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Divine Revelations

some months ago we were praying when suddenly i felt the presence of God n He started giving my sister n i messages. i ll just share sum of the things He told us,



He said",am coming soon, my coming will not be delayed anymor, but the question is will u(his church) b ready? because am only coming for a holy people.ryt now the door is open but very soon it ll close."

He is concerned at the way the gospel has been compromised due to the prosperity gospelHe said many preachers do not teach repentance but only talk bout how God is goin to bless people.the prosperity gospel is leading many to hell. He said prosperity gospel praechers r one of the reasons why many christians hv ended up in hell, they go to church but repentance is not praeched to them,The Lord said "all the(prosperity) pastors care about is filling their churches n filling their pockets,they dnt care about the souls that are lost". *

The anti- Christ will soon be here n he ll do many blasphemous things but The Lord is going to crush him. The Lord said, " He already has many followers, he ll arise n many more ll follow him because they ll not know he is the one"

The Lord also said christians shud be bold enaf to warn people when they r in sin n not b afraid of the persecution. " u must know iam with you"(christians) must always remember that his love is much purer than gold n ll mek up for all the love all those ppl who hate them for speakin the truth wud ve given them." if you trully love them wud u watch them walk into death and not say anything becoz u r afraid of their reaction?
"He said we ( christians) hv bin called to holliness n we must b differnt from the world,that He only wants wats best for us, he wants us to b ready wen he comes. *

He said, " u don't know how glorious heaven is, ur human minds r too small to comprehend it.i left glorious heaven to walk on this filthy earth to come n die for u, becoz of how much i love u, do u love me that much too?u don't know how much pain u cause me wen u walk away from me n choose the things of the world,if u knew u wudnt do it"( i cud tell the hear of the Lord was in rael pain wen he said this).

The Lord also told me, many people say there is no hell bcoz God is a merciful God. He said , how can they talk about my justice wen they ve never even known my holiness?He said this world ll b destroyed in flames n NOTHIN ll b left standin.i shared this for ur benefit *

."Apostacy is in the world, many false praechers are gone out to deceive many,but my word remains the same, it does not change, that is why u must believe only what my word says."

Another important thing The Lord said is that we must stay away from adictions of any kind because he wants to be the first in our lives.

The Lord told us sercular Television is a huge trap the devil has set in leading many to hell,the same with sercular music.
He also told us how many movies(sumtimes "christian") are actually made in hell; inspired by satan n acted by his agents..there are some movies that are writen by satan himself.even some so called christian programmes r not rili christain, the "christianity" is only a facade in these movies.

The Lord told us how even many cartoons are from the pits of hell( they may seem inocent but its the truth).He told us how many other things r also from hell, i wont discuss it now but ll do so at the ryt tym wen The Lord allows.

The Lord also warned us about pride,he said christians should never EVER try to take the glory from God when he uses them in any way becoz thats somethin He ll never share.

i only shared this for the gud of anyone who reads it, the decision to believe it or not is urs to make…

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