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Divine Revelations




This time,the Lord allowed the devil to try in all sorts of me to tempt me in order to make me disobey.
The battle was harder this time.
For you to understand this,you must have read the first one on obedience below. Sometimes, He would test me and just as I was about to pray before going to bed, He would teII me,”Don’t pray.”
And I would obey and when I did, I would sleep soundly.
Sometimes,I would be about to eat and He would tell me, “Just eat and don’t pray. ”

He wanted to see if I would obey Him or if I would do what I thought was the right thing to do (Human wisdom) .
He would also detain either Rachael or I,or both of us together.
One time, I went to visit my elder sister (not Rachael) and she went somewhere for a few days.
The Lord decided to take that opportunity to test me on obedience.
I was sitting on the Sofa and as I was there,I heard the voice of the Lord telling me,”Don’t stand up from there for anything until I tell you to. ”
I obeyed but then, to my surprise, hours passed and He did not tell me to stand up.
It was getting dark and I asked Him if I could stand up to switch on the light but He said, “No.”
I stayed there in the dark and mosquitoes even started biting.
Satan was also trying to distract me in many ways.
I had left my slippers at the door and as I looked, the landlady’s dog came and carried one of my slippers away! (My elder sister was living in the same yard with her landlady but different house ).
My first impulse of course was to go and get it back but I remembered that I had been told not to stand up. The Lord was allowing this to happen to see if I would still obey and not stand up.” So,I decided to continue sitting in order to obey the Lord and could do nothing about the ‘stolen’ shoe.
Before I knew it,the landlord started calling me,wanting me to get out of the house and get my shoe back from the dog.
I was shocked that the Lord was allowing her to call me to get out of the house.
But the Lord wanted to test me thoroughly.
It is always easy to obey when things are easy but the Lord wants to teach us to obey even when things are hard.
I did not answer her but was just quiet.
I was in a fix about what to do but God wanted to see if I would still obey Him.
As if that was not enough, she soon came knocking on the door.
The lights were off so she could not see me sitting in the living room and she kept knocking and knocking and knocking.
She also kept calling my name.
Finally, she entered the living room and switched on the light.
She saw me and said,” I have been calling you. I even almost called people thinking that you have been kidnapped. So you were sleeping?”
I did not tell her that I was sleeping but the Lord because I had obeyed Him allowed her to think I was sleeping.
She said,”Here is your slipper,I got it back from the dog for you.”
I got my slipper back and she did not get mad at me for not answering her because she thought I had been sleeping.
All things work together for good when you obey the Lord.
God is faithful.
I thought it was all over but before leaving she said,” The windows and doors are still open. Why don’t you lock up. Its late.” “Aren’t you afraid that someone might attack you like this with open doors and windows this time?” She stood there as if waiting for me to act on it.(She was feeling responsible for me since my elder sister was not around).
I assured her that I would do that but she still stood,insisting on me to lock up.
God wanted to see if I would please a Human being instead of Him.
I tried to laugh it off so that she should leave and assured her,”Don’t worry, I’II do that.”
She looked at me as If I was being strange but then left. Just minutes after that, the Lord released me! I had passed my test of obedience.
That was a hard battle to fight.
Both fighting against demons which were whispering to me to give up and against Humans the Lord had used to test me. The Lord wanted me to share this so that should you ever come into a situation where you need to obey God,you should know that obedience is better than sacrifice.
And just Iike I said Iast time, I just hope that I will not be quoted out of context as some people usually do.
For example, the Lord definitely can’t tell you to go and kill someone or to steaI something just for him to see whether you will obey him or not.
If that happens,know definitely that it is the devil. The Lord can never ask you to do something that is sin

Divine Revelations

God Reveals to Rachael His Eternal Word

Only God’s word will remain forever.
The world may not view what you are wearing as too short,but that doesn’t mean God sees it the same way.



