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Divine Revelations




A compilation of revelations given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ.

RACHAEL-(April 2015)
on Friday when I was praying.The Lord Jesus Christ told me pope
Francis is going to something really wicked very soon.And that he's
going to exalt himself above God but God will crush him.
This morning the Lord Jesus showed this revelation to my sister

Zipporah : I saw that Jesus came like this Sunday
and many many people remained. I saw a church where only the
pastor and his wife were rapture because they where the only ones
Faithfull.Mothers had their pregnancies disappear but they
remained.Then I saw tht those Christians who though tht they we
Faithful but had remained received scrolls on which was written, a
list of their sins.Jesus reminded me of A vision I had last week
where in this vision, he was asking the Father for more time but the
Father said NO.
Immediately the rapture happen even the whole atmosphere
changed.It was like a war had broken out with demons everywhere.
I saw soldiers breaking into homes.They had a powerful gift of
vision and they could see where people where hiding and they fished
everyone out.I saw demons filling the earth and some where even in
human form and mixing with the people but the people did not
know this.Those who had thought they were Faithful but had
remained received scrolls on which was written their sins.
I saw Pope Francis and he had great supernatural powers.He could
see where everyone in the world was from his throne and he had the
power to transport them from their location to where he was jst
with his eyes.People were being assembled before him and they
were being convinced tht he is God.Pope Francis had many spokes
persons, mostly soldiers.he was convincing them through his
powers tht he was God. I saw Obama laughing hysterically about
how his Micro chip had deceived many people.The soldiers did such
horrible things that many people were considering to receive the
mark.I have shared this as soon as I have received it tht no one's
blood may be on my head.Please share it.
Jst among us, there is lust of the flesh and lust of the world, that is
what Jesus is saying to say to you, let us get rid of it tht we may be
"I saw a holiness pastor who was left behind.when he received a
scroll of sins that caused him to be left behind,he began
screaming,'oh no ooh!' The soldiers were given ability to see very a
curate visions.they could see exactly were people were hiding.They
caused too much suffering so that people wud run to the pope for
refuge.He sat on a throne and multitudes of people came to him.His
soldiers were telling everyone that the pope is their only
saviour.Pope Francis began to perform great miracles.He would
declare things and they would happen.He would say,"let this
appear" and it would.He told the people,"I am your God.I will prove
to you I am God.And he did miracles.His throne was set on a very
high place and multitudes surrounded him,worshiping him.The
rapture happened on Sunday and by Monday many people were
already contemplating receiving the mark because of the
suffering.The anti Christ's soldiers came and began removing
people from their homes,torturing them as soon as the rapture
Here's the vision I saw last week
I saw the angel with the trumpet still standing at the same exact
position like before,ready to blow the trumpet.The Father wanted to
tell him to blow the last trumpet but Jesus again ran to the Fathers
feet,begging for more time.The Father said,"No there will be no
more extension of time Jesus then began to weep,rolling at the feet
of the Father"#end

RACHAEL (Date Unrecorded)

I saw a vision of myself,Zipporah,my sister Lois and my brother Ezra seated in the living room at home.
It was just a normal day and we were in the living room chatting.
Then suddenly our bodies transformed into what seemed to be heavenly bodies.
They looked very beautiful and glorious, like a race I have never seen here on earth.We all wore long white robes.Then I heard the voice of the Lord from heaven saying,"very soon am coming to take you with Me. "
The vision ended.
It will happen suddenly,will you be ready?

