to stretch it and to you, you will think you’re obeying the Lord but you don’t know that you’re still doing the same thing, only in another form. You can stop listening to secular music but you’re listening to gospel music with worldly beats etc. You’re not doing so many other things but you don’t know that you’ve replaced them with other things. To you, it may seem like you’re following holiness but you don’t know that you’re following false holiness.

Luke 11:33
“No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light.

I know that many people are doing this and they think they are right in God’s eyes. You have to stay as far away from the APPEARANCE of evil as possible. Stop trying to cling to the world and show the world that you’re a child of God or else you’re just deceiving yourself. Jesus says that He who seeks to save his life will lose it and who loses it for the sake of the gospel will find it.

The way to heaven is narrow and there is only one way. You can’t go there while being Lukewarm.

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