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Rachael Mushala: God’s Warning Against Jewelry, Trousers, and Hair Attachments



Testimony of HELL & WARNINGS of The LORD Rachael Mushala (Please Watch and Prepare for the coming of the Lord)

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The Lord Jesus said, “Apostasy has gone out into the world. Many false prophets have gone out into the world teaching doctrines from hell and leading many souls to hell. You must be careful and not follow miracles. Didn’t I warn you in My Word that these false prophets would come? And now they are here, preaching only about prosperity and never condemning sin. All preachers talk about now is prosperity and money, but what is money if your soul burns in hell? Didn’t I say to sell all you have and give the money to the poor and then follow Me? Money is the root of all evil. Don’t be allured by it. It is what has allured many preachers. All they care about is filling their pockets and filling their churches, but they never preach repentance. I know that while you are on earth you are going to need money, and I will provide you with just enough. The rest of your treasures will be in heaven, safe. All the riches you long for will be stored up in heaven where moths cannot destroy. This earth is going to be destroyed with fire, and nothing will be left standing.”

He said, “My heart aches at all the souls being led to hell by false prophets. They are the majority; very few pastors preach My Word. Very few preach repentance. It doesn’t matter if they have many followers or they perform miracles. Even satan can perform miracles. Do not follow miracles. That is why I said in My Word that many will come to Me on the last day and say, “We performed miracles in Your name,” but I will reply, “I do not know you.  Read more about Rachael’s Testimony 

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  1. Blessing

    July 4, 2016 at 7:33 pm

    Dear Beloveth, I believed all these testimonies & revelation. But am lost, weak & helpless. At times It seems to me that my salvation not genuine. I want to make heaven……..what do i do? Please help if you can.

    • Zachariah Moses

      July 9, 2016 at 8:24 pm

      Believe , for the grace has been made free for you to make it in Heaven. With God, it is possible

  2. Motsanaphe

    December 2, 2016 at 11:22 pm

    Hi i have a question regarding tithe. I would like to know if we pay 10 % of our gross or nett salaries. One once told me you can pay 10% of your nett and then when you go for pension you will still be paying it but if you pay according to your gross you will not be paying anymore, therefore, another question arises whereby i ask myself that when you paying according to nett if you die before you reach your pension, what will happen? Am i not robbing God by not bringing the whole 10%. I wish i could get a lesson on that. Some are saying the amount that gets into your bank account as salary, you take the 10% of that.These things are not taught in church. Thank you and God bless.

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