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Witchcraft, Perversion & Rebellion against God…



Witchcraft, Perversion & Rebellion against God

The Lord had shown me a vision I shared earlier how many children,some as young as 3 years,2 years were all running to Satan and God showed me satan was attracting the children through the entertainment they watched.
Satan welcomed them like a loving parent and the little children clung to his legs, holding him tightly, while he patted the backs of other very young children who stood near him.
Satan is extremely desperate for the little children because he knows if he can make the children grow up embracing his ways, they’re likely to continue in that path all their lives!
The Lord Jesus Christ wants parents to take responsibility for what your children are watching.
The Lord showed me how when Satan and his demons had a meeting on how they could bring many more people to hell,they decided they were going to use television entertainment.
And Jesus showed me that satan himself would write some story lines and then give his agents who are in the entertainment industry to produce the movies and cartoons.
The Lord showed me that sometimes satan would instruct one of his agents on what stories to write.
This is the reason why the entertainment industry is so morally rotten and full of complete rebellion against God.
This is the real reason they are so obsessed about promoting fornication, adultery,lust in music and movies.
This is the reason why they try to make a life of rebellion against God seem so “modern” and “progressive.”
Satan is on a mission,he knows his time is short.
He wants to lure you to Spiritual slumber through ungodly entertainment then steal your soul and your children’s souls.
The Lord showed me that it’s not really about making money from the movies,it’s the human souls they can harvest,that is what they’re after!
The actors who many of them are satanists exchange their souls for money and fame and promote whatever satan commands them.
But satan is not after making money from all that.
The most prescious thing he’s after is the human souls.
So he created movies and cartoons to promote and normalize witchcraft.
To teach people to participate in incantations like “abracadabra” and make it seem like it’s some meaningless words just for fun.
The Lord has shown me how the writer of the witchcraft Harry Potter movie was a real practicing witch but they wanted everything to look like it was just fiction.
The Lord told me that they do not make all those movies, music and cartoons to entertain you.
They do not care about entertaining you.
They want you to perish with satan and so want you to participate in his rebellion against God.
This is why the Lord has been warning us about watching sercular entertainment whether cartoons,movies, music etc.
It’s just bait but they want your soul and your little children’s souls.
Sometimes parents feel sorry for their little children and say,the children will be bored if they do not let them watch all these sercular cartoons.
Your children have an eternal soul that will either go to heaven or hell.
Show your children real love by caring about their soul.
Satan wants to teach them that witchcraft is normal and they will start wishing to be mermaids which are actual water demons.
Your children will embrace satan and hate God.
Satan will teach them homosexuality and trans gender lifestyles are normal.
He will teach them it’s okay to lie if necessary.
He will teach them witchcraft is fun.
Do not entertain yourself by watching evil.
Purify your heart by meditating on God’s word.
Do not waste your life on sinful entertainment.
Redeem the time God has give you on earth and become fruitful for the Kingdom of God.
Take responsibility for your children and bring them to Jesus Christ.
The Lord Jesus told me,”do not neglect the little children.
Teach them about holiness.I am talking about 4 year old,tell them about holiness.
3 year olds, holiness.Let them grow knowing holiness is important.”
The Lord gave the children of Israel a command to teach His commandments to their children.
To tell them about what God instructed all the time, whether at home,on the road, eating etc.
Jesus wants the little children to be saved.
Save your children from perversion.
Let them grow up consecrated to Jesus and a light to the world.”
Jesus loves your children.
Satan only pretends to entertain them but all he’s actually doing is brainwash them into a life of hating God.

Do not say you will teach your children about God later because you’re not the owner of their lives.
If they die in sin at an age they already know right from wrong your children will perish but God will hold you accountable.
Teach your children that loving Jesus and obeying Him is the normal life.
Teach them not to love the world.
Do not leave your children at satan’s mercy,God entrusted them to you to teach them His ways and for you to give them a good example.

Deuteronomy 11:18-20
“Therefore you shall lay up these words of mine in your heart and in your soul, and bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.

You shall teach them to your children, speaking of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up.

And you shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates”

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