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Divine Revelations

You can read all the revelations we have been receiving from the beginning on our website



You can read all the revelations we have been receiving from the beginning on our website

You will also find devine revelations the Lord Jesus Christ has been giving to His other servants,as well as various articles showing the lateness of the hour and the need to prepare for the Lord's coming.
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GLOFIRE isn't a church,but rather a platform to share endtime revelations with the world.
Feel free to share all revelations in any possible way to as many people as possible BUT DO NOT ADD OR SUBTRACT TO THE REVELATIONS,they must be shared as the Lord gave them.
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GLOFIRE TV – Global Revival News, Revelations and Teachings

Get latest end times news, revelations, and teachings from around the world, to bring about the final revival in the entire body of Christ

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    Amen but you no me answer

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    Bringing MAJOR TRUTH to the NATIONS SHE is!

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