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Hell and Heaven

Jesus Saved Me from Death

I thought that maybe I should declare scripture and when I managed to open a bible, it was as if the letters were glittering! I realized that THE WORD OF GOD IS ALIVE! I could see that each and every word in the bible was so precious.



While at work on Saturday22nd September 2018, I started feeling unwell. When I went home,I noticed I had a cough and had flu. On Sunday, I was still sick with flu and cough, but in the evening I also developed a high fever. On Monday morning, I woke up feeling so sick I couldn’t even go to work.

But when I went to the hospital, the doctor said it was just flu and would go away in a matter of days.
He gave me a painkiller and some cough medicine. But I ‘ve had flu several times before and this didn’t feel like it was just flu. I was experiencing variations of high fever and extreme cold, loss of appetite, severe body aches, weakness, and general unwellness. I couldn’t really eat starting Saturday night, and I was just forcing myself to eat a little cause I felt weak.

But then on Tuesday morning, I woke up feeling dramatically better. I felt strong, my appetite was back, and I was convinced I was almost completely healed. It was a dramatic change because by Monday evening I was still very ill and still lacked appetite. My husband had gone out, and I was home with my younger sister, Lois and another relative.After showering, I had my breakfast without a struggle as I felt fine and my appetite was back. I then laid down on a couch, watching TV. The time was around 10 AM.

Shortly afterward, I noticed my phone battery was low, so I got on feet to put it on the charger.
When I stood up, before taking any step, I noticed that I was extremely weak and dizzy. I could also hear a very loud ringing in my ears, ding ding ding!  I immediately sat back on the couch and decided to rest until I felt better.

As I laid down on the couch, I couldn’t really tell the moment it happened; I just discovered that I had blacked out and was in the process of dying! I couldn’t see anything, I lost consciousness of everything around me, and I could feel my soul separating from my body at great speed!
I didn’t think I was dying, I knew I was dying.

The whole sensation of your soul leaving your body is never a good one. It is a scary experience.
I just found myself lifting up my hand with great desperation and shouting at the top of my voice, ”JESUS!” Immediately, I gained consciousness, I could see everything around me, but my heart was racing, I was sweating, and I was shaking uncontrollably.

I was suddenly extremely sick, and I knew that I was still dying. My soul was still fighting to leave my body and I totally had no control over it. I was desperate and I thought, ”Maybe if I hold on to a physical thing, I tried holding on to the couch, I could see that my soul just passed right through it and it was just my physical body that held on.”

All this time I was extremely sick and I thought at any moment I would just collapse and die. My whole body was just shaking and I couldn’t make sense of anything. In these moments the realization that life is a personal journey hit me. I was praying, and I was so dizzy and weak. I thought that maybe if I stood up, I’d feel more alive.

But even when I stood up, my soul was still fighting to leave my body. I was declaring life and healing.
When I stood up, my whole body was still shaking extremely, and the only thought I had was for me to go to the bedroom to get the anointing oil and anoint myself while declaring healing.

The living room where I was is just next to the bedroom, but when I stood, I knew I wouldn’t make it to the bedroom, I knew was just going to collapse and die. I absolutely had no power over my life.
I saw my sister making her breakfast, and I knew she couldn’t help me. I knew no one could help me.
My sister had not realized what was happening, as she was in the kitchen.

I started to call her, ”Lois!Lois!Lois!” When she saw me, I saw that she panicked.
She began asking me, ”What’s wrong?!” She ran to where I was and she held me, all I could tell her was, ”am dying! am dying!” I was shaking so much, that when my sister held me, I shook her too.
I just told her, ”am extremely sick! am dying!”

And I knew she couldn’t help me. My sister later told me that she got so scared she thought I would literally die in her arms. I knew I couldn’t keep myself alive and that my sister couldn’t keep me alive even if she wanted to. Thoughts crossed my mind of how much more loyal to Jesus we should be than to any other person because everyone else remains behind and you go on to meet Jesus alone.

At this point, I didn’t know whether I would go to heaven or to hell. I was just blank.
All I knew was that I would die. I told my sister to call my husband, She just came over on Saturday and didn’t know how I had saved him in my phone and she was busy asking me, ”wait, what is he saved as?” I was just like,” call him, call him”

But I knew that even my husband couldn’t help me. I couldn’t really make sense of anything happening around me, I could just hear Lois telling my husband,’Rachael is really really really really really sick………….” I couldn’t hear how the whole conversation went, it was as if I was drifting into unconsciousness. I thought that maybe if I drank water it would make me feel alive,but when I got a bottle of water to drink, I was shaking so much it almost spilled and even after drinking it, I was fighting so hard to leave my body, and I was extremely sick, weak and still shaking.

