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Never Go to Hell

Many people tend to think demons have some sympathy towards humans. Today you should know that their greatest joy comes from seeing you in pain



In all eternity,the worst mistake a human being can ever make is landing up in hell.

Today,the Lord showed me the hatred of demons for the human race.Many people tend to think demons have some sympathy towards humans. Today you should know that their greatest joy comes from seeing you in pain.The more pain you are in,the happier they are.They are unimaginable beasts.
The place the Lord showed me was not in hell but was actually the devil’s kingdom here on earth.
I saw a demon roasting human hands on a barbeque.He had cut the people from the elbow and had put the part which had the hands and fingers on the barbeque.He was even using a thong to turn them as they roasted.When I looked,I even saw that some hands were fat as the owners had been fat.It moved me because these were human hands.He was taking pleasure in everything.

The other demons were waiting for him to finish roasting.When it was done,they all began to devour it while laughing.One demon even gave him 3 coins and said,

“thanx for the meat,but that’s all its worth to me,hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

He was not really buying it because they were all eating the meat together for free. He was just trying to mock and show how much he despised humans.To him,it was worth that little.
Then the Lord showed me another scene.I saw a demon but when I looked at it,it did not look harmful.It had the characteristics of a female and it had put on earrings and make up.When it saw me,it smiled at me.Then I thought,surely this demon can not be harmful.But right before my eyes,the demon changed and became aggressive.

The kind look and smile was just to deceive me.Then I remembered the verse which says ‘Beware,for the devil comes as an Angel of light.’ 2 Corinthians 11:14.
Right before my eyes,this demon lifted up a small baby with one hand.The baby was wrapped in blankets and was even crying.Then it got the baby and put it in a hot pan of cooking oil on the stove and began to fry it alive and even turning it from side to side.I was left perplexed.It was not moved an inch with mercy but instead got joy out of that.God can have mercy on you but demons can never ever have mercy on a human being.

Then Jesus showed me people watching Television.The people I saw were even changing the Television sets to multiple secular Tv channels and laughing.They seemed comfortable.But I saw that evil spirits from the things they were watching were possessing them.After the demons possessed them,they became cold towards anything to do with God.They did not even want to hear anything about God.

Then Jesus told me,

“they are led by Satan who is ruler of this world and is hindering them from receiving salvation. ”
2 Corinthians 4:4.

Then I saw that demons had put spells in many things just in order to blind people from the truth.
Then I looked up in the sky and I saw a demon sitting in the clouds holding a remote control.It was pressing the buttons as it pleased and I saw a huge crowd of people being tuned by this remote control as the demon pleased. Then I remembered the verse which says we fight against princes of the air. Ephesians 6:12.

When it pressed on the remote,people began to engage in all sorts of sin.It had power over them because of the things they were doing in their lives which enabled demons to possess them.So I realised that it was demons which make people who have not yet come to Christ behave in the worldly way.This is because the demons blind them with the motive of taking them to hell.We need to evangelize to the lost and not admire them or even laugh at them.

After the Lord had showed me all this,the devil came to me with his demons.When I looked at him,he was scared and shaken because of what the Lord had revealed to me.However,I saw that he was trying to look brave.He had a paper in his hand and said, “Join us,lets work together” Then I remembered how Jesus rebuked him when he tempted him and said,”it is written,you shall worship only your Lord and God” Matthew 4:9-10.Then he became very furious and said “So you want to expose me? You want to expose my work,I will destroy you” but then called the name of Jesus and he disappeared.

If the devil can be that cruel on earth,imagine going to his territory.Nothing on earth is worth going to hell for.Lets depend only on Jesus and give up the world.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Philip

    July 14, 2016 at 5:17 pm

    True and shocking message. GOD Bless you, Rachel and Zipporah. Shalom.

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