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Divine Revelations





2 Corinthians 6:2 "Behold, now is the accepted time; for TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION."

Good evening friends. I'd like to share a VERY IMPORTANT message the Lord have me about the dangers of procrastination. I learned it from my own experience.

Many real Born again Children of God due to their close and personal relationship with God always feel that when they're about to die,God will let them know on which day exactly they're going to die.

Due to this, they feel reluctant to do some things. For example, God can tell them to evangelise to someone and they'll postpone it,thinking they have all the time in the world.

That however is not the case. At times God will let someone know when they're going to die as it was to King Hezekiah but those are countable cases.

Majority of times, real Christians too die just like other people, at unexpected times. That is the way of nature and it has been established that just as every human being is born, there will come a time that they will die. It is not in any way unfair for a Christian to die without being told as death is the order of life.


Recently, I got sick out of nowhere. I had a terrible fever and I can't remember ever being sick worse than that before. As far as I can remember, it is the worst my body has felt sickness in my life.

What I thought was just another ordinary flu progressed into something serious.

I had taken a dress to a tailors shop about 5 minutes from where I stay and suddenly realised that I was not feeling like myself. That short 5 minute walk seemed like an hour and I felt like taking breaks in between to rest.

When the tailor was done, I couldn't even try the dress on for lack of strength and just assured her that I'm sure its just fine. She kept insisting that I try it on but I couldn't. I just told her that I'm sure she's done a good job. I don't know what she must have thought at that moment,but I was not worried about that as even standing had become a burden and I was perspiring.

That was the beginning of a long sickness. I could not go to work even if I wanted and stayed away from work for days on end.

At home, all I could do was sleep and even turning from one side of the bed to the other was a chore. It took great effort.

I was terribly sick and would wake up in the morning to take a bath and literally lie down all day, whether awake or taking a nap until it was sleeping time in the night.

I had no appetite to eat and even if I was to eat,I had no physical strength to do so.

All prayers,songs and reading of the bible ceased as they were not in any way possible due to my state.

My throat hurt so bad from a sore throat that I couldn't even talk without excruciating pain.

This is not an exaggeration at all. This is exactly how I was feeling.

I called my mother and tried to explain through my painful throat that I was under attack and she should pray for me.

At this point,I began to become more aware of the spiritual realm and felt distant from the physical realm. I was 100% sure I was dying. I felt detached from everything else in the physical realm and felt like I was watching everything from a dream and it was not real. Everything felt so far away.

I knew without a doubt in my heart that I would die from that sickness. However I wondered how I can die so young with so many plans ahead of the things I'd like to do for God,as well as the things I'd like to achieve in my life.

Also I wondered, "How can I die when God did not warn me that I'll die?"

At that point,two people flashed in my head,and they were people I had never evangelised to, even if the Lord had told me to. I always thought I can always evangelise to them anytime, as there's all the time in the world,I thought.

However at that point, the Lord taught me just what I wrote in the beginning of this post, that being a Christian does not make one anymore special when it comes to death than others.

The Lord made this become a reality to me and I understood it in totally and it sank deep in me.

When this truth came to me,I wondered then how could I go to heaven when I still have pending things the Lord told me to do but I procrastinated them thinking I have all the time in the world?

Despite me realising this, I knew the end had come for me. This was not an experience to give me a revelation of this truth but it was the literal end for me.

At this point, I begged God in my heart for a second chance,and that I would do everything He told me to do as if I was dying the same day and would not procrastinate it,and asked Him to help me do so.

After two weeks, I recovered from the fever and could even finally try on the dress.

There are some things we take for granted in life,but when I got sick,I realised that even just having the strength to put on clothes or eat is a blessing we must never take for granted. I was only able to try on a new dress I had bought and taken to the tailor for adjusting after two full weeks due to sickness.

I also learnt that whatever we have to do,we must do it now as tomorrow is not guaranteed.

That is why every word we say and everything we do should have relevance in eternity, and should not be wasted strength.

So I decided to share this message to let children of God out there know that death must be expected at anytime unannounced and we must always be ready.

We should not expect God to inform us when we are about to die so that we can do the things we have been postponing.



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Divine Revelations

Hi friends, I'd like to share a short testimony that has happened today and has shocked me,which has brought to me



Hi friends, I'd like to share a short testimony that has happened today and has shocked me,which has brought to me

Hi friends, I'd like to share a short testimony that has happened today and has shocked me,which has brought to me the reality of Romans 8:28 which says, "And we know that ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD TO THOSE WHO LOVE GOD, TO THOSE WHO ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE."