My sister was panicking, and telling me, ”let’s call mum, shes on prayers today” But my mum didn’t pick the call because she happened to be praying at the time. My Sister was trying to reassure me that I wouldn’t die, that I’d be okay, but I knew that was going to die at any moment.

I thought that maybe I should declare scripture and when I managed to open a bible, it was as if the letters were glittering! I realized that THE WORD OF GOD IS ALIVE! I could see that each and every word in the bible was so precious. And because I knew I would die at any moment, I envied those who would still be able to read the word of God because I wished I had read it much more than I did.

I realized it was much more precious than gold and that to the chance to read it is such a huge privilege.
I was so weak, I couldn’t read even a single verse, but I saw light shining on each and every word!
It seemed like a refreshing spring! Children of God, let us spend much time reading the bible, it is a very precious gift from God. On the day you die, you will realize just how precious it is but you will not be able to read more of it.

I very much envied my sister and the other relative who was not dying and could still read it, but I realized that they too did not yet understand just how precious the word of God is.
I wished for a second chance just so that I could obsessively read the bible.
Even though I couldn’t read anything, just seeing the words on the page where my bible was opened, I felt a great warmth of the Holy Spirit in my heart, as if my heart leaped for joy, at seeing the word of God!

I was still declaring healing. But I was so weak most of my declarations were just whispers and mumbles, ”Jesus please help me. I will live, I will not die.” I began to feel better, when my husband arrived, he found me sitting up. He couldn’t believe it because I seemed fine. It was as if my sister had just lied when she told him I was really really really sick.

Days before I got sick, my husband had seen a vision of an ancient army coming from a place between the east and south. In the vision, the coming of the ancient army was like a déjà vu.
He saw that this ancient demonic army has been there through the ages, even in the time of David.
He saw that wherever it passes, it leaves total destruction and death. And in the vision, he knew that it was coming to our home.

On Sunday night when I got very sick, God reminded my husband of this vision and told him to anoint our house for a “PASS OVER”. So he anointed the doorposts and windows like the Israelites did during passover. So after experiencing what I experienced, almost dying, I knew that it was the same attack God had showed to my husband just days before but God had already gone ahead of the enemy and our home would be passed over.

That very day in the afternoon, as I slept (I was still kind of sick), God spoke to me in a dream. He just told me, ”It’s about Calvary”. Immediately I knew He was talking about my healing being paid for on Calvary. And at that very moment even while still in sleep I knew that I was healed.
I was reminded of the centurion who asked Jesus to heal his servant by just saying the word and the servant was healed at the very hour Jesus spoke the word! (Luke 7:1-10)

Jesus told me that He had allowed this to show me that He is the only One who has power over my life.
It is only Him who can take my life and it is only Him who can give me life. Sometimes we can get carried away with life to a point that death seems like a story, like it can’t happen to you, but am here to tell you that death is very real. And it can come so suddenly.

All may be well, but in an instant, you could be breathing your last. Do not be ashamed of living your life for God no matter how many people are going the other way. You are on a personal journey. On that day no one will be able to help you but Jesus. It is better to look foolish today, for Christ’s sake, because on that day you will be the wisest.

Don’t engage in gossip, even if doing that may offend that ‘friend’ of yours who loves to gossip so much. They will not accompany you to the judgment seat. Don’t compromise to make people who still love the world to be “comfortable “around you. They will remain here, on the day you die and meet your sin in the afterlife.

Depart from all iniquity and save your soul. Prioritize JESUS no matter the situation, even if you end up looking foolish to the world, don’t mind the world’s opinion of you, they will remain behind when your time to die comes. I have been in situations where I have chosen to look foolish according to worldly standards, just because I didn’t want to disappoint Jesus.

Start regarding life as a personal journey. Do not feel lazy to pray and fast just because your prayer partner is feeling lazy. It is about you and Jesus.
The word of God is MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD, it will never pass away. Read the bible, fight the spirit of laziness in reading the bible. Make use of the time you have on earth and serve God to the best of your ability. On that, it will be worth it.
The world may have regarded you as foolish, or backward, but worldly smartness is actually the real backwardness. Think of someone who in 1970 stole money just to enable them to buy the latest clothes in fashion at the time and the person died and went to hell for stealing.
If you were to be shown the kind of clothes that made them steal, now they would look so backward, yet at the time they seemed so precious to that person. They have passed away.
Everything will pass away, only the word of God will remain.
Treasure the word of God.

