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In a vision last week I found myself with a woman of God greatly used by the Lord.
We stood outside my house,on the verandah.
Then I noticed that it was raining heavily.
When the rain was gone,I saw that water had collected in places where there where depressions on the ground but the water looked brownish because it was muddy.
The woman of God I was with then told me,"this is the water we draw and use where I come from," pointing at the muddy water on the ground.
I was shocked and so I asked her,"you use this muddy water?"
She said,"yes,we collect this water and use it."
I was shocked to hear this and wondered why people wouldn't collect clean water while it was raining but preferred to wait for the water to reach the ground and get muddy then that's when they would collect it.
Then God told me,"It is because they have rejected my truth about holiness, they don't want to get the direct truth from the Holy Spirit but wait for it to be contaminated by human opinions and doctrines.
The lady God used as an example in this vision is mightily used by the Lord.
She operates in the gifts of the Holy Spirit but has chosen what to pick and not to pick about God's holiness, rejecting that Jesus cares even about outward holiness of not adorning ourselves with wigs, jewelry, painting etc.
That is why God said she waited for the water being poured out from heaven to get contaminated before she could use it.
This is an important lesson,just because God is using you doesn't mean He approves of your painting.
Because God shows you visions doesn't mean He approves of your jewelry.
Because God gives you prophecies that come to pass doesn't mean He approves of you (a woman) wearing trousers.
Jesus cares about your heart and He also cares about how you look outside because you are His Holy temple and He wants you to present your body as a HOLY sacrifice.
Even when you are not right with God,He can keep using you because God's gifts and callings are without repentance but on the day you leave this earth its not your gift that will matter,its whether or not you lived a holy life.
Jesus is so generous with gifts of the Holy Spirit,but again Jesus Christ is SO HOLY He can't stand sin.
One of His names is HOLY.
HOLINESS is Jesus and cannot be separated from Him.
Repent now for the Lord is ready to receive you.
#Be ready #Be a Spotless bride #White as snow

Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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