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demon incarnates

Demons Love it When You Dress Indecently



In a vision of the night, I saw a hair salon.

Inside this hair salon, there was a woman doing her work and then some men entered the salon, sat on a bench and started chatting with the woman. It seems they knew each other.

Just outside the salon, there was a place where clothes were being sold and a woman was there, putting the clothes up on stands. It looked as if it was an open market.

The woman who was selling had her hair shaved on the sides and back and had only left her middle hair and I noticed that she had eyebrow pencil on and lipstick. The skirt she was wearing was almost knee length and she kept bending to pick up the clothes she was selling and putting them up on the stands and since her skirt was short, whenever she bended, her thighs were exposed behind her and people were passing and men staring on.

My eyes were then opened to see that the woman in the hair salon and the men who were talking to her in the salon were not humans but actually, demon spirits from the pit of hell disguised in human- like flesh!

I saw that they noticed the short skirt this woman was wearing, including that she had put on makeup and had a worldly hairstyle. (1 Timothy 2:9-10, 1 Peter 3:3 )

When the demons in the salon noticed all this, they started screaming to her, “You look NICE!!! ” I noticed that the woman was shy and she was not aware that they were not humans but real demons from hell putting on flesh that looks like for humans. She thought they were just human beings complimenting her. She kept smiling shyly. The ‘woman’ and ‘men’ continued shouting to her while looking through the door of the hair salon, “You look nice woo! woo! ”

They were screaming “woo! woo! ” as if she was looking sooo nice that they were amazed. However, the reality is that they were complimenting her, not that they meant it, but they were doing it to encourage her to continue dressing that way thinking she looks nice and end up in hell. What they were really thinking is, “You are such a BIG FOOL! CONTINUE DRESSING LIKE THAT SO THAT WE CAN DEAL WITH YOU IN HELL!!! ” However, she was ignorant of this and thought they were real human beings who meant their compliment and due to this, she was going to he encouraged to continue dressing that way. On the other hand, these same demons in human form try to discourage those who are dressed modestly by passing bad and depressing comments so that they should give up dressing holy and end up in hell.

We are no longer ignorant of their devices.

1 Corinthians 6:19-2 “Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.”

1 Timothy 2:9-10
“In like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing, but, which is proper for women professing godliness, with good works.”

1 Peter 3:3-4

“Do not let your adornment be merely outward—arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight in the sight of God.”

demon incarnates

Vision of Ancient Demons Reincarnation

Since demons in human disguise pretend to have been born and also pretend to die, they can come again in another completely different form including a different gender and location




Hello friends. Its been a while. Hope you are doing fine by the grace of God.

I want to share a strange revelation I had yesterday which shocked me. The revelation came in form of a vision of the night.

So in a vision of the night yesterday, I saw a screen and on this screen, different images of different people from all races and both men and women kept showing up.

When a picture showed up, information about the person would also pop up.

The shocking thing is that although they looked normal in their appearance, the information popping up showed that even thousands of years ago, they were in existence!

I then realised that they were demons in human disguise and they had been around for ages.

Shockingly, even Queen Elizabeth appeared on the screen and the information about her showed that she was in existence even thousands of years ago!

She was wearing a red hat, red Jacket and a red skirt as she normally likes to match her clothes even on Tv.

I was also shown someone on the screen and this young man had the funky hairstyles black guys usually wear these days. He had shaved his hair on the sides and plaited the one on the middle.

However, though looking like a modern guy and up to fashion according to the standards of this world, the information that appeared about him was shocking.

The information read, “During ANCIENT BABYLONIAN TIMES , he was called …”

During the revelation, I could see the name he used during ancient babylonian times written on the screen but after the revelation, his name was erased from my memory.

I don’t know why God erased it from my memory but is obviously for a purpose . He knows why. However, the main point was to show me that this man, although looking like a modern young man existed even during ancient babylonian times and went by another name. However, now he had come and in another race and was going by another name.