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Divine Revelations

Satans Secret Weapon for Trapping Christians To Hell




Many people think Satan traps Christians mainly through sexual immorality but there is another trap which is on Satan’s top 10 traps to bring Christians down to hell.

If we are to escape from being victims of this trap,we must be equipped with knowledge about what this is.

That trap is simply this, LYING.

You may have done something wrong and end up in an embarrassing situation where people’s perception of you changes and in order not to want to look that bad,you resort to fabricating lies about another individual so that it looks like you are not the only one who is bad. You resort to lying thinking, I can always ask God for forgiveness and everything will be just fine.

You can also be in a situation where you are in a fix and don’t know how to get out and you resort to lying thinking, I can always repent later and God will forgive me.

However, there is more to it than asking God for forgiveness.

People take it for granted that I can apologise to God for this lie but they will be in for a great shock when He tells them they also have to apologise to the person they wronged by fabricating lies about them or to reverse the lie they said by telling the people they lied to that what they said is a lie.

The bible clearly tells us in James 5:16 to confess our trespasses to one another.

The reason God does this is not because he wants to embarrass you. He does this so that you should learn not to play around with sin.

If He just tells you, “I forgive you and that’s it,” you’ll start playing around with sin and lie anytime about anything,everything and everyone thinking, I’ll ask God for forgiveness and He’ll forgive me.

However if you know that if I say this lie about someone or about a situation then I’ll have to apologise to the person I have fabricated lies about or tell the person I lied to about something just in order to get out of a fix that what I said was a lie, you’ll be terrified of lying.

You’ll start thinking twice before doing it. The whole aim is that God wants our souls saved. He doesn’t want us to think of sin as a trivial thing which can be done casually. He wants us to live Holy lives and to stop playing with sin so that we can always be ready for death or the rapture.

However, Satan knows that Christians will find it EXTREMELY hard to tell someone that, “Im sorry that I said this and this about you which was not true” or “I lied about this and that just in order to get out of that fix ” because he knows that Christians like to uphold a good image before people and so he’ll trap them in lies especially in desperate times. In desperate times,many people resort to lying as the easiest way out.

Satan knows that due to their desire to uphold a ‘holy’ image,they may actually NEVER apologise due to embarrassment and he would have trapped them to hell.

However, no amount of pride is worth going to hell for. Hell is the most horrible and unimaginable place in all existence. Friends know today that even if we have said such a lie that it requires you to apologise even on Television,doing so is the wisest thing. People will just remember your apology for a while and then even forget all about it. However, failing to undo what you have done has consequences of eternal damnation in the fires of hell.

God will still use you and you can lead many people to Christ and but then get condemned yourself in the end.

The bible tells us that, “Be sure that your sins will find you out,” Numbers 32:23. You will find it on that day when you leave this world behind and step into the realm of eternity.

This message shows the love of God who has granted us grace to know such things while we are still alive that we may correct our wrongs and avoid doing the same in the future.

“For whom the Lord loves, He chastens,” Hebrews 12:6.

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Hell and Heaven

Irish Parliament Passes New Law to Legalize Abortion

The new laws make abortion legal and unrestricted in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, subject to a medical consultation and a cooling-off period. Terminations after 12 weeks would be permitted only under exceptional circumstances.




Ireland’s Prime Minister has hailed a “historic moment” for women in the country, after a bill to legalize abortion passed through the final stages of parliament.The bill is now set to be signed into law by President Michael D. Higgins, following a marathon debate in parliament’s upper house Thursday, and will come into force in January.Two-thirds of Irish voters agreed to amend the constitution and allow women to access abortion in a momentous and emotionally charged referendum in May.Prime Minister Leo Varadkar thanked the bill’s supporters on Twitter and commended Health Minister Simon Harris for steering it through parliament. The bill passed through parliament’s lower house, the Dáil, last week.The vote would “end lonely journeys, end the stigma and support women’s choices in our own country,” Harris said on Twitter Thursday.

The new laws make abortion legal and unrestricted in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, subject to a medical consultation and a cooling-off period. Terminations after 12 weeks would be permitted only under exceptional circumstances.

