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Warning to Prosperity Preachers

The Lord is greatly displeased with the prosperity gospel and He told me that because it does not please Him



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I was in prayer when The Lord showed me this vision. I saw a demon that the Lord told me is behind the prosperity gospel,I.e only preaching about blessings and neglecting the message of salvation.
The Lord made it clear that is the work of satan and not God.
God is very unhappy with preachers who are not preaching the full gospel but are just telling people what their itching ears want to hear. If you are one of those ministers,repent now and begin to preach what is on the heart of Jesus;the way of salvation.

The I saw another evil spirit that the Lord told me is the spirit of fear. I saw that when it opened its mouth,some form of mist would be released from its mouth and it covered the evangelists,preachers etc causing them to be greatly inflicted by fear. Despite them knowing the truth,they became so afraid of preaching it.

The Lord is greatly displeased with the prosperity gospel and He told me that because it does not please Him,the people will keep receiving messages from the prosperity gospel preachers about how God will cause them to prosper but in reality those people will not receive those blessings because they are living in sin.
They will face closed heaven because the Lord wants righteousness first before we seek those blessings.
Millions and millions of souls are endingup in hell because when they go to church they are not told the truth,they are just told about blessings.

I saw a hand that looked like a human hand.But then I noticed that all the fingers on this hand were cut in half, including the thumb.No finger was complete.Then I saw pastors,evangelists,preachers under this hand.It covered them like an umbrella. The Lord gave the interpretation that the hand represented the five fold ministry.Apostles,Prophets,Evangelists,Pastors,Teachers(Ephesians 4:11) But every single finger was cut.Meaning that all of the ministers under this demonic hand could not operate to the full.They would compromise until they escaped from this trap of the enemy.So we need to pray for the ministers of the word of God each and every time

But what is money if you lose your soul? The bible says a prophet of the Lord will turn people from their sin. And the Lord says if they had stood in His presence they would have turned people from their sin.
If every time you go to church all you hear are blessings without being told about the reality of Heaven and hell,about the coming of Christ and the holiness Jesus requires,run for your life because your soul is very precious.



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