Vision of the tribulation
Zipporah- it was like I was looking at another world and not this one I know.
The things that I saw where shocking!!!This world was in ruin and
HUGE creatures where walking on this face of the earth. So HUGE
that a human being can just reach on its ankle. I was SHOCKED. I
couldn’t believe it! Then I also saw that the pit of hell became visible
to the human eye in the physical realm and all types of demons
where exiting from there to earth and humans could see all this.
The bible says that the things which will be in the tribulation are the
first of their kind. Like never has been and never will be. I saw girls
being raped by strange creatures. I also saw that demons had
power to change into any type of creature including dragons though
they don’t exist as they so desired. Then I also so agents of
darkness planted to make people accept to accept the Mark of the
Beast. They would pretend to endure and then give up…so that they
can influence others to do so
It was an age of great Science and Technology and Detectors where
put everywhere to detect humans and no one could escape…. The
bible says ”In those days, the Lord’s hand of restriction shall be
removed from the earth’ and this means that all those dangerous
spirits that are bound in hell will be unleashed! Just last week, The
Lord showed someone these dangerous spirits. The very dangerous
spirits are the ones we read in the bible that they are chained in the
pit of hell. So this person saw them and said they were GIGANTIC!!!
They warned him severely and said
”We should not find you after the rapture or else….’
I am beginning to believe those are the giants of giants that I
saw.Then the bible says death will be scarce in those days.
People will long for death but it will not come to them. The things I
saw now make me believe the scripture that says ”Children will
betray their Parents and Parents their children!’ I saw people being
starved for days and then being shoved rotten human meat and
human waste in their mouths and they would gladly eat it for they
had been starving for days. Some even began eating their own
flesh!!!!!!People where being made to sleep in filthy cells messed
with urine with all kinds of bugs and Scorpion. There was hardly any
food and only a sip of water was allowed in many days’ time. I saw
concentration camps all over the world. People where being injected
diseases into and sent to a mass to spread that disease. Yet people
where not dying! Death will escape the Face of the earth and will
only know few. Pregnant women began to abort so that they could
eat their Children… None was given any access to cooking utensils.
People where constantly bitter towards each other and there was no
I saw multitudes run and beg to be given the Mark of the Beast just
so that they could have a little peace. Even those who had the Mark
of the Beast where not exactly in ‘Heaven’ but had rationings as
well. Though they were on the better side.I saw people wanting to
convert to Judaism but it was of no effect. Only and ONLY real
Jews will be saved at that time. Those who belonged to other
religions will have to overcome the tribulation if they are to be
saved. Some will overcome. ”I saw multitudes standing before the
throne and I asked who are these?’ And he answered ‘These are the
one who overcame by the blood of the Lamb’. There was no more
School. No need for higher education. Every day was a terror. It was
everyone to himself. Even children (those who are of an
accountable age) where in the tribulation.It is my everyday cry to
God that we never ever miss the Rapture.
As it is said, “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts
as in the rebellion.”.” (Hebrews 3:15).#end

RACHAEL-21st February 2015
On Wednesday,I was praying in the night when suddenly I heard
the Lord's voice and The Lord Jesus Christ said,"the wrath of God
is coming to this earth."#end

Vision of Closeness of the Rapture
Last night when I was praying,the Lord Jesus Christ showed me the
nearness of the rapture.
He showed me a watch set like a time bomb counting down to the
The time was in red, (red representing it was almost time up).
Time was so much gone that it was no longer counting down in
minutes but it was now counting down in seconds and mini
The time was counting down so very fast
But the Lord Jesus Christ showed me many people still have
burdens of sin on their backs.
He showed me they are still carrying the heavey loads of sin.
The Lord showed me a lady with a heavey load on her back.
No matter where she went,she went with it and you could tell she
needed help,she couldn't put it off her back alone.
Come to Jesus and let Him give you rest.
Repent of every sin and turn to Jesus.#end

ZIPPORAH -April 2015
Today I was home when I saw this vision.
I saw myself in our street evangelising.
I was walking slowly and was at ease while doing this.
Then I looked back and I saw Jesus behind me,He said to me,"why
are you walking?why aren't you running to evangelise?can't you see
that there's no more time?"
Then I saw another vision.
I saw Jesus sitting,He opened a book,the title on the cover was
engraved "Justice of God."
When Jesus opened it,I saw that it contained the stories from the
bible,from creation up to the verses on the rapture.
I saw the verses on the signs of the rapture.
Jesus was reading through the book.
Then when He reached the end,which was verses on the rapture,He
closed the book by closing it from the back cover and walked away
from that table.
Meaning everything was complete.
Then I saw the throne of God in heaven.
He kept shifting uneasily,like someone who had been waiting for so
long and was tired of waiting.
I saw the angel who's supposed to blow the trumpet.
He stood at the exact spot I had seen him standing a few days ago
when God showed me another vision.
He was standing ready,waiting for a command from God to blow the
Jesus was standing near the throne,He stood quietly looking at the
I understood that it won't be long before a command is given to
blow the last trumpet.
The vision ended.
Below is a similar vision by a brother in Christ.#end

