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THE POWER OF DECEPTION: Vision By Zipporah Mushala



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Proverbs 14:12 There is a way that seems right to a man,
But its end is the way of death.


I was in the Spirit this morning when I saw the Lord Jesus Christ in all of his beauty and majesty.He was followed by a crowd of angels and he began to reveal to me mysteries.
The Lord showed me roads which people were walking on.I saw a broad way and along this road,I saw clubs,bars,prostitutes standing along the way,people stubbing each other with knives and all sorts of evil.Jesus said, this road you are seeing is the road which everyone knows is leading to hell.They know that these people doing the acts you saw are sinning and are obviously going to hell.However,you must know that there are many roads which people walk on.These roads always fall into the broad way in the end.So I asked the Lord,”But why are there many small roads leading into the broad way and not just one Main broad way?” He said to me “Daughter,indeed there is only one broad way but Humans have created the other roads.These roads are in their minds.According to what they think,the roads they are walking on are right,but they do not know that these roads fall into the broad way in the end and lead to hell.”
“In my word,I said you should STRIVE to enter through the narrow way for the road that leads to life is narrow,the road is difficult and only a few find it.” He motioned his hand up and said “Child,behold the narrow way.”
I looked and saw a road.It was so slim and as thin as a snake.So I told him,”Lord,this road is too slim,only a snake can manage to pass here.” He said “If only a snake can pass here,then you need its wisdom to be able to pass here.Have I not said in my word to be as wise as Serpents but as gentle as doves?” Matthew 10:16 “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as wise as snakes and as innocent as doves.”
As I looked at this road,I saw a lot of tall grass on both sides of the road and there were a lot of dangerous creatures which looked as if they wanted to attack.The Lord said “What you are seeing in the grass are demons waiting to devour anyone who moves off the path.If you remain on the path,they have no power to touch you but once you move an inch from the path,they’ll have power over you. ” “That is why you need the wisdom of a serpent to be able to walk on the narrow path.There are many wolves along the way waiting to attack.Sometimes they can come in form of friends so remain on the path.Resist the world,be as wise as snakes so that you can remain on the narrow way.”
While still in the narrow way,I noticed that it was raining heavily on this road.There were also sharp stones and it was slippery such that one could hurt themselves if they slipped from the mud.I also saw huge pipes that looked like water pipes along this way.If one was to pass there,one had to jump them.He noticed my surprise and he said “I told you the road is difficult.It is full of many trials and tribulations.That is why one must not make a rush decision to follow me.Whoever wants to follow me must be ready to take up their cross and be persecuted by the world.It is not a joy ride.” ◄ 2 Timothy 3:12 For everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.
So then I asked the Lord,”This road is narrow but on top of that it is slippery such that if one is not careful,they can slip out of the way.Why is that? Is it really possible to walk on this road without coming out of the way?” Then he said “It is written in my word that your word is a lamp to my feet.Therefore despite this difficult looking situation,my word is the light in the path so that you may not miss the way.Remain on my word.” ◄ Psalm 119:105
Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.
The Lord continued,
My servants in the bible even suffered physical persecution because thet were beaten up and arrested for my sake.Today,all you have to do is overcome the pleasures of the world.”
He said,”Look at the bible as your example.Name one of my servants who was loved and embraced by the world.Not one.For my word makes many people stumble because it is hard to swallow.It calls you to repentance and it fights against the pleasures of this world so many people resist it.The time that I came to this earth,people expected me to be born in the most prestigious places and to be announced like a King but no,I was born in a stable.People have not changed today.They look for me in huge Cathedrals and expect people who have Doctorates to explain me to them but no,I dwell in simplicity.All I need is a humble heart.If a mad person was able to accept me,I would rather dwell in him than him than to dwell in someone who has given themselves all sorts of names (Prophet,Reverend Father etc) but does not even know that holiness is required for heaven.”
He then said “Behold the false narrow way” I saw a road.It was narrow but not so small.It looked like an imitation of the narrow way.However,I noticed that there no creatures waiting to attack along the way and that there was no rain in this road and the people seemed to be walking easily.There were no difficulties.The people seemed very comfortable and were even chatting with each other.But I saw that they were carrying loads on their backs.They didn’t even seem to notice that they were carrying loads. I saw that as this road went further,it joined into the broadway.

Jesus said “The devil Didn’t see it necessary to make them pass through trials because he knows they don’t belong to me.” James 1:2 -3 My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. “Many people think that only people who do what those people who were in the broad way I showed you are going to hell. They think that they are on the narrow way because they call themselves Church goers.However,they have not let go of their idols.They are still burdened by sin and have not come to me that they may receive rest.They have sin but they do not notice it.That is why they did not notice they were carrying loads.They call this sin normal.The women still have earrings dangling on their ears,the women are still wearing trousers and using artificial things to beautify themselves, they still watch secular Tv,they have not yet tamed their tongues,they do not bring up children in my way, they are still hypocrites thinking they can fool me ”
◄Galatians 6:7
Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.