We have our own plans, but God also has His plans for our lives and the Bible says His plans for us are to make us prosper and not to harm us Jeremiah 29:11.

When I graduated from University, my dream was to work at a well known media house and therefore made various applications.

However, I did not get a response from the media house that I wanted the most and I felt hurt because I thought that is what was the best for me. Instead I got accepted at another media house which is also famous,but not as much as the one I wanted.

I wondered why after praying and fasting without ceasing, I could not get the job I really wanted and felt was the best for me.

Today shockingly,that media house which I so badly wanted to go to at first has been shut down with immediate effect by the Ministry of Information and broadcasting and their license revoked for allegedly violating terms of agreement.

Now I can not help but be in amazement that had I been there,this day I would have been rendered jobless.

Even though at first I may have felt that injustice was being done to me for not getting the job I thought was the best for me after praying,I realise that God is so good and I thank Him for not giving me that Job.

He did not give it to me because He knew that the future of that television station was doomed for closure. Tears fill my eyes as I reflect on this and I am overwhelmed by God's love for me as His child. God is always protective of His children and He always knows what is best for us.

This is for someone out there who may feel like some injustice is being done to them in some way. Remember that God is good all the time and His thoughts are not our thoughts Isaiah 55: 8-9.

What may seem like God harming us may actually be Him protecting us.

I really feel bad for those when have been rendered jobless from that institution and may the Lord open other doors for them.


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Divine Revelations





Good evening friends,I'd like to share with you a vision the Lord gave me yesterday, which made me realise just how filthy the things of the world really are.

For people accustomed to doing worldly things,they may seem innocent and normal but in this vision,God made me see the things of the world the way He really sees them.

In this vision,I saw a transparent plastic water bucket which had a tap attached to it and a small basin under it.

I could see the water in this bucket as it was transparent and the water looked clean and even drinkable.

However to my surprise when the tap was opened, what came out from the tap was not water as expected but human diarrhoea instead! It was filling the basin quickly and spluttering all over the place.

I was disgusted and shocked.

Then I heard the Voice of the Lord say to me, "These are the things of the world"

So to the non spiritual eye there is nothing wrong with the things of the world but God in reality sees those things as filth.

Luke 16:15 part 2 says, "What is HIGHLY ESTEEMED AMONG MEN is an ABOMINATION in the sight of God.

1 John 2:15-17 also says,
"Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world. And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.

For those who may wonder what these things of the world are,here are a few scriptural references

1 Corinthians 6: 9-11
Revelations 21:8
Galatians Chapter 5

The bible is not exhaustive of things regarded as things of the world because new things keep coming up.

For example, secular TV and secular music(Non Christian Tv movies cartoons music etc) have been revealed by God to be unholy because they defile a Christian, but those things are not actually written down in the bible.

That is why the baptism of the Holy Spirit is needed in order for one to be individually guided by God in the right path as Jesus said that the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth in John 16:13. It is also only with the help of the Holy Spirit that we receive a genuine change of heart and repentance.

To receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit one has to ask in prayer.


We all know that there is no place in Heaven for enemies of God, but only wrath awaiting them in Hell.

However it is not God's will for us to perish and that is why He is telling us this today for our own salvation


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Divine Revelations





The Lord says everyone needs to stock up food because troubling times are coming upon the earth where you won't have access to food.
This is a message the Lord gave my sister in Christ in a prophetic dream in September last year when we were fasting.
I had already shared her dream here on Facebook,but am sharing this because its important.
In her dream things looked normal but in a moment there was destruction everywhere.
Cities had been cut off from each other.
There where huge holes on the roads, they looked like huge craters.
In the dream,she knew what was happening in her city was happening everywhere else.
As she was shocked at what was happening,
The Lord said three times that we must prepare.
When God says something three times, it means it has been established to happen.
This post is not to bring fear to anyone, but its in order for you not to be caught unaware.
We must prepare spiritually by staying in prayer,fasting, and being vigilante.
But the Lord is also asking us to prepare physically by storing up food we can eat when that time comes.
Food even our children can eat.
Some people could dismiss this saying God will provide for them,but that same God is providing for you by warning you in advance.
If Noah didn't obey what God told him to build an ark,thinking God will supernaturally protect him from the flood,he would have perished.
But he had to take action by acting on what God told him.
We need to obey the Lord's instructions because then we will be safe.
We must do what the Lord says,then trust Him to keep us safe.
As we prepare physical food,we must also repent of our sins and ask for mercy for us,our families and the whole world.
Store non perishable food that can last for some time.
Start this month and keep adding to it every month,don't use the food,keep it for the time the Lord is talking about.

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