I was praying.
Then as I prayed,i saw a vision in which Jesus came to where I was
praying and I noticed there had been an hourglass beside me.
He took the hourglass and laid it flat.
Meaning there was no more time for it to measure, so it had to be
packed,it wasn't needed anymore.
The vision ended.

Zipporah and I were praying this evening.
Then when we were praying,The Lord Jesus Christ came.
There were countless angels in the room,including angel Michael
and Gabriel and some other angels whose names we don't know.
The angels began to part,giving way to the King of glory as He
The Lord Jesus Christ was very sad,He was crying.
He showed Zipporah what happened in heaven two days ago.
God gave a command to an angel to blow the last trumpet.
When the angel was about to blow it,Jesus looked at the earth,He
saw fornication,adultery,wickedness,people not even paying
attention to God.
When Jesus saw that,He rushed to the feet of the Father,fell down
and began weeping,pleading for more time.
He said,"they are not ready."
Jesus was weeping so much.
The Father was so pitiful on the world,but He said time is up,He is
fed up of postponing.
Then He said to the angel,"Halt!"
The angel didn't blow the trumpet but remained at the same
Jesus then said the rapture was supposed to happen two days ago
Jesus was weeping,He was saying,"what kind of hearts are these?
iron hearts?"
He said if He had come two days ago,many people would have been
left behind,including some of our family.
Jesus said today would have been a day in the great tribulation if He
had not beeged the Father.
He was weeping so much.
Jesus was looking at the whole earth,I could see the whole earth
and Jesus was looking at it weeping.
He said,"Oh My children,come to Me now,the tribulation will be so
horrible.Come to Me now."
"I promised not to leave or forsake you but why have you left me?"
He said,"My heart grieves because My children have forsaken Me."
Then Jesus showed us a woman,painted,with fake eye
lashes,painted eye lids,etc.
She was in midair,sitting.
Jesus said she is an evil spirit,the queen of the coast and has
captured many men of God.
He said she has exalted herself above anything called holy.
She held an invisible net and used it to trap preachers who fell into
her trap.#END

RACHAEL(Unrecorded date)
Last night I had a vision about the rapture.I saw the earth very busy
with activity.It was as if everything would continue as it was all the
time . everything seemed to be normal. No one was even talking
about the rapture or preaching or anything like that.Everyone
seemed engrossed in their own life.Then the rapture happened so
suddenly.I began to wonder why the entertainment industry
(movies n music)had made it seem as if the world would always be
as it is.It was as if they "sang" people to sleep.Because everyone
was just following after the lifestyles those people potray,a life of
not caring about God.I wondered why this was happening when the
rapture was just days away.Everything had seemed so quiet before
the sudden rapture.The vision ended.

The Lord showed me how the world will be when its brought under a
New World Order.
If you ve heard of the coming New World Order,know that its not a
story,but something that's going to be implemented very soon.
In this revelation,there was no peace on earth,everyone had to get a
seal (mark)which showed their acceptance of this new system
which was being refered to as the new world order.
I saw a lot of soldiers,UN soldiers from different countries,they were
all working as one and had to ensure everyone is brought under this
system and receives the mark of acceptance of this new world
order.This seal is the mark of the beast .
The soldiers were sent after all those people who refused to accept
the mark.
It seemed impossible for people to escape coz there would be a lot
of soldiers after just one person and they were all armed.
There seemed to be no place to hide.I saw a girl who was trying to
escape from the soldiers and she hid inside a building but
somehow,they found out where she was hiding very easily.I don't
know how they did this 7but there was no rest or peace. for anyone
who did not accept this seal of acceptance of this new world
The Lord told us,"the antichrist is already here and many are already following him blindly,they don't know he's the anti Christ.He will soon arise and do many blasphemous things but God will crush him."

Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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