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Zipporah’s and Conrad Visions with Jesus: Time is Up!



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By Zipporah Mushala

zip&conradToday I was home when I saw this vision. I saw myself in our street evangelising. I was walking slowly and was at ease while doing this. Then I looked back and I saw Jesus behind me,He said to me,”why are you walking?why aren’t you running to evangelise? Can’t you see that there’s no more time?”

Then I saw another vision. I saw Jesus sitting, He opened a book, the title on the cover was engraved “Justice of God.” When Jesus opened it,I saw that it contained the stories from the bible,from creation up to the verses on the rapture.

I saw the verses on the signs of the rapture. Jesus was reading through the book. Then when He reached the end, which was verses on the rapture, He closed the book by closing it from the back cover and walked away from that table. Meaning everything was complete. Then I saw the throne of God in heaven.

He kept shifting uneasily,like someone who had been waiting for so long and was tired of waiting. I saw the angel who’s supposed to blow the trumpet. He stood at the exact spot I had seen him standing a few days ago when God showed me another vision. He was standing ready,waiting for a command from God to blow the trumpet.
Jesus was standing near the throne,He stood quietly looking at the Father. I understood that it won’t be long before a command is given to blow the last trumpet. 
The vision ended.

Below is a similar vision by a brother in Christ.

A Vision by Brother Conrad

I was praying. Then as I prayed,i saw a vision in which Jesus came to where I was praying and I noticed there had been an hourglass beside me. He took the hourglass and laid it flat. Meaning there was no more time for it to measure, so it had to be packed,it wasn’t needed anymore. The vision ended. Time is up.Repent right now of all your sins. Tomorow maybe too late.

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