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The Lord Jesus Christ rebuked me this evening.He said "Why have you stopped sharing your experience of hell? Don't you know that many are perishing?" Then he showed me people who were b



The Lord Jesus Christ rebuked me this evening.He said "Why have you stopped sharing your experience of hell? Don't you know that many are perishing?" Then he showed me people who were being dragged to hell fire by demons and some who were walking there with burdens on their backs.He said "Speak out and do not keep silent that their blood may not be on your head"

The Lord personally gave me the above sub-title. The Lord said, “It is a disgusting sight when I see women, even young adolescents making cleavages. They just love to expose their bodies. They are possessed with the spirit of nakedness. They just can’t dress up but they have to expose their legs in short skirts and bodies in trousers and tight clothes. Tell them to repent, because if they don’t they will go to the centre of hell where there is the horror of horrors, as they have heard this warning. Tell them to respect My temple because they did not create themselves but I the Lord of Lords did!” He screamed this in anger with a clenched fist and tears trickling down his holy white garments.

“The devil has not only possessed women but the men too. They wear a pair of trousers and drag it down and they think it is cool (Sagging). The men plait their hair and also make all sorts of lines in their heads with shaving machines when they shave it (shades in the hair). Their portion is the section with pits in hell if they do not repent. However if they hear this warning and do not repent, they’ll regret the day they were born in the centre of hell. That is not enough; they bounce about like balls with pride .The women also develop pride because of their clothes and treat others like dirt. These days, most people no longer even go to church to worship but to interact, show off their clothes and find what they like to call ‘love’ from those of the opposite sex. Tell them am waiting for them to repent with real undying love and I’ll never turn them away.”

To the dancers and those who sing or listen to non gospel music or gospel rap, rock, reggae or any other worldly beat. “The devil is timing you. He is giving you spiritual sleeping pills.” I saw a music concert and everyone there was covered by one big hand –the hand of satan. It left a whitish jelly-like liquid on top of their heads. The Lord said, “The stuff he leaves on their heads makes worldly songs irresistible to them and they just can’t get enough. He hopes to catch them in their slumber and throw them to hell.”

The Lord said, “Many will hate you for this testimony but remember that God’s people were never loved from ages past because they always spoke the truth. I will be with you and will love you more than they can ever love you. They will call you many names and even say you have run mad and that you are an extremist. They will even use scriptures to discredit your testimony but don’t worry; Satan also has his own agents. Do not say anything in defense but remain silent.”
The Lord is crying out with a loud voice that we should separate ourselves from sin.Hell is not a story that is made up.If u die without Jesus Christ,it is a guarantee that that is where you are headed,whether you believe that it exists or not.The above message does not exclude me,for the Lord is not a respecter of persons.
He who has wisdom,let him heed.

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  1. Tony Y Mayra Meraz

    January 8, 2016 at 9:28 pm

    Does she always get these visions?

  2. Utshembekile Mrs-swangs

    January 9, 2016 at 2:03 pm

    Amen,we are children of light darknes wil never comprihend it,may the Lord help me,may He remake my heart,mind and soul to be like Him,i love you Jesus for you first love me.

  3. Comfort Diji Godwin

    January 10, 2016 at 12:46 am

    How many pastors & Evangelists that re preaching still wearing & allowing this Jezebel dressings in the Churches will make Heaven? Many times I asked”? Why re they still Saying it is a Lie? When they all have their Bibles? GOD Help me to obey YOU To the end”. IN JESUS NAME”. AMEN

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