But its passage also prompted vandals to target a regional office of Ireland’s governing party Fine Gael overnight, writing “baby killers” and “Herods” on its wall.”I was so disappointed to see this morning (Friday) that my busy constituency office in Sligo has been vandalized and defaced overnight,” Tony McLoughlin, the assistant government whip, wrote on Twitter.”We live in a proud democracy and despite anyone’s opinion on any referendum, this behavior can never be condoned,” he added.

The new laws make abortion legal and unrestricted in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, subject to a medical consultation and a cooling-off period. Terminations after 12 weeks would be permitted only under exceptional circumstances.

After the vote, Harris paid tribute to “the campaigners who fought for 35 years to change a nation, to change hearts and minds,” the UK Press Association reported. “I want to thank the minority who fought the battle in here when it was convenient for the majority to ignore.””But today, I think mostly of the thousands of women who were forced to make the journey to access care that should have been available in their own country,” he added.Around 3,000 Irish women annually have traveled to Britain to terminate a pregnancy in recent years, according to UK government figures.

Adapted from CNN

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Hell and Heaven

A Vision of the Satanic Mind Manipulation

In the vision, Genevieve was talking about how she slept with a certain man in the past whom she was in a relationship with, it was like she was giving it as an example relevant to the topic they were discussing. And I noticed she talked about it so casually, and even laughed like it was funny.



Vision of 5th November, 2018
In a vision early this morning, the Lord showed me how satan has sent agents of darkness among so called “celebrities” and influencial people to mind control people’s minds and lead them to hell.
Often,people think is only actors and musicians from Hollywood who are sent by satan but in reality satan has sent actors,musicians, and other entertainers from every nation on earth who are working their mission among all those who follow them.

For example,Nigerian movies have in the recent years been popular in many countries around Africa,and even there satan has so many people who are directly working for him there.
In my vision I was shown a Nigerian actress named Genevieve Nnaji.
She was on a TV talk show and the show was dirty because they were talking about sex.
In the vision, Genevieve was talking about how she slept with a certain man in the past whom she was in a relationship with, it was like she was giving it as an example relevant to the topic they were discussing.
And I noticed she talked about it so casually, and even laughed like it was funny.
The host of the show then came on the screen, and they were all just laughing about premarital sex as though it was a normal thing to do.