When demons come in human disguise, it is to fulfill a particular mission. Their physical appearance and location will depend on the type of mission they have to accomplish. Since demons in human disguise pretend to have been born and also pretend to die, they can come again in another completely different form including a different gender and location. Previously, they may have come as man but later, come as a woman. The same applies to the country, race etc. They are not human in anyway but are merely fulfilling a given mission.

This revelation and any other similar one are not meant to instill fear in you but to call for alertness even as the bible tells us, “Be sober,be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

The bible also tells us that my people perish for LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. Hosea 4:6.

As long as you pray, they have no power over you. Jesus is King over all principalities and they are under His feet.
He also overcame the world and He will help you overcame as long as you stay close to him.

Follow only Jesus. Guard your precious soul. Salvation is a personal journey.


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demon incarnates

Demon Incarnates Exposed



Today as I slept, I had a dream in the early hours of the morning. I saw many demons running to and fro. They had no time to walk but were running in doing their mission. These demons were as black as night and their blackness was like nothing I have ever seen on earth. It was as if the colour black originates from them.

As I looked at them, I could see that they were spirits and it was as if my hand could pass through them. Some had horns and they had legs like a goats. They also had ugly mouths with very big lips that looked eaten up in some places and sharp canine teeth in their mouths. I only saw canine teeth and no other type of teeth.

They were going about their mission and then I saw a place where they had hung their bodies. It was like the way we hang coats on a wall and then wear them when we want to go out but these had hung bodies. I saw them going to get their bodies and when they wore them, I was terribly shocked. These were people I personally know and laugh with! I even know their names.

The Lord was just showing me that they are real real demons from the pit of Hell pretending to be humans.

One of them,after it had worn its body came walking towards me. It was smiling and pretending to be human. I speak to this ‘person’ almost everyday. ‘She’ was smiling and walking towards me and said, “Zipporah” acknowledging me as if she was an innocent human being. I was in shock and mouth agape and then the dream vanished.

Demons live among us in human form and they even pretend to have human families family ties here on earth.

They are demons which have fused themselves into the human race and even marry. All that is fake and all they want is for you to believe that they are also human so that they can influence you. Remember, it is just a fake body covering an already doomed demon that has come to work its mission on earth. But you have a soul and you will have to account to God for what you are doing here on earth. Guard your precious soul and build your house on the rock who is Christ and don’t look at others. Get rid of the attitude of ‘I am not alone, even others are doing it’ and repent. Those others might just be demons who are working against you and already have their fate sealed for the Lake of fire.

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Demonic Attacks in Churches



The Lord had given instructions that we should anoint our Church both inside and outside and pray for it. He said a lot of evil things had been planted by Satanic forces not only in our Church but also many other Churches,even pure Holiness ones and people were not even aware of it. The devil is not a respecter of Churches and wants to capture all. He has agents even in the hottest Churches.
The Lord also told us that there are a lot of demons in Human form in our Church just like everywhere else and He has started revealing them one by one. However, it is a spiritual warfare and what we do is pray against them so that they should fail in their mission. The Lord instructed us to pray so hard that they should start feeling like they are seated on coals of fire every time they are in the Church and leave on their own.

So we anointed the Church and there were intensive prayers. We prayed fire prayers and demons began to manifest. One was heard screaming in a corner like a wounded pig as if terribly burning.
Then there was also a presence on the altar as if of a very tall person. Two sisters in the Church felt that presence and the Lord said to anoint that place as well as the pulpit. It was shocking at how much they had polluted the Church!

The Lord also instructed me to touch particular seats and pray for them. He showed me that they had put extra efforts in polluting those seats because that is where the prayer warriors usually are. The devil doesn’t mind attacking cold people because he already has them.
He also instructed us to anoint the Pastor’s seat,the curtains,the windows and believe it or not,even the ground outside! He also told us to anoint the four walls of the Church. We anointed every corner inside and outside and the Lord said that even the flowers outside the Church had been polluted! They had put evil things there.
Inside there was a black dog which was lying there on one side of the Church. It was not there in the physical realm but in the spirit and hence could only be seen if one had spiritual eyes. The dog had curled itself up as if sleeping and it was interesting to note that the people who always sit there always sleep no matter how interesting the preaching is.This dog brought a spirit of sleep in the Church and especially if you are not baptised with the Holy Spirit,you are an easy target because you have no shield. So they easily make you sleep because they don’t want you to hear and be saved.

