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Zipporah’s First Testimony of Hell

The Lord also showed me a vision of the late Zambian President, Levy Mwanawasa in hell.  We don’t know much about his spiritual life here on earth, except that he was a Jehovah’s witness.



Some months ago as I, Zipporah prayed, The Lord showed me a section of hell. The place was very dark and full of flames.  I then saw the people in this section of hell — all of them were naked and hung on crosses.  They all hung upside down, and demons were all around, inflicting all sorts of torture and torments on them. Every one I saw here was in agony.

The Lord also showed me a vision of the late Zambian President, Levy Mwanawasa in hell.  We don’t know much about his spiritual life here on earth, except that he was a Jehovah’s witness. When I saw him in hell, he was in so much torment and covered in the flames. Since I did not have any negative opinion of him when he was president, I was not expecting to see him there.  But hell is such a horrible place, that I would not even wish to see my enemies there. It is more frightening than any place you can imagine, and it gave me no pleasure to see him in agony like that.  In fact, I was heart broken after that vision, because of the way I saw the late president suffering. It really made me sad. [Editor’s note: Wikipedia states that his “wife was a baptized member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses but has since been disfellowshiped, because of her active role in politics…In March 2005, Mwanawasa was baptized by Southern Baptist missionaries.”]

It is not my intention to hurt his surviving family members, friends, or anyone, which is why I have waited since I had the vision last year until now, before making this public.  I am simply sharing what the Lord revealed to me in a vision, which shows that once you die, it doesn’t matter who you were on earth — president or pauper.  The only thing that matters is whether you repented and lived for Christ (Mar 1:14-15; 2 Cor 5:15).

I was also shown a section in hell where there was a Hindu man, and the demons were forcing him to bow to the images of the idols he worshiped while on earth.  They would mock him, whip him and force him to bow.  Jesus emphasized to us that He is the only way to salvation and there is no other way (Jn 14:6).

The Lord also revealed to my sister Rachael and I that sometimes demons come to earth physically disguised as humans!  Jesus also explained to us that sometimes when they want to come physically, they would disguise themselves in any other forms, as well, including animals or insects.  This is only done to fulfill a particular satanic mission that the devil sends them on that requires their physical presence.

The Lord told us that when we pray, sometimes satan sends his demons to monitor and listen to our prayers, so he will know where to direct his attack. But the Lord assured us of his protection.  He said, “Just pray in truth and in spirit, because I am the God who gives them deafness and blindness; they will have no access to your prayers.”

One morning when my sister and I woke up, the Lord told us we had to pray. We had just gotten up, and not even eaten had breakfast yet.  When we began to pray, the Lord Jesus told us to pray for mercy for the world, for the salvation of everyone we know.  We prayed from 9 am to about 3pm, and were very exhausted, but the Lord wouldn’t let us stop. He said, “You have to take this seriously. Do not summarize your prayers.  Pray for everyone you know individually — even people you just see on TV — pray for them.  Many people are going to hell, they are going to eternal damnation!”

We continued praying, and satan and his demons would tempt us to stop and just give up, because we were being made to fast when we hadn’t planned to do it on that day.  The Lord gave us strength, and as we continued praying, the Lord showed us hundreds and hundreds of people escaping hell.  These are not people who were already in hell, but rather people who are still alive on earth, and were on the road to hell.  And we heard hell — not the people in hell, but hell itself. The Lord told us its a living organism. Hell was screaming in anger that so many people were escaping it.

Jesus told us we had to continue praying, and He made us pray until 3:00 in the morning, which was when we went to bed, exhausted. He told us He wants Christians to learn to be strong in prayer and take intercession for the lost seriously. The Lord gave my sister and I this promise: He said, “I am going to use you mightily, you will pray for the sick and they will get healed, you will raise the dead, and you will even do more than raise the dead! Just pray diligently. I want you to pray more.”

The very next day, a sister from church came home to visit with her one-year old baby, Elijah. The sister was in the living room with my mom. My sister and I got her baby and were playing with him.  When I looked at the child, God told me he was born with bronchitis and that we should pray for him.  I asked my sister Rachael if God had told her anything about baby Elijah, and she said God told her he had bronchitis from the day he was born!  This confirmed what God had told me.  So we asked his mom, and she confirmed that the child was indeed sick with difficulties in breathing, and many nights could hardly sleep.  We prayed for the child and he was instantly healed! When God told us the baby had been healed, my sister and I heard the angels in heaven rejoicing! It was so beautiful! So we said, “Jesus we want to hear the angels again,” and immediately we could hear them rejoicing and singing!  The baby has been 100% healed until now.

Dear child of God, if your are reading this and still doubt God’s power, I just want you to know that His promise of those who believe in him doing miracles and praying for the sick still stands.  Its still so real, even today.  The Lord told us that He is looking for vessels to use in these last days to perform great miracles like the Apostles did. Will you be His vessel?

He uses what is HIS, He can’t use you if you still belong to satan, dedicate yourself to Him and He will use you no matter who you are.  Come to Jesus, repent of your sins and desire to live deeply in Him each day, you will discover it’s the best decision you can ever make.

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