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Setting Your Prayer Life Ablaze

When your prayer life is intensified,you experience the power of God on a whole different level that can not be understood by the carnal man and the devil’s lies are silenced.



I was caught up in a vision of the Lord and I saw Jesus standing on a high cliff. The sky around him was red as if at sunset and the verse in Zachariah 14:7 flashed in my head,”At the evening time,there shall be light.”Jesus is the light in this dark hour and he wants us to be the the same. Even as the bible says that a city on a Hill can not be hidden. When I saw the Lord I suddenly knew as if for the first time that he is God! Many times we think of the risen Christ as being a person like us but when I saw him,I knew there was not one inch of humanity in the risen Christ. He is totally God!Even as the bible says that Flesh and blood can not inherit the Kingdom of God. All humanity died with him on the cross. When I saw him there,I just knew that he is all powerful and great!

It,was as if something was being communicated to me but no words were being used. I knew he had come to tell me about prayer and that is why his mighty power had been brought to my attention. I was standing a distance from him in the spiritual realm and I cried out to him,”You must increase and I must decrease!” After I said that,I felt the power of God 3 times like jolts of lightening in my body and the Lord said,”The more time you spend in prayer,the more I increase.”

The Lord said he wants to be the centre in all of our lives. He wants to overflow so much in our lives even as John 7:38 says,”He that believes in me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” That living water is the Holy Spirit. The Lord wants to overflow in your life if you develop a strong prayer life with him.

When your prayer life is intensified,you experience the power of God on a whole different level that can not be understood by the carnal man and the devil’s lies are silenced.
The Lord said he wants us to stop living on earth. We can be on earth physically but he doesn’t want us to be on earth spiritually. He wants us to go high up in the Spirit. Here physically but sitted in heavenly places with Christ spiritually because of our prayer life which is on fire. All this can happen if we pray. The Lord should become our addiction.

We should be hungry for his presence like he is the last food we have in a raging war. We can ask him to make us so for it is humanly impossible.
The Lord is able to fill our lives so much that he is no longer a part of us but we become a part of him. The more you pray,the more Christ increases such that we will only be a small element inside him. That is why Paul the Apostle was able to say,”It is no longer I that lives but Christ” When people look at you,they will not see you but Jesus,when the enemy tries to find you,you will be hidden in Christ and he will not be able to find you. We will be a part of him even as he desired by saying,”Father,I pray that I may be one with you and they may be one with me” The more time we spend in prayer,reading his word and doing his work,the more this becomes a reality. Jesus Christ wants a relationship with his children where he is more real to them than anything they see with their physical eyes.”

Interceding for Others

Then something happened that I have never seen happen before. As I looked,the Lord became transparent and I could see inside of him!He was so full of light and I saw something that in my explanation resembled large gift boxes inside of him. As I was about to ask him what these were,I saw an explanation. I saw the explanation literally and it flew towards me like a bird. The explanation was white in colour. The things of the Spirit are so amazing and the Lord is so wonderful and interesting!
When it reached me,it hit me on my head softly and faded like a puff of smoke. Then I knew the meaning. What I was seeing in the Lord were mercy, loving kindness,Holiness,marvelous ,greatness etc. All these things are the elements of the Lord. They looked tangible. It was as if you could touch the mercy,you could touch loving the kindness. This is because I could literally see them in him! That is the personality of our God.

As I looked,the loving kindness burst and began to flow out of him like pure white sparkly milk. The Lord is a mystery and we learn him everyday. The loving kindness began to flow to the earth and I saw it flooding cities,the streets,cars,building and wherever there were people. I immediately knew that he was showing me how he feels towards humanity. The Lord does not hate one human being nor does he wish for any single person to perish. He wants them to repent and get to know him. He wants them to go to heaven when they die or to be raptured should he come now. The bible says,”I know the thoughts I have for you,thoughts of peace and not of evil”

The devil is the one who makes people think that God wants to destroy them and that God is looking for an opportunity to harm them or throw them to Hell. God is ever looking for a chance to save and not to harm. That is why he wants us to pray for the lost. To intercede daily like it is our own child,or Father or Mother who is perishing. He instructs us in the bible to love even as he has loved us.
Then I also saw mercy burst and start to overflow out of the Lord. I saw a young girl sitting in a living room. The mercy was flowing straight to her and when it touched her feet,he leaped up and started praising the Lord shouting,”Am saved! Am saved!” People had been interceding for her to get saved. We should never stop praying for others because the Lord answers prayer. It is by his mercy that we are saved. For us to be saved now,someone around the world was interceding for the lost to be saved. Let us do the same.


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