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Divine Revelations

Emmanuel: Warnings to American Church, Catholics, & the Mission of Obama and Pope



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By Emmanuel SamsonJude,

This is the continuation of yesterday vision.

The Lord said : write to the church in America : I have die for you and I have laid down my life for you, but you have rejected my true holiness, I have just few among you that are ready for my coming. I am sending my son to you to warn, prepared for my coming, I am God that is holy but you are not holy before me, you are teaching my people false doctrine, you must be sanctify, you must be sanctify and meet my standard, I have seen seven fault in you that will not allow you to go with me.

1. The spirit of divorce : for you have not count it as sin to divorce, but I The Lord hate divorce. Malachi 2:16.
2. Pride : you twist my holy word to justify your ungodliness .
3. Cares of life : you care for temporal thing but refuse to care about your spiritual life.
4. Worldliness : you must dress holy, you must speak holy, you must only go to holy place, but you don’t do that, you still go to ungodly place (club, parties,football stadium, wrestlers stadium) and you still call your self my children . Your dressing is not holy before me, you must dress holy as a bride waiting for her Lord, repent and be converted.
5. Hatred : you hate my holiness and truth, and you hate my warning , have you not read it that as many that I love I warned, repent and I shall received you.
6. False Doctrine : you have allow the doctrine of once save is always saved, which I hate, it is the doctrine from the pit of hell. Have you not read it in my word that I am the same yesterday, today, and forever more, continue in holiness, and be far from all appearance of evil, let the world see your light.
7. Love of money : you spend long hour in your working place and you can not stay for five minute in my presence and be focus , you love money than my service . You spend for sinful thing and you have. Forgotten about my coming. You go to the place of work in my day of worship, just because of the love of money, I will not rapture you if you will not repent, hear my warning and harden not your heart for I am He that judgeth and my name is almighty, if you will not repent you will be left behind when I shall come. I am coming soon .

Obama and pop Francis are demon, they are fallen angels , cast down from heaven, they have mission against my church, that is why I will not delay my coming any more.


The Lord said : you are not faithful in my service and the love of money has take over you.
The spirit of prostitution has taken over you. You are defile before , purge your self , repent and forsake your way.
There are false prophet in your midst, the servant of devil deceiving you with lying signs and wonders . Do not follow their deception for my wrath will soon fall upon them if they will not repent. I don’t have much people among you that prepared for my coming , I will come soon and remove them from among you, for I am ready to come for my bride. You must repent from jezebel lifestyle , follow my holiness for holy is my name.

Do not be afraid in the hour of temptation, follow my righteousness , sanctify your heart for your heart must be pure and your dressing must be holy in my sight. Never justify the sin in your life, for I am holy God and you must be holy. Stop worshiping the image of Mary, she is not the way, I am the way, the truth and the life.


Praying with rosary is idolatry before me. You must worship me in spirit and in truth, repent and be saved.
All catholic are going to hell if they will not stop worshiping Mary, I only tell you to pray in my name and not in the name of Mary or any one else. I have given you my holy bible and not rosary, repent from your idolatry for I am holy God. Many of you are now in hell fire weeping for their soul and I don’t want you to go there. Do not be deceived with the doctrine of purgatory because after death is judgement. Hebrew 9:27.

husband and wife that are living together without the bride price been paid, they are fornicator before me and cannot go with me. All fornicator shall their part in hell fire.

taking bribe is a sin before me, for I am truth and all liars shall have their part in hell fire.

Tell my ministers to be careful of strive, anger, hatred, and envy for I have seen this in their life, this is a strange garment on their body and can not allow them to go with me.

young couples that are in courtship be careful of fornication, for I have seen the desire of immorality in your heart, this will not allow you to go with me if you will not repent .
Be careful of ungodly talking, for evil communication corrupt good manner.

This is the last generation prepared for my coming , I will soon come , I will not tarry again, my wrath will soon fall upon the world for their wickedness have reached me, when I shall remove my children, my wrath shall delay any longer, I shall released my fire for they have rebel against my holy name.
My children must not be corrupt and be pollute with the inventions of the world, because I will soon come, time shall not delay any longer. The archangel are ready, they shall soon blow the trumpet and the prophecy shall be fulfilled, speaking from the mouth of the prophet, for I am redeemer, my name is Alpha and Omega, the first and the last , for I will soon come, let him that hath hear, let him hear what the spirit says to the church, for I the messiah shall not delay anymore. UNTO YOU ALL I SAY PREPARED SAYS THE LORD.



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Posted by Emmanuel Samsonjude on Wednesday, 21 January 2015