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Holiness & Rapture

Vision of the Rapture

The whole vision was so real that even when it ended I still didn’t realize it was a vision. When I came back to normal,I couldn’t believe it was a vision.



In a vision,I saw myself taking a nap in the afternoon after lunch and as I slept suddenly,the rapture happened and I found myself left behind!I just woke up to find that the rapture had happened and I was left behind.The earth was no longer the way it looks.Even the weather had changed.It was total chaos everywhere. I was so frightened that I couldn’t stay in one place. So much fear came upon me and I found myself running. Everyone else was also running. I saw planes falling to the ground .

The whole atmosphere had changed . It looked dark and yet it wasn’t yet night time.As we were running,i heard the people I was running with describing what they saw.They said they saw a bright light in the eastern part of the sky and the light had a suction force that caught up the people who were ready and away they went.It happened so fast that I couldn’t see it because I was sleeping but the impact was so powerful that It woke me up.Everyone knew what had happened and that they had missed the rapture. They were so scared for what would happen to them next.

That’s why everyone was running. And then ,I saw something that shocked me, people who looked like Catholic priests chasing us with something that looked like food.It was like they were in charge of it or something like that.But I could tell it was evil food.I was panicking.There was no peace and hope everywhere I went .I was running and crying. And then the vision ended. The whole vision was so real that even when it ended I still didn’t realize it was a vision. When I came back to normal,I couldn’t believe it was a vision. I actually thought the rapture had happened.I was still crying and then I started calling people I know to see if they have been caught up or not.Then I realized God was ringing a warning bell.I was so grateful and in tears I started praying and rededicating my life to God.And then God reminded me of a time in 2013 when I asked pastor Pervious to pray for me because he saw a vision that I had gone to hell.When he was praying,i remember he mentioned these words in declaration “the Lord will sound a warning bell when you move out of the way” and this was the warning bell.

In another vision,i saw the universe from above. I instantly became aware that God is now fade up of all the evil that was happening in the world and that He has decided to put an end to it.It was a very scary vision.

Again I saw Christians in a room.I was with them and then the holy spirit was about take off to heaven. It was required for everyone of us to hold His hands and to never let go.It was like when it is time,He would just take off and whoever was still holding on to Him would be raptured. This reminds me of a certain man of God who fell so deep in love with Jesus and he cried out to Jesus to never let him go.Jesus answered him “IF YOU KEEP ME,I WILL KEEP YOU” brothers and sisters .It is our job to keep holding on to holiness (JESUS) for He never forces Himself or His will on anyone. God bless you and grant you grace to be ready.

Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God