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Matthew 24:24 "For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive,if possible,even the elect."
The Lord showed me a vision of how Satan has inflicted many true pastors with the spirit of fear and the spirit of intimidation.
I saw a Pastor who had a very small Church. He preached the true word of God but when he compared himself to the so called 'major prophets' of these days,he was filled with envy. I saw him peeping through a window watching one of these 'major prophets' preaching. This same preacher was dressed in white from head to toe and was standing on a raised platform. I could hear him preaching saying, "You will prosper this year, a house is your portion, a car is your portion,this is your year of victory. Anyone sitting on your money will catch fire" etc. He was sweating and screaming in a hoarse voice on the microphone and even jumping up and down speaking in tongues. The huge crowd kept shouting "Amen!" The crowd was also excited and some were jumping up and down while some were waving clothes in the air. The pianist was also playing the piano and there was great excitement. I saw that after that, it was prophecy hour and prophecies,great miracles great healings were being done.
I noticed that however,everyone in this church looked worldly. Some men had dreadlocks, the women had wigs on their heads, painted lips,earrings,cleavages and long faked painted nails. Some women were even wearing trousers.
I saw this Pastor watching all this through a window and I saw him literally shaking with fear. His teeth were even shaking and his hands were trembling. I saw that he was filled with so much envy that he and others pastors who were just like him went to seek for spiritual advice from the same major prophet. They wanted to know how he did the miracles and got such a great crowd in his church. Unfortunately, they found that this 'major prophet' got his power from evil altars but I saw that if after learning all this,the pastors did not care but wanted the power any way. They had been filled with so much envy.
I saw one particular who was so greedy for this power that he ran out of were to put the charms. He stuffed some into his shirt,his pockets and carried some on the shirt that he was wearing by folding it. He even stuffed some into his mouth! He wore some on his body because he did not want to leave any behind. He put bracelets upon bracelets on his hands and earrings on his ears.There were beads, golden rings,bracelets and charms of all types.
The Lord also told me told me that very soon,wearing earrings either on one ear or both ears will become a fashion among pastors. He said that any one who will be wearing these uses satanic powers just like anyone who is using bracelets of any that in their Church right now. They have given these bracelets all kind of names to make them seem innocent such as T.B Joshua's 'faith' bracelet but they are from evil altars and they give these pastors satanic powers. Nowhere is it written in the bible that we should wear bracelets. We show our faith by our actions. The Lord said it will be the same with these earrings. They may give them all sorts of names to make them 'fit' within the boundaries of God's word e.g earring of blessing but they are evil and are used for Satanic powers.

The Lord Jesus Christ told me that the devil has filled true Pastors with the spirit of fear such that,they are even scared of preaching the truth. He said that many pastors today have abandoned preaching the true word of God and have joined the queue of prosperity preachers all in the name of gaining popularity and getting huge crowds. The Lord said that many of His pastors are now walking in the broad way of prosperity preaching. Come back to the narrow path and preach repentance and salvation of souls! There are spells which have been cast and now, real preachers feel an urge of joining what the crowd is
doing. He said that they are now seeing preaching about sin and repentance as old fashioned.
The Lord Jesus Christ said, "These pastors are not experiencing my power in their churches because they are religious and have abandoned seeking me. They have abandoned prayer and fastings. All they do is the same routine week after week on church days and they do not want to be led by the Holy Spirit. Some do not even fast once in a year! You need to fast as an individual and you need to fast as a church. You also need to seek me as an individual but you also need to seek me a Church. When you are seeking me when you are alone,that is called a personal relationship but when you are seeking me as a church,that is called fellowship. Remember that where two or three are gathered, I am there. That is fellowship with one another and with the Holy Spirit."

He said, "He said,tell my pastors to pray and I will use them in such a great way that even the same devil they are running to will marvel. Tell my people that if they run to and fro looking for power,they will just end up getting initiated. In my word I have said, 'these signs will follow those who believe (Mark 16:17-18). I did not say those who believe will follow these signs. If they do what is opposite from my word,they will find the devil with wide open arms ready to give then the power that they are so greedy for but afterwards, he will cast them into Hell fire. My power on the other hands has got no regrets and brings everlasting joy. If they seek me,I will use them in such a great way that even the devil will be unable to imitate that power."

These are the words of the Lord. Time after time,the Lords speaks to us but the question is do we just hear and forget or just hear and agree in our hearts? Do we act upon it?


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