I was in my office at my workplace reading the bible,after I was done,suddenly I felt the Presence of God fill the office in a very powerful way.
Then I heard the Lord say,”write”
I didn’t know what the Lord wanted me to write,but I knew it was a poem.
Again,He repeated and said,”write”
so I opened my computer and as soon as I was ready to type what He said, The Lord Jesus began dictating the poem to me.
I was writing it word for word,I didn’t have to go over any sentence,or rephrase it in any way,I just wrote everything once,just the way He was dictating,all the way to the conclusion and the verse.
I just thought it was necessary to include this background.
The word of God will endure forever.
Without time and without limit.
After all is said and done,the word of God will still stand.
After all has passed away,it will still be standing firm and unshaken.
After every book has passed away and is forgotten,
The word of God will still be fresher than any page ever written,
Fresher than any page ever read.
It’s Truths still timeless no matter the generation,
Its Truths still unchanging, its Truths still resounding
Louder than any anthem ever sang.
In the memories of the damned,it is a Truth they wish they could still hear and heed to.
To the redeemed,it is a Truth they are glad they heeded to.
To those on earth,it is The Truth calling them to salvation.
Yet,ignored by many,
Unnoticed by many.
Regardless of how many choose to ignore
Regardless of how many refuse to give heed,
And let all who proclaim the name of our God Jesus Christ depart from ALL iniquity.
He is a HOLY God.
H-O-L-Y is His name, and it is impossible for Him to excuse your sin and let you into Heaven.
Repent while you still have the chance.
Turn to God now with weeping ,wailing, and mourning.
Heed the word of God while you still have this privilege.
Only God’s word will remain forever.
The world may not view what you are wearing as too short,but that doesn’t mean God sees it the same way.
The world may think you are righteous and going to heaven,but that doesn’t mean that’s how God sees you.
Turn to God with weeping and mourning,for He will have compassion.
Whoever calls on the name of The Lord will be saved.
Joel 2:1-32 is what The Lord Jesus Christ is saying right now

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demon incarnates

Vision of Ancient Demons Reincarnation

Since demons in human disguise pretend to have been born and also pretend to die, they can come again in another completely different form including a different gender and location




Hello friends. Its been a while. Hope you are doing fine by the grace of God.

I want to share a strange revelation I had yesterday which shocked me. The revelation came in form of a vision of the night.

So in a vision of the night yesterday, I saw a screen and on this screen, different images of different people from all races and both men and women kept showing up.

When a picture showed up, information about the person would also pop up.

The shocking thing is that although they looked normal in their appearance, the information popping up showed that even thousands of years ago, they were in existence!

I then realised that they were demons in human disguise and they had been around for ages.

Shockingly, even Queen Elizabeth appeared on the screen and the information about her showed that she was in existence even thousands of years ago!

She was wearing a red hat, red Jacket and a red skirt as she normally likes to match her clothes even on Tv.

I was also shown someone on the screen and this young man had the funky hairstyles black guys usually wear these days. He had shaved his hair on the sides and plaited the one on the middle.

However, though looking like a modern guy and up to fashion according to the standards of this world, the information that appeared about him was shocking.

The information read, “During ANCIENT BABYLONIAN TIMES , he was called …”

During the revelation, I could see the name he used during ancient babylonian times written on the screen but after the revelation, his name was erased from my memory.

I don’t know why God erased it from my memory but is obviously for a purpose . He knows why. However, the main point was to show me that this man, although looking like a modern young man existed even during ancient babylonian times and went by another name. However, now he had come and in another race and was going by another name.

When demons come in human disguise, it is to fulfill a particular mission. Their physical appearance and location will depend on the type of mission they have to accomplish. Since demons in human disguise pretend to have been born and also pretend to die, they can come again in another completely different form including a different gender and location. Previously, they may have come as man but later, come as a woman. The same applies to the country, race etc. They are not human in anyway but are merely fulfilling a given mission.

