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When the Lord Jesus told me to warn people about the reality of hell,He said to me,”Why is it that every year so many church meetings are held….



When the Lord Jesus told me to warn people about the reality of hell,He said to me,”Why is it that every year so many church meetings are held.
So many church conferences are held.
Yet I see these very people who attend these meetings filling up hell.
People are falling straight from church into hell.”
And the Lord said,”I blame the preachers because they’re not telling My people the truth.
They cannot tell the truth because they fear to be hated by people.
But have you never read that a servant is not greater than the Master?
If they hated Me,they will hate you.
The prosoerity preachers do not care about the souls of my people and only care about money and fame.
All they talk about is prosperity yet My people are perishing.
Tell them the prosperity gospel will only land them in hell.
I will require the blood of My people from their hands,but those who follow prosperity preachers will perish.
Tell them I am waiting for them with open loving arms.
Warn them about hell and do not fear anyone.
Many will hate you, and even many of your family members will hate you but do not
be afraid to lose anyone’s love because My love will make up for all the love they would have given you.
My love is purer than gold!
People argue and say there’s no hell.
But how can they talk about My judgement when they don’t even know Me?
When they have never even known My power?
There’s a real hell and you must warn mankind about it.
Don’t judge anyone and say they cannot repent.
Anyone can repent.
Warn them and let them make their own choice.
Tell them I am the only way to escape hell into eternal life.
Islam is not the way, Hinduism is not the way,I AM the only way.”
The Lord said the reason many Christians still ended up in hell is because they thought they could follow Jesus while continuing in sin.
The Lord said many are in hell because they lived a double life-acting holy at church but going back to their sins at home and in secret.
They only came to the Lord to seek His blessing.
And the Lord said,these people fasted and prayed,but were unwilling to get rid of their sin.
They only fasted to get answers for things they wanted but never surrendered their lives to Jesus.
In the Bible Jesus warned that MANY who try to enter the narrow way will fail because of sin.
When the disciples asked if few will be saved, Jesus said strive to enter through the narrow gate because many will try to enter but will fail.
This is referring to Christians.
They’re the ones trying to enter the narrow gate,not Atheists or Muslims.
Jesus said when the Master of the house has risen up to shut the door those closed outside will begin to tell Him,”We ate in your presence, and you taught in our streets!”
But Jesus will say,”I never knew you,get away from Me you workers of iniquity.”(Luke 13:23-28)
This is talking about Christians who continue in their sin.
They will be rejected and denied by Jesus because they lived in sin and never repented.
The Bible says the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of heaven.1 Corinthians 6:9-11
To be saved we must believe in Jesus and that faith must be evidenced by a change of lifestyle to become obedient to God.
When we continue in sin,the wage we will receive is eternal damnation in hell.
The Bible says when you hear the Lord’s voice do not harden your heart.
No one ever knows when it’s the last chance to repent.
People in hell thought they will repent later and needed to enjoy their sins first.
Many thought they will repent on their deathbed but no one can outsmart God.
People in hell keep begging for just one second to come back to earth and repent.
They want a second chance but it’s too late.
The Lord is giving us many seconds,many hours,many chances to repent.
Please do not waste this time because once you go to hell,not even one second will be given to you to come back to earth to repent.
There’s no repentance in death,once you die in sin it’s too late forever.
The day to repent and never return to sin is today.
Repent then start seeking God consistently and He will give you power over sin.
The Lord has laid before us life and death.
Choose life while you still have the chance.

Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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  1. Treezah Mutambi

    October 24, 2022 at 6:08 pm

    May GOD help me to walk in righteous

  2. Valua Jeff

    October 24, 2022 at 6:08 pm

    🙏 amen, amen

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