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Divine Revelations

Rachael and Zipporah Mushala Tour Hell Again: Do Not Go to Hell!

Then Rachael and I saw a white man in his twenties. He was completely naked in hell and he had worms all over him



Last night before I slept,the Lord started reminding me of the things he had shown my sister in hell, the people in there and why they were there. When I remembered that,I cried and my heart my was filled with a terrible sorrow. Please don’t ever be one of those voices crying out in hell.And may I never be too in the name of Jesus.

The first time Rachael and I experienced hell was in 17th September 2011 at around 11 Pm at night. There were a number of people we had invited for prayers at home. Rachael and I were praying next to each other on our knees. All we heard was a loud bang and then millions and millions of agonized screams. That day,each and every person who was in that room heard those screams.There was also a very very big wind crackling the fire in hell.

Everyone heard that wind and the people in the room said the minute there was a big bang,a bright light descended where Rachael and I were kneeling.But Rachael and I only heard the bang and the voices. Hell was a very gigantic place and even as you are there,you can feel that it is a terribly huge place.Then,hell was deep as if its a ditch full of millions of flames.

It is the Lord’s plea that no one should go to hell. We have seen hell many many times but am going to talk about that particular time and am going to be straight to the point so that no one finds themselves in that place.
I saw women,multitudes crying in the flames. Some had used skin lightening creams and they were burning for that. They had artificial hair on their heads and in hell, this hair turned into snakes that were tormenting them.

Demons had put evil things in their clothes and other things which they used but because they did not pray for their property,this evil worked and led them away from God. These women used to listen to secular music.I saw the life of one of the women there.She used to listen to secular music but through that music,they cast spirits of adultery at her and she slept with people’s husbands.

These women were wailing and running about with their arms lifted high. Then Rachael and I saw a white man in his twenties. He was completely naked in hell and he had worms all over him.He was holding his waist with both arms and screaming “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” on top of his voice.Seeing all this really made us scared.Then we saw another man.He was Chinese and screaming in Chinese.It looked like he had just landed in hell because he still had all his clothes on including a watch and shoes.There were snakes all around his neck and he was struggling to pull them off with his hands but he could not.He was in terrible torment.

We also saw another woman being chased by a demon in hell and she was running away with all her might in the flames but the demon was right behind her. I am going to state clearly all the things that take people to hell.Using makeup, artificial hair, women wearing trousers, watching ALL kinds of secular Tv including Cartoons,listening to ALL kinds of secular music,listening to Christian music which has worldly beats e.g Raggae, Rap etc.,bowing down to idols e.g Mary, lack of evangelism, masturbating, lying, gossiping, cheating, even in Exams ,taking the Lords name in vain, drinking beer, stealing, even stealing a pencil for no unclean thing will enter heaven, dirty jokes, sexual immorality, even in thoughts. Wearing clothes that expose indecent body parts, making cleavages, sagging, making shades in the head for me (worldly hairstyles), unforgiveness ,pride,strife..the list goes on.

I am going to state clearly all the things that take people to hell.Using makeup,artificial hair,women wearing trousers,watching ALL kinds of secular Tv including Cartoons,listening to ALL kinds of secular music,listening to Christian music which has worldly beats e.g Raggae,Rap etc.,bowing down to idols e.g Mary, lack of evangelism,masturbating,lying,gossiping,cheating, even in Exam a,taking the Lords name in vain,drinking beer,stealing,even stealing a pencil for no unclean thing will enter heaven,dirty jokes,sexual immorality,even in thoughts.Wearing clothes that expose indecent body parts,making cleavages,sagging,making shades in the head for me (worldly hairstyles), unforgiveness,pride,strife..the list goes on.

What we need to do is ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and to ask the Lord to help us live a Holy life before him.
James 2:26 “For Faith without works is dead” Hell exists whether one decides to believe in it or not.I plead with you in the name of Jesus Christ,let us seek to please no man. The things I have written are what the Lord instructed me to and I have written with pure love that you may escape hell.Anyone who tells you otherwise is the enemy of your soul.

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Satan’s Latest Tricks Against Christians Exposed by Jesus

I saw demons with very very long whips.I saw them whipping Christians whose prayer lives were not strong.When the demon whipped,the person would lose interest in prayer.



