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Vision of a Catholic Girl Bowing to Idols

This girl was bowing to a statue and yet totally believing that she was serving God. My heart broke.I felt really bad after seeing the zeal this girl had.



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Vision of the Lord delivered on November 04, 2014. As I prayed,I found myself in a vision of the Lord.
The Lord Jesus Christ took me to a church where I saw a girl who was so eager to be baptised.
She was talking to a man in the church and telling Him that she wants to follow Jesus and wants to be baptised.
There were a few other people in the church.
The man asked her if she has publicly confessed this to her friends and she said yes,that she wanted to follow Jesus Christ.

So I thought,”wow….people are turning to the Lord.”
But as I stood watching this scene,the girl stood to go and do something outside the church,but before she stepped out,she bowed to something then left.
It was only then that I saw that behind where she had been sitting,there was a virgin Mary statue and she was bowing to the statue.

The Lord Jesus Christ brought the statue closer to me so I could clearly see it.
It was a small white statue of Mary,the kinds you would find in a catholic church and I realized I was in a catholic church. This girl was bowing to a statue and yet totally believing that she was serving God.
My heart broke.I felt really bad after seeing the zeal this girl had.I then understood a lot of people are committing idolatry,and they do not know it’s idolatry.They truly believe they are serving God,but the truth is that they are not.

No idolater will enter the kingdom of heaven.If this is you,if you still pray to saints and Mary and still bow down to statues of Jesus,Mary etc,the Lord Jesus Christ wants you to come out of that idolatry and serve Him in truth and in Spirit.No matter how sincere you are in what you are doing,it’s not the way of God,it breaks His heart to see you lost,it’s against His word and on the last day,He is not going to let you into His kingdom because you went against His word.He honors His word.

But you can repent now and worship Jesus only.Don’t bow to statues(exodus 20:4-5).don’t pray to saints,they can’t hear your prayers and can’t help you.It’s satan deceiving you so that you glorify him by doing this.Pray to the living God.Nowhere in the bible does it say to pray to dead people called saints,am telling you most of these “saints” are even in hell as we speak,they were only human beings.they can’t hear you prayers.

My younger brother was at a catholic boarding school.They all offered prayers to saints,bowed to statues and celebrated mass.The Lord Jesus Christ said my brother had to leave that school and he had to repent of idolatry.cTurn to the Lord Jesus Christ now,while there is time.
Do not find out too late that you were worshiping Satan when you truly believed you were serving God.Jesus loves you,That’s why He is correcting you,that’s why He showed me this.Even if you don’t bow to statues but love Facebook,chatting,money,clothes and other things more than God you are still an idolater. Repent and be saved.

Rev 21:8″But the fearful,unbelieving,the corrupt,murders
,the immoral,those who practice witchcraft,idolators,and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimestone:this is the second death.”
John 14:6″Jesus said to him,’Iam the way,the truth, and the life:no man can come to the Father except through me.”

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