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The Greatness of God

Satan is the opposite of Angels and not the opposite of God. God has no opposite. That is why even in the rebellion in heaven, God did not fight with the devil and his followers but Satan fought with Michael and His Angels, and they prevailed against him.



In this post, I’m going to share about how great God is as He revealed Himself to me during one of my prayers and about how so small Satan is and how he is not even God’s competitor but is so small and so insignificant. Satan deceives people that he is so great and yet he is on God’s leash. God is sovereign. Creator of Heaven and Earth.
Isaiah 40:12, ” Who has measured the waters in the hollow of His hand,
Measured heaven with a span
And calculated the dust of the earth in a measure?
Weighed the mountains in scales
And the hills in a balance? “
I was feeling a strong urge to pray. I was about to cook but I felt a strong urge to pray. I was still doing something so I thought, “Let me just finish what am doing and I’ll pray in a few minutes,” but the urge to pray just started getting stronger and stronger and I felt a great emptiness in my heart. In a flash, I saw a vision and in this vision, I saw a great hand, so big, beckoning me to come. I suddenly felt in my heart, “God is calling me! ” Immediately I felt that, I felt a great longing. My heart started to beat faster and I felt a great longing. I literally kind of ran to go and pray. I immediately stopped what I was doing and went to pray.
I was there in the presence of God and I could feel the warmth of His presence. The warmth of the Lord is not like the warmth of the heat of the stove or the heat of the sun. Its a Holy warmth. Its something hard to explain but when you are in God’s presence, you feel the warmth of His love and presence.
I was not seeing Jesus but I felt as if He was standing right in front of me. His presence was so real.
I didn’t feel like directly starting to pray and I decided to sing a song before starting to pray. I was singing the song “There is none like you” and then I began to see in a vision, the throne of the Most High God! Our Father. I kept quiet. He was looking so Great! I didn’t know what to do Whether to sing or pray. I just didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to do to please the Father.
Then I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Sing the song, be magnified. ” I was amazed. The Holy Spirit is indeed the one who teaches us all things and even teaches us how to worship God in truth and in Spirit.
We tend to reduce God. We think He too is human like us and like He thinks in the same way like us, but the truth is that God is the one who created us and is also the creator of the whole Universe!
He spoke everything into existence. The God who can create a creature called a human being with intellect and will must be a great great God! The one who created trees, creatures of the sea, animals and everything else and in innumerable varieties must be an incredibly HUGE God! God is not human but a supernatural King. The King and creator of all that exists, both seen and unseen. He was there even before time started to exist and will be there even when time has ended. He has no creator but He was ALWAYS been in existence, with no beginning and no end.
When we human beings think of how that is possible, to have never began but to have always existed, we scratch our heads and think, “how is that possible? ” For something to exist, we are accustomed that then there was a time when it began to exist. But God has always existed and never had a time when He STARTED to exist and there will be no time when He will stop to exist! How Great and unfathomable is our God!
I was singing this song, ‘be magnified as the Holy Spirit had told me and I began to realise how Great God is! ‘ The Lyrics of the song begin, “I have made you so small in my eyes, oh Lord forgive me….. “
As I was singing the song, I was caught up in a vision and began to see how Great God is! I saw God on His throne and I saw His hand, it was full of splendid light! He stretched out His hand of light and picked up a demon. This demon was here on earth. He picked it up just as easily as you do when you pick up a pen from the floor. It was just as if the demon was on the floor. Imagine sitting on a chair and then bending down to pick a pen that is on the floor. That is how easily He did it. Earth was not too far for Him. It was just as it is written, “Heaven is your throne and Earth is your footstool. ” Our God is Great!
He picked it up and held it between His thumb and index finger. He told me, “Look, this is how small the demons you fear are to me. “
This demon was a demon hiding in human like flesh. It looked like a young lady, but it was a demon from the pit of hell hiding in disguise that looks like our human bodies. The Lord was again showing that the demons here on earth in human disguise are 100% the same ones who come from hell and that’s one He picked this one and not one which was operating from hell, to show that they are the same ones. Same demons, different mission. The demon was totally powerless and flang its hands from side to side to no avail. It was just like if you hold an insect, it can struggle with all its might but it can’t escape from your hand because its so small! The demons are so small. They are just created beings who are now evil spirits due to their rebellion. Who has more power. The Creator or the created?
Satan lies to so many people that
he is all powerful but during our first encounter of Hell, the Lord told my sister and I that Satan is just a little flea. A flea is such a terribly small thing!
The Lord exposed his powerlessness to us. We saw Satan looking like a rat. The rat was running to and fro looking for where to hide! he was looking like a rat which is in an open space and is desperately looking for somewhere it can hide. Satan is a liar. He has made people have false impressions as if he is so powerful and someone to fear. Fear God alone. When you believe Satan’s lies, he defeats you mentally. He makes you feel as if you are already defeated when you’re not. He THRIVES on lies and FALSE IMPRESSIONS. Trust in God.
When I saw the Greatness of God, I saw that the verse which says, “I AM AND THERE IS NONE BESIDE ME ” is so true! He alone is God and He alone is worthy of Honor and Glory!
Satan is the opposite of Angels and not the opposite of God. God has no opposite. That is why even in the rebellion in heaven, God did not fight with the devil and his followers but Satan fought with Michael and His Angels, and they prevailed against him. Satan is under your feet. Subdue Him. As long as you belong to God, your victory over Him is guaranteed.
The Lord reminded me of something He had told me some time ago. He said again, ” The demons you fear are nothing. Even hell is so small to me. I can just snap my fingers once and the whole of Hell crumbles to pieces and is not left standing! ” Standing in the presence of God, I literally felt like like nothing. I felt like A worm, and yet we are His most beloved.

Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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