After that, I could still hear the host talking in the background, but on the screen, they showed pictures of Genevieve at different places, and taken at different occasions.
Then I heard the Voice of The Lord Jesus Christ in the vision and He told me,”when she leaves this show,she is going to be paid.”
I was then shown how just by doing what she was doing and talking about dirty things on TV she was actually on a serious satanic mission!
I saw a girl and I could hear her thoughts, and she was thinking to herself,”I want to do makeup like her,”
Then I heard another lady thinking,”I want to wear what she is wearing,…”(In the picture which was being shown on the screen at the time thins lady was thinking this,she wore a very tight satin dress,peach in color,a dn it was strapless,with some black lace near the waist.”
I then realized that she was working for satan by what she wore and what she said.
One may think,oh maybe she’s just wearing the makeup because to her it is normal to wear makeup,but what God showed me was that it was on purpose and satan had specifically sent her to do this.She was working though physically one may think she is just living her life,no,God showed me that she was working for the satanic kingdom and casting spells on people watching her on TV and satan was waiting for her when she was done,with her reward.
God showed me that she was casting spells for people to feel inspired by her,and she was also casting spells of lust and sexual immorality.
I saw men after they watched her show,she had cast spirits of lust on them and they got phones and began watching pornography,others idolized her and just felt like watching her pictures over and over on the internet!
God told me this is how satan is mind controlling the human population into hell using the so called celebrities.
This mind control is very real and many are in bondage because of it.
We need to break the chains in prayer,we need to set the captives free in prayer by the blood of Jesus Christ.
This is the reason why sin has become normal.
I remember some weeks ago,I attended a workshop at work, and I remember I felt so disturbed because the presenters didn’t seem to have any other jokes to crack during their presentations,all their jokes centyred around sex.The human population has been brainwashed by the satanic media into becoming sex slaves,they cannot think about anything to say unless it is sexual in nature,songs,movies, and even children’s cartoons,they are all about sex!Why?But in this vision,God told me that this is how satan has managed to do this;
He has done introduced it using satanic celebrities, and using demons which have come among us in human disguise,as well as Satanists.
He has sent them to completely corrupt the human population, and turn them into satan’s slaves.
Cursing has become normal,dirty jokes have become normal,and these people know exactly what they are doing.
Satan has sent them and they know that if they brainwash you,and manipulate your thinking into accepting such a dirty lifestyle,you are headed for hell.Yes,all the musicians whio have been sent to do this know exactly what they are doing.That is why they are being paid for doing it,they know if you are listening to their music or watching their movies,you are headed for hell.
I am reminded fo a vision my sister,Zipporah saw some time ago where she saw threeyoung ladies all dressed up in trousers and miniskirts,with artificial hair, and makeup.
They were at a mall here in Zambia and they seemed to be minding their business,as though they were just walking and chatting among themselves,but then God showed her what they were really doing spiritually.
Satan had sent them and they had demonic spells emanating from their bodies,they cast spells all around them for people of want to dress like them,and to want to do makeup like them,and to want to use artificial hair like them.
When they came in contact with someone dressed decently,they would cast spells to make the person feel inferior and insecure,as though they look bad and to look good they needed to dress like these ladies!
Yet,physically,you could not tell they were doing all this activity.Physically,you would just see three ladies minding their business.
Satan is so desperate to take people to hell and he knows the quickest way id for sin to seem normal among the human population because in the end people will not see the need to be holy,sin will be normal to them.
He has done this through demons in human disguise, and many humans have also fallen into the trap and do these very things also because sin has become normal to them.
I do not think there are human words that can correctly represent satan’s desperation for just one human soul.
We went to a rural area with my sister, and there we met an elderly lady who lived in very poor conditions,her house was made of mud bricks, and even the community where she lived was not nice in way,they were just poor,and she herself was poor.
We were shocked when God told us both that she too is a demon in human disguise!
She is willing to come and live in such poor conditions just because of the human souls she could capture among this poor population!
And God showed us sevral more around the same community!
Satan hasn’t just sent agents among rich people,no!
The Satanists are not all rich,the demons too are not all rich.
They are sent among all classes;the rich,the poor,the middle class,in Africa,in Europe,in America,in Asia;everywhere.
If it was up to him,he wants to drag the entire world to hell,and he has sent his agents who are working tirelessly to try to achieve this.
You cannot fight them physically,they may look like physical beings,but they are spiritual beings.
They are in constant communication with the satanic kingdom,updating them on their missions,and are constanly working to make people sin.Some are demons,others are Satanists, and some are just being used by satan to influence you into sin,but if your hand causes you to sin,you must cut it off!
If you are in friendship with a worldly person and they are constantly making you sin,you must preach to them so that they repent,but if they do not want to repent and are dragging you into sin,they are dragging you to hell,you need to disconnect yourself,your soul is too precious.
Agents of satan cannot be fought physically,you need to fight them in prayer,resist the devil in prayer,resist that satanic bondage to porography in prayer,resist that spirit of anti fasting in prayer.
You need to fast,you need to seek God,because He will be found by all who seek Him diligently.
Let me conclude by saying that unless you are born again,you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.
God has not called us to follow the standards of this world,God has not changed,he is still as holy as he when preachers still talked about the need to be righteous.
Do not conform to the world,Holiness must start from your heart, and if your heart is truly trabsformed even the outside will show,even your speech will show.
There have been a lot of arguments regarding the importance of outward holiness,but let me tell you this;outward holiness (i.e dressing decently,not wearing makeup and jewelry,artificial hair and perming and blowing)ALONE it will not save anyone and does not make anyone holy,but is IS NECESSARY FOR EVERY PERSON WHO IS BORNE AGAIN,Inshort you cannot downplay it as unimportant,it is a result of a heart that is willing to obey God completely and to honor Him even with our bodies.
So outward holiness is not what will save you,but outward holiness IS A MUST TO ENTER HEAVEN.
You repent of your sins and put your faith in Jesus,but that faith you have put in Jesus will result in you bearing fruit,part of that fruit is the change in your character, and even dressing!
You have been called to live for Christ.
So,After you are born again,your heart will change,and even your outside will change to represent Christ.
It is important,and that is the reason why I keep preaching about it because people think you should be holy in your heart only,draw near to Jesus and you will soon reaslise that even the outside must represent him.
He cares about the inside,but He told me to tell you that He cares about the outside too.
Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.Resist the devil and he will flee.

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