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The Lord said there are many are many pastors, evangelists, prophets, and apostles in this place (in the heart of hell).
I heard the voice of a man yelling out,” father, father, get me out of this place. I can’t stand being here any longer.”
The Lord told me, ”he was a pastor.” This man stood there pretending to be holding a bible.
The man in hell was preaching, “Repent, repent brethren, church of Christ you must repent”
I asked,” why is he preaching here Lord?”
The Lord said, ”what people did on earth they continue to do in this place”
When I saw this I began to cry, I asked ,”why is he here? if he was a pastor why is he in this place?”
I was shown his life on earth as a screen appeared before me, the Lord said, ”on earth he was a respecter of persons. He showed partiality to people of different classes in my holy place. Showing partiality is a sin. He preached many times from the pulpit while showing partiality towards people of wealth,towards people he thought were upper class. Those people had money, but they did not fear my word. He showed partiality towards people who did not have Godly fear in their hearts. Many people wanted to serve me and be a part of his church but he did not allow them to participate.This pastor bever repented from showing partiality.because of this sin, many people never came to me and that is why he is in this place.”
He looked at Jesus and said, “father take me out of this place, I don’t want to sin anymore,give me another chance”
The Lord said,”there are no more opportunities for you, you are far too late.”

We moved on to a different location. At this location, I saw a woman in front of me.
The woman said,”I can’t stand this anymore, I can’t bear it anymore.Lord help me!”
This woman served God for many years while she was still on earth.After this life, you don’t get credit for how many years you knew the Lord.
We only inherit salvation by serving God with all of our hearts and living our lives in his will.this woman knew God’s word.She had evn preached God’s word.But she was in hell for the sin of adultery.
This is what made this extremely sad and tormenting for me.In hell she was being tormented by snakes in a similar manner in which prostitutes are tormented.
She would tell the evil spirits,”I am a pastor’s wife, don’t touch me, don’t do this to me.”The demons tortured her anyway.
The Lord said, “on earth she had been a pastor’s wife, who preached God’s word.She had children as well, but this did not keep her from infidelity to her husband.”
We moved on to another location,I heard a young man yelling,”Lord,help me! Help me Lord!”
The young man who was yelling had been an evangelist on earth.He committed the sin of fornication a multitude of times.
As I walked away from that young man, flames engulfed him and he continued to be heart ached for him.
I went on to another place where there was a pastor burning in torment.this man was holding his hand in a manner in which he seemed to be drinking an alcoholic drink.He was acting drunk.
I thought,” a drunk pastor in hell?”
He had been a hypocrite on earth.This man had pastored a large congregation with multitude of members.The Lord revealed to me that not only gad he been a drunk, but he had also been a liar, and adulterer.
Next to this man was a demon who appeared to him in form of a woman.
‘in hell he continued to be a drunk and an adulterer with that demon who tortured him.
The man told me,” I was a pastor, I preached God’s word, but I didn’t live God’d word.i would get drunk and also cheated on my wife”
I never repented of my sinful ways.
The pastor told me,”you must warn people not to come to this place, please you must warn churches to escape the flames of hell”
The lord showed me a huge screen showing Part of this man’s life.on earth he would preach while his wife was with him supporting his ministry.he was wealthy and prosperous, but you know what?in hell he no longer had opportunities of salvation.for all eternity,all he owned was eternal torment.

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