I was in prayer around 6 Pm this evening when I suddenly heard a lot of noise! As if there were a lot of horses running and as if a great crowd of people were running very fast and shouting.I was shocked and I thought something like a war had started,I almost got up to run too for my life but I suddenly realised I was not in the physical anymore but that my soul had gone in the Spiritual.I was wearing a white robe and when I looked I saw an Angel.The Angel was pointing in a direction and shouting to me, “Look!” “Look,the noise is coming from over there!”

I looked and I saw an uncountable number of demons in all forms,shapes,colours,sizes,ranks and specialisations.

Some had long shapeless noses,some were jumping like frogs, some were just in forms of wings,some were colourless and yet some looking like human beings and even dressed up!They were running to earth and shouting.They had been given a new mission by Satan and they were coming to earth to fulfill it.

I saw the devil instructing them “There is a hot holiness rival happening on earth that I don’t like.Many have now turned from our ways because our ways have been exposed.(artificial attachments,secular tv etc)Many people are running to the Holy One and he is receiving them.We are losing people.We need more souls in hell!” At this point,I saw the devil scream like a hungered beast.He had sharp canines and long claws on his hands.I saw blood flowing out of his mouth as he screamed in anger.

“Go on earth! Use ways that seem innocent to entice people to us.They may think they are in the right way but if they fall for our tricks,that will not matter because they will end up in hell anyway! Twist things up! Twist them like way our fate is twisted.Make them doomed just like we are doomed for eternal torment!bring as many as possible in my Kingdom whether young or old,blind,deaf,mad or lame.As long as its a human being in my hands,I will be very pleased.Sweep them all up into hell! Do not leave anyone behind.

“”Sweep them up,the more they knew Jesus, the better because their punishment will be worse! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!” When these fools turn to Jesus,I feel desperate.

Since they no longer listen to Secular music or Christian songs with worldly beats(rap,Rhumba,reggae etc)make songs which sound like they are Christian songs but do not have the holy spirit in them.Let those songs just be empty words but do not get one in the Spirit because the Holy One wants to be worshipped in truth and in Spirit. John 4:24.These songs will have no effect in their godly life but will just leave them feeling satisfied in their flesh.

I (Zipporah Mushala) can give an example of such songs as I understood them. These songs the devil was talking about are songs like those that can qualify to be both gospel and non gospel depending on who you are addressing the song to eg the song You raise me up or songs that are just sweet words without a spiritual feeling although the song has been addressed to Jesus.

“Also since they can’t watch secular tv,make them run to secular reading material! Hahahahahaha these fools! Turn the secular things into writing so that they have an excuse to read them.They will say that it is not secular Tv but these writings will have the same effect as Tv! Their love for the world will bring them straight to me! They will be deceiving themselves thinking they are in the right yet they are still trapped in the same sins only in a different way!”

“Since they are not watching secular Tv,as they watch only Christian movies,make them addicted such that they no longer have time for God.They will think what they are doing is ok because it is about God.By the time they realise,Jesus will be far away from them and they’ll have no relationship with him”

I saw demons with very very long whips.I saw them whipping Christians whose prayer lives were not strong.When the demon whipped,the person would lose interest in prayer.When it whipped again the person would start feeling lazy to read the bible and before they knew it,they would be dry Spiritually.That is why the bible says to pray without ceasing.

Then I saw a certain rank of demons which had been sent to attack a certain house.They were approaching in fast speed but as they reached near,it was as if an invisible wall was blocking them because the people in that house had a very strong prayer life.

Satan continued “Make sure that majority of the people in positions of influence belong to us so that they can initiate people for us ! Even necessary School teachers! Make sure they pollute the minds of children and teach them our ways in their childhood.” Proverbs 22:6 “in School,make sure the drawings in books are indecently dressed and depict the wrong things as if they are correct! Draw women putting on trousers in the books so that the young girls can think its normal to wear trousers!” “Have our agents give School assignments that involve learning that particular thing from circular Tv hahahahahahahahahaha! ”
“Initiate the earth into my Kingdom,let them serve me and not God.As for you who are going to pose as human beings,influence the people into doing wrong things since they like following what others are doing.Make the things that Jesus forbids sound attractive.Talk about the new movies on Tv and make them feel like they are missing out.They will never find this out! ”

“Use anger to destroy them.For those Christians who are strong,let someone do something to make them angry either at work,at School,home or even on the market. Make someone crack dirty jokes so that they can sin by laughing at them,if they don’t laugh,tell them they are too serious so that they feel bad and laugh next time! Do all you can to make them sin,we must not waste any chance”

James 3:10-12 can one tongue both bless and curse? Or can you have bitter water and sweet water from the same spring?

I then saw the devil standing on a very tall tower wearing a red and blue robe.He was observing all the work and how effective it was.I saw people in all types of sin fornication,listening to secular music because they had fallen etc and the devil was assigning different demons to areas.
The Lord has revealed this to us that we may not be caught unaware.

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