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Preachers Neglecting Sinners

On the road to Hell,there was also a sound like that of music and the people were laughing, dancing, drinking and making merry while walking to Hell.



Mark 2:16-17 “When the teachers of the law who were Pharisees saw him eating with the sinners and tax collectors, they asked his disciples: “Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?
On hearing this, Jesus said to them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

The Lord showed me people going to Hell because people who knew the truth preferred not to preach to them. Rather they went and preached to those who already knew the truth and constantly gave them as an example of sinners but never preached to them.

The Lord showed me the roads leading to Heaven and Hell. One went this way,the other went that way. The road to hell was highly populated but I saw the road to Heaven empty. The time the Lord showed me this, no one was going to Heaven but a lot of people were walking to Hell in a mass. The road to heaven appeared so small and rocky but I saw that it was illuminated with white light but it was empty. The light of the gospel.

On the road to Hell,there was also a sound like that of music and the people were laughing, dancing, drinking and making merry while walking to Hell. I saw a large furnace ahead of them and it was releasing thick black smoke but no one seemed to notice. They were too busy celebrating.
I saw two big fat demons standing blocking the way leading to Heaven. They were blocking the way to make sure that no one would see it but only see the road leading to Hell. One of the two fat demons was holding a cross in its hand. Then I realized that these demons had deceived the people while they were alive on earth. These demons had deceived the people to believe that they were right in what they were doing. They convinced them that they could sin in all sorts of ways and still be saved by going to Church once in a while. That is why it was holding that cross. The people were also deceived and they thought they were going to Heaven. That is why they were celebrating and unaware.

They were convinced with all their hearts that were going to Heaven. They did not know that Hell awaited them and what they did on Earth,they must continue to do in Hell. All their drunkenness, all their worldly dances etc. They were dancing to worldly music while on Earth, and in Hell they will continue to do so in torment.

The truth was not preached to these people in their Churches. No one ever told them to turn from those wicked ways. People take it for granted that all these things are obvious sins and so no one talks about them. People who are supposed to show them the light judge them, look down upon them and call them sinners. Instead of telling them about their sin,they laugh at how they are deceived and under the rule of the devil. People talk about how glad they are that they no longer partake in the evil of the world but do they preach to others still trapped?

The so called Evangelists of God insist on preaching the word to those who already know the Lord and neglect those in need. But Jesus said he who is not sick has no need of a doctor.He came to save those who are in sin. Brethren,we need to change our approach in Evangelism and doing the work of the Lord that we may not be found partial.

We should know that the most important thing to God is Evangelism in truth and in love. Not out of being forced to do so. We may give money to those in need but if we don’t preach Jesus to them, that help is of no effect because it is temporal. It is no use give a 100 dollars to a beggar if he is going to burn in hell for all eternity.

He may be satisfied today but he will hunger for eternity in Hell. It is no use spending time chatting about things of this life with our friends, if we do not tell them the word of God because hey will hate us for eternity when they are in Hell, for we knew the truth but did not tell them.

It is no use to bath and dress up now and be without Christ, because they will rot and stink for eternity in Hell. Christ first,then everything will follow. Let us pray that the Lord will give us a heart like his that aches for souls. Let us think in terms of eternity and not in terms of this perishable life we have here. Let us walk by Faith and not by what we see. Let us see eternity and not this passing world.

For like a flower that blossoms and then withers in the evening,so can our lives end at any minute. Hell is a very serious matter, even this second, some more are landing there,never to know peace or rest. Let us Evangelise with sincere zeal from the Lord.
A life lived without Christ was worth nothing at all.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Susan

    August 13, 2016 at 1:26 pm

    Praise God . I’m Susan from Abudhabi. N I’m blessed by your testimonies. I used to read them alot on Facebook before but something happened and we can’t seem to connect or see some of you servants of the Most High on fb anymore. Pray for me that God will use me as His watch man over here for the glory of His name. Love you all n stay blessed.

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