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Rapture Dream Given to Rachael

God hates the appearance of evil…search your heart!



This morning ( December 18) I had a scary supernatural dream (vision of the night) warning from Jesus about His coming. In the dream,I saw a lady who dearly loved the Lord. She walked in holiness in the fear of the Lord and was prayerful. Although she was married, I saw that another man was sent by satan to distract her walk with God. She was unaware of this but suddenly this man would ensure he availed himself at all the places the lady usually went and he made it look like an accident. He then began trying to get close to her,chatting with her whenever he saw her.


The man’s intentions were clear through his actions though he didn’t verbally state them yet,and the lady knew the man was after her. She however remembered the warning of how much God hates adultery and determined within her heart to never give in to what the man wanted. However,the man kept trying to get close to her. Sitting next to her and chatting with her at every opportunity, and despite her knowing the man’s intentions, she tolerated him and thought to herself that she would just ‘be friends’ with the man and that she would never allow it to exceed that. As time went by,I saw that the man kept trying his best to get close to this lady with the intention of having an adulterous relationship with her.


Then I saw a scene were the lady was walking home in the night. It was as if there was a power outage because it was dark everywhere in her neighborhood and a torch was needed to be able to see well. I saw that very man coming from a nearby place coming to join the road she was in but when she saw him,she decided to avoid him and not tolerate him anymore because of the intentions he had. She ran to a nearby building and hid there. She peeped through a space in the wall to check if he was gone and when he was gone she came out of her hiding and proceeded on her way. It was at this point that I noticed she was carrying a torch but she had switched it off.

At the same time,she noticed her torch was off and she switched it on again but immediately she switched it on,she noticed that Jesus had come and she was left behind!! Then I saw how the rapture had happened in the middle of the night when it was dark everywhere. I saw people walking about on the streets but I also remember seeing a few who had lit torches and were using them to see. Although it was night,people were so busy and went about their business in the dark. Then suddenly I saw Jesus in the sky,He stood on a very bright cloud in the sky and people vanished from the earth! It happened so fast.


And all this happened before the lady decided to flee from this man who wanted an adulterous relationship with her. She was shocked and wondered why she was left behind because according to her she thought she was living a holy life and nothing had happened between her and the man! But immediately she said this,I heard Jesus speak from heaven. He told her,”when I came,I found that you had switched off your light therefore you were invisible to me in the dark.” “You knew the intentions of that man was to lead you to commit adultery with him and yet you still tolerated him and you decided to be ‘just friends’ with him instead of fleeing from him.By the time you decided to flee from him it was too late, I had already come,I found your light switched off.”


Then I woke up and I was very surprised and I tried to remember the scenes in the dream to see if the woman had eventually committed adultery but I couldn’t remember any. Immediately God gave me two verses; 1 Thessalonians 5:22 (KJV) “Abstain from ALL APPEARANCE OF EVIL” 1 Corinthians 6:18(KJV) ” Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.” ~ END of the dream~

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