This revelation and any other similar one are not meant to instill fear in you but to call for alertness even as the bible tells us, “Be sober,be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

The bible also tells us that my people perish for LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. Hosea 4:6.

As long as you pray, they have no power over you. Jesus is King over all principalities and they are under His feet.
He also overcame the world and He will help you overcame as long as you stay close to him.

Follow only Jesus. Guard your precious soul. Salvation is a personal journey.


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Divine Revelations

Which Road Are You On?

When I looked to the sides I got scared because this path was in what seemed like a thicket!
Thick bushes that went really high, were on both sides of the road. It seemed impossible for anyone to find a way of penetrating through the bushes, the only way was to use this very narrow and steep path!
These bushes grew all along this place I was at



In a vision, I found myself walking alone on a path headed somewhere.
It was evening and darkness was fast approaching. Since I was alone, I decided to hurry so that by the time its dark I would have reached where I was going. As I hurried along this path I noticed it was very difficult to walk here, the road was very narrow and as I walked I came across places that were so steep that if you didn’t pay special attention you could fall down! I also came across huge depressions that seemed to have been made by heavy rain and I had to jump over them with much difficulty.

When I looked to the sides I got scared because this path was in what seemed like a thicket!
Thick bushes that went really high, were on both sides of the road. It seemed impossible for anyone to find a way of penetrating through the bushes, the only way was to use this very narrow and steep path!
These bushes grew all along this place I was at. And climbers that looked like they had been growing for years were all tangled up in trees, making the bushes to look even thicker.

Danger seemed to lurk in those bushes and the only way seemed to stick to the narrow path.
Fear gripped me as I imagined what scary creatures could be in the surrounding bushes.
I got so desperate to get out of this place that seemed so dangerous, but I couldn’t walk fast enough as there were so many obstructions; potholes that made it easy to stumble and fall, other parts of the road required climbing up then going down, as if they were small hills.

I felt exhausted and as it was quickly getting dark I was scared of walking down this path alone.
I thought to myself, “it’s so hard to walk here and its so dangerous, what made me use this path? why didn’t I use the highway everyone else is using?! ” I then saw other people walking on the highway which I wished I had used as it was much easier. I saw that this road was tarred, and extremely wide. It was a dual carriageway and vehicles were moving along this road.

I noticed that it was almost night time. Because it was tarred, this road was extremely smooth. I saw people who were walking on this road. They were not stressing and moving here was so easy.
I saw them walk so smoothly and there was nothing to make them stumble. The people here were smiling and so much at ease as they walked. Unlike the narrow path, this road was wide enough to accommodate even vehicles.

I didn’t see any dangerous bushes surrounding this road, it was all clear. I envied these people especially that night time was approaching and I didn’t have any company as I walked down the dangerous road I was on. I wished I had gone with these people so that I wouldn’t have to go through all the difficulties of the road I was on! As I looked at the thick bushes surrounding me, I imagined all sorts of creatures hiding there and just waiting to devour my flesh!

I then heard a voice call to me saying, “you!don’t ever walk on this road! It’s so dangerous! There are snakes on this road!” I recognized the voice. It was Satan trying to intimidate me out of walking in this path. It did seem dangerous but I was determined not to turn back! I decided that the only thing I could do since this road was dangerous was to run as fast as I could despite the obstacles, so I would get to my destination faster and be safe.

The vision ended.

The Lord then made me understand that this difficult narrow road is the way to heaven. You meet many obstacles on your journey to heaven, and there are times when it may seem so costly, but we must not turn back, we must instead run on ahead, clinging even closer to Jesus since so much danger lurks all around us. The road to hell is very broad, smooth and easy to walk on. You have much company while on this road, but the end thereof is eternal death. Don’t be discouraged even if you meet the steep parts of the path, or if you hear warning of the dangerous things that could happen to you while on this path, Satan just wants you to get off the path. Run straight ahead and don’t turn back, eternal life awaits you.

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