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Divine Revelations

Vision of Open Doors



During prayer,the Lord told me that everyone here in earth has an open door of salvation. He said that everyone, no matter who they are or even what they are doing right now be it murdering a person.

The Lord Jesus Christ showed me doors countless doors and I saw some of their owners. I looked at a door and I saw an Indian woman bowing down to an Idol. She was not even aware that there was an open door for her.

I looked again and I saw three doors. I saw 3 Arab men at a boarder. They had worn white as Muslims do and they seemed so busy. They seemed to be doing business transaction and it was like something had gone wrong with the transaction they were handling because one of them seemed so angry and was shouting at one of the others on top of his voice and pointing fingers. They were so busy with the things of this world and were not even aware that there is an open door for them.

They are fully convinced that Islam is the way and yet a door of true salvation stays open and unused.

I then saw a certain lady who was a Christian but lived a double life. I saw her dying and the moment her soul left her body and went to Hell, Jesus walked sadly to go and close her door. He was walking towards her door with His head facing downwards. He was closing her door and shaking His head in pity and sorrow. Her door of salvation was closed. She walked in the opposite direction of that door through the life she lived.

In these doors, I saw that only the person it was meant for could enter because it was like they were designed for their body and height only (personal journey).

I also noticed that the doors were fully wide open and a golden light was shining through the doors. The door was wide open so that it was inviting ( I am the door John 10:9) and there was a light so that they could easily see the door of salvation and not miss it (I am the light of the world John 8:12).

Beyond the golden light, I could see beautiful fountains, fluffy purple clouds with beautiful birds, lakes and gardens. It was the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus is inviting you and me to walk through that door and not ignore it through living an unrepentant life. Let us enter that door before it closes and life on earth is history. No more repentance. Only tormenting memories of missed opportunities. Many people do not know that there is an open door for them and some are even in false religions altogether. It is our duty to perform the great commission (evangelism) and make sure they see that door before death. Today is the day of salvation.