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Vision of Churches that Never Deliver Souls to Heaven

The Lord told me that there are some Churches that have never delivered a single soul to heaven because of their teachings



Come of out of her my people that you may not partake of her sins and plagues

(Revelations 18:4)

The Lord told me that there are some Churches that have never delivered a single soul to heaven because of their teachings. He told me to mention them by name.For it is better to know the truth than to believe a lie and find yourself in hell.After reading this post, ask the Lord about it and do not just defend your beliefs.For no amount of pride is worth going to hell for I tell you.If hell was just the Stench alone,without the fire,torture,worms,darkness and regrets,you would not even wish for your worst enemy to go there.But it is more than the stench and has all the things I have mentioned and more.A true friend tells you the truth no matter how it may hurt because that truth will land will land you in a better place.

“They have gone out into the world and call themselves My witnesses. They witness nothing about Me. They teach anti-Christ doctrines like, that there is no hell. This way, they make people relax in their sins. Their teachings are against everything I taught. I said there is hell, they say there is no hell. I said, the grave is not the end of a person’s life, they say the grave is the end. I said I will come again, they say I will not come again. I said in My word that I will pour out My Spirit in the last days but they say that spiritual gifts do not exist anymore. They also deny My Holy Spirit and say that is not a Person but just a force. They are clearly against Me. How they like to use human knowledge to explain My Word instead of being led by the Holy Spirit! They are spiritually sleeping. Tell them that not one member of that church will enter My holy kingdom. Not even one! They had better amend their ways and give up their doctrines.”

I was in hell again and I saw a man in flames. A lot worms were crawling all over him. He was sort of drowning in the flames, as he would stand up and fall on his knees again. The Lord was holding my hand as hell is so horrifying. I recognized the man and screamed in horror at his identity as I had thought he was in heaven. I loved this man when he was on earth and believed with all my heart that he was in heaven. I had always imagined him in green gardens and never in flames. The man is Mark Woodman. He was a staunch “Seventh Day Adventist” and did a lot in exposing the kingdom of darkness. I told the Lord, “This man can’t be here because he was a good man. What is he doing here?” I asked him in tears. The Lord said, “My child, cursed is he that obeys the law as they insist on pleasing Me through works and deny what I did for them on the cross.”

The Scripture says: “For all who rely on the works of the law are under a curse, as it is written: ‘Cursed is everyone who does not continue to do everything written in the Book of the Law.’ Clearly no one who relies on the law is justified before God, because ‘the righteous will live by faith.’” (Gal 3:10-11)

Please allow me to clarify what the Lord told me about the reason why Mark is in hell. The laws of the Old Testament that forbid eating certain foods and drinks, as well as the ceremonial laws like circumcision, were never given to us in the New Testament. We are free from those, and we who are in Christ do not rely upon them for our justification. But God does tell us in the New Testament that he requires holiness outwardly and inwardly. These requirements are not ceremonial laws or rituals, but commandments. Please do not confuse Mark’s error with the Scriptural requirement. It is an error to rely on the works of the Law for justification, but we do need to obey God’s commandments and requirements for holiness.

When I saw him there, my world came crumbling down as I had always admired his zeal for God’s work. My elder brother had a collection of his DVDs, and although I was not an Adventist, I had watched his videos in 2011. At that time, I did not know that he had passed on in 2010, and I assumed he was still alive. That’s why I always looked up to him in his videos. It was not until I watched his goodbye videos that I learned he was late.

The Lord also told me.Many of the churches today are religious and they do worship me in truth and in Spirit.They sing about how they will go to heaven in their Church choirs but the only place they will go to is hell because they did not seek me.They do not know me.Matthew 7:23.
When they pray, they do not do it because they love me but because they want Spiritual gifts so that they are glorified in the eyes of men.Tell then to repent! Tell them that wearing Church Uniforms will not save them,that having a particular post in Church will not save them.Only living a holy life will save them.Tell them,even if they rise against you,shout repent! in their faces.

Then I saw a Church building before me.It was written ‘SALVATION ARMY CHURCH OF GOD‘ in big letters.Then underneath, it was written ‘Church of dead god Satan’ the Lord said that Church belongs to Satan and not to him.Satan will claim all its members.Come out now!
If I have hurt anyone by this post,then am sorry but if this is the only way to save people’s souls from hell,then let the Lord’s will be done.
Repent today for today is the day of salvation.Tomorrow may be too late. 2 Corinthians 6:2.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Njakusi Levis

    January 17, 2016 at 9:53 am

    This is a true message from God no doubt, sister be blessed, I am blessed too

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