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Divine Revelations

Visitation By the Lord Jesus



August 15, 2019

by Mark Jestoni Bannoya

As I was praying and waiting upon the Lord, I opened my wooden window, and the moon shined upon my bed. I was still and waiting, then the Lord came and visited me on my room. With a glowing white garment, and lining of gold, He was so gentle and lowly. I didn’t feel frightened, but instead an inner peace and calmness entered my heart and mind. I was like a little child with Him. I was sitting at my bed, then he seated at my front. He was teaching me the art of waiting on the Lord, and the greater intimacy and relationship He’s giving to us, only if we are seeking Him in prayers fervently and in great patience. He taught me how the ancient prophets, and even Abraham was waiting upon God every night. It takes a lot of perserverance. Then the Lord said, “Many Christians give up easily on their prayers, the moment I’m about to visit them, they stop praying, because of their untamed flesh, for the flesh hates prayers. It wants to stop the prayers immediately. It gives impatience, no self control. And i test everyone if they are ready to meet Me, I am not easy to get, son. But blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Sadly, my son, half of your Christian friends on Facebook has no prayer life.”

I said, “Lord, should I tell them about this?”

He replied, “Yes son, to give them conviction.”

Then the Lord took my hands and showed me His garden. “My son, look at this beautiful flowers. Don’t you realize My children, that you are like these flowers. Everytime it blooms, I jump in happiness, when they worship Me in spirit and truth, it gives off a fascinating fragrance that enters even into the Father’s throne.”

I was shown different beautiful flowers, some are tall, some are small, some has two colors. Then the Lord told me, “Don’t you realize that all of you are different from each other. You cannot compare the other flower to the other ones, I have made everyone unique and precious before My eyes.”

I asked him about a person that I know if He can show me how beautiful it is, and that person is of course a secret. I saw the flower, it’s small and has lots and lots of other flowers attached to it. It has two distictive colors, yellow and blue. Then I saw another flower, it’s tall, and it has red petals.

Then I came across this flower, I saw the petals are falling, the Lord told me who she is, He said, “She was one of the most beautiful flower here in My garden before.” Then the Lord showed me how it looks before, it is a beautiful glowing flower, but now its petals are falling down one by one. And He told me why, it’s because that person rarely comes to the Lord to His presence. But still, the Lord protects it and is waiting patiently to come back to the Lord.

Then outside the garden, I saw rotten flowers. The Lord looks sad for those, then He said, “Those are the ones who were once beautiful, but now they listened to Satan, and are astrayed away from Me. You see, Satan’s plan is to cut you all away from Me. He slowly takes those person without resistance away because they don’t pray and ask for My help, until such time that they have give in to Satan, and had been corrupted with sin. That’s why they are rotten flowers.”

Then I got so curious and asked Him, “Lord, I’m very curious wherever my flower is, can i see it?”

Then He walked somewhere and showed me a grown red flower on a pot, and has torns in it. I was very intrigued, and asked the Lord why mine has torns. He told me, “My son, sometimes you are very stubborn and resistant. That’s why yours got torns.”

So I repented and asked the Lord’s forgiveness. I confessed my stubborness, and wanted to completely depend on Him.

Then up high on the mountains, He showed me a big screen, in the video, I saw abused children crying, people partying, LGBTQ, and all abominations of this world. I also saw a feminism movement, they were rallying with pink clothes. I saw conflicts, ISIS terrorists, then I saw huge earthquakes. Then the Lord said, “My son, the sins of this world are piled up in Heaven.” Then the visions ended.

I was still with the Lord after that vision, I was staring at the moon, and the Lord was telling me about the moon, why it’s there, and its purpose. Lastly, we were talking about the BIG ONE EARTH QUAKE.

I was then commanded by the Lord to post this, as I am very sleepy and wanted to rest, I went to the kitchen to get some coffee. I then went to Youtube, I was suprised about Faulk600’s new animation titled, “A New War will Come Soon.”

I was shocked, it’s almost the same with what the Lord had shown me.

So brothers and sisters in Christ, humble yourselves and seek Jesus. STAND ON THE GAP. Plead for mercy and seek for intimacy, because in these last days, only the Lord Jesus can help you out.

Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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  1. Babra Ainembabazi

    January 21, 2020 at 7:37 pm

    Jesus have mercy on me

  2. Febe Palit-Heydemans

    January 23, 2020 at 1:39 am


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