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13th November 2015
Hebrews 10:16 says "after those days,I will put my law into their hearts and in their minds will I write them" Then John 14
:26 says but the Comforter which is the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name will reveal to you all truth and bring the things I said to you to your remembrance.The bible never said all things that are sin were written in the bible yet people have decided to turn the words from Jesus into a mockery. They say, "show us in the bible where it is written that adding nails is a sin,that watching secular Tv is a sin." We know that smoking is a sin yet it was not written in the bible. The Holy Spirit even in this age is revealing to us what is sin as promised in Hebrews.The bible says my sheep hear my voice and they know me so God's sheep,will recognize thats its his voice speaking giving these instructions.The bible says in Galatians that crucify the flesh and all its lusts but people want to twist scripture in order to satisfy their flesh.Please repent or these words will haunt you in hell and testify against you on Judgement day.Many people have waged war against the Lord of Hosts with their tongues.They speak evil things against the Holiness message.Beware says the Lord! millions of worms will bore holes through your tongues in hell.Many people do this imitating others and people called 'men of God' but you do not know their mission.The Pharisees were fighting Jesus thinking they were in the right with God,that is what is happening now.People are fighting the Holiness message thinking they are right with God but know that God's things have never been popular.If you don't know whether somthing is from God or not,it is better to keep quiet.These are words from Jesus Christ, he who has an ear,let him hear.

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