We also anointed the banner where the name of our Church was written. Where ever the Lord was instructing, we were anointing.
Then as we prayed,the Lord instructed us to also pray for the offering box. He said that no matter how much people offered,evil forces were always putting limitations to the money offered so that it was used for nothing tangible. You can’t look back and say, this or that was done using the offering. In short it is like pouring milk in a basket. The Lord showed that they had captured the offering box in the spirit.
Then He also told us to anoint the hymn books. We were really shocked. We said, “What? even the hymnals?” The extent of the pollution was shocking. The Lord was speaking thorough His servants and telling us what to do. What He was telling us was being confirmed by another person also being used by the Lord.
I tell you,the devil has massively polluted this world. If he can plant all sorts of evil things in a Holiness Church,imagine what kind of a party he is having with those who live a double life,discard holiness or don’t even know about God.
Then I saw a lot of evil looking demons standing in the Church just before the pew. I saw that these demons assisted the demons in Human form as well as Satanic agents during bible study,prayer days as well as service.
These demons were MANY and horribly darker than night. Some were turned upside down on the walls and some just stood there casting spells and helping those in the physical.
I saw that they had made a huge hole in the spirit just in front of the pew, a hole leading to Hell. So the Lord instructed to anoint that place and to kneel there and pray. So I knelt there and prayed. The Lord said we should command that hole to close up in the name of Jesus Christ. The demons were so angry and were saying,” Shut up! Stop praying!” but no attention was paid to them.
These demons cast spells when people are in the Church and the Lord showed me how they do it. I saw them stretching their hands towards us and spells were leaving their hands. The spells could be seen like white strings leaving their hands. They had put that hole there to chant that whoever dies in that church should go straight to Hell. Hence they would even cast spells for someone to live a sinful life.
Hell is no place to go. These demons are so desperate to get souls because they know the terrors of Hell which can not be explained with a human tongue. Demons are so horrible and they attack as a huge group at once all on just one person. They,are like a pack of hungry dogs. These demons were so horrible that if you saw them and the Lord told you to stand in the middle of a crowded market place and pray, you would do it all for the fear of meeting these demons in Hell.
They are horrible sharp toothed canines. I saw snakes which they had planted in the Church in the spirit. (A snake is a spirit of sin.) They had planted spirits of sin in the Church. Even spirits of fear of saying testimonies. The devil can even put the fear of saying testimonies or revelations in someone. Fear is one of Satan’s weapons and must be rebuked in prayer. Whenever a demon in Human form goes to say a ‘testimony’ during testimony time,we noticed that after them, nobody else goes except other demons in Human form or agents of the devil. They had planted fear in people.


They had also cast a lot of spells to make people not live a Holy life. People do look Holy at Church of course but most people usually have secret lives. They had cast spirits of secular Tv,Spirits of makeup,spirits of masturbation,spirits of smoking and drinking beer,spirits of double life,spirits of sexual immorality etc. The Lord also told me that the devil has also cast these spells in Churches all around the world. Everything may look normal right now in your Church but know that there is a great spiritual war going on. So we had to pray against all these things and set them ablaze in the name of Jesus Christ which is above all other names.
There are some things I have left but am sharing these few that you may know what kind of spiritual battle we are in. We fight against powers and rulers of darkness. From this, we know that there is need for intercession for our Churches. The Lord has called us to prayer. He tells to pray without ceasing because we are intercessors for others who are still in the devil’s claws. The devil has captured many people and the important thing is to pray to the Father that He may baptise them with the Holy Spirit and that they may escape from Hell. If even Churches are polluted,imagine the world. Never compromise with Holiness because Hell is not a place you would wish for even the person who hates you most to go. There are no human words that can express how horrible Hell is. However,the desperation of the devil can give you an idea of what kind of place it is. He doesn’t want to be punished alone. The Lord said that the human mind does not even have the capacity to imagine the terrors that exist there. Be Holy and escape from Hell!

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