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Watch Rev. Adam Haji Mohammed Testimony of Conversion to Christianity



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By Rev. Adam Haji Mohammed,

When a young a girl delivered a message of love from Christ to Adam while  at Kenyan coastal town, he broke her limps! He spent 8 months in the forest, witnessed his colleague slaughtered and  six members of his fellowship burned in petrol in Somalia. He suffered hunger, and his journey of escape from Somalia to Kenya, saw him transported in a coffin until he reached Thika town. Having studied Islamic Sharia law in Beirut and other Arabian countries, he acquired a deep knowledge of Islam that saw him advise the then Kenyan President, Mwai Kibaki on Kadhi Courts.  The Grace of endurance in times of difficulty  is unwavering and a clear demonstration of the power of God, a lacking ingredient in the current body of Christ! Watch and your perception will change forever!

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