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Rachael: Vision of a devil incarnate Woman who has deceived many!



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A Vision given to me by Jesus Christ-29/03/15, By Rachael Mushala

In this vision,I was in a church meeting.
I noticed there was a lady in this church who was very influential and they all looked up to her,especially the women in the church.
They followed and imitated her.
But then the Lord told me she wasn’t a human but a demon which had come in desguise to deceive the church members!
I walked up to her and stretched my hand towards her,then I said,”in the name of Jesus Christ.”
Immediately,she fell down and began reacting like she was manifesting.
Then I told her,”you are not even a human being.”
She said,”I know.”
I told her,”you are a demon incarnate.”
Then she said,”I know,I ve deceived so many people.They ve never been able to find me out.Its just that the discernment in you is too strong.I have deceived many.”
And she began to laugh saying she had deceived the people.
I saw there were some women in the church,and they were all shocked at what was happening because they had been deceived and hadn’t suspected anything!
The demon began to laugh at the women saying,”hahahahaha….you say you love God.How can you love God with those things in your heads?(Artificial hair)hahahahaha….I deceived you!
It then began to mimick the women saying,”I love God…I love God….hahahaha…I love God.with all those things?how can you love God?hahahahaha…I deceived you!
I saw the women all in shock,and they bowed their heads in shame at its mockery.
Then I stretched my hand and began to rebuke the evil spirit.
The vision ended.
Repent because right now the door is open but ll soon be closed!
Friendship with the world is enemity with God.James 4:4
1 Timothy 2:9

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1 Comment

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