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Hell and Heaven

Michael Jackson and Fornicators in Hell




The Lord showed me a room in Hell and on my way to that room, I saw many other things in Hell. I saw people burning all in one big pit. There were men and women and they were all naked. The Lord brought to my knowledge that they were fornicators. They were all burning like dry wood and their bodies were crumbling and forming heaps of ashes that looked red hot like coals of fire. I saw that their bodies would form again and they would all try to get out of the pit but before they could do that, their hands would fall off from their bodies like branches falling off a burning tree and their legs would soon crumble to pieces and then the rest of their bodies. When their hands were breaking off from their bodies, they would even make a crackling sound like that of trees breaking in fire and red hot   sparks of fire kept shooting out of their bodies. You would not even know that it was human beings burning. Only the screams coming out would tell you that it was humans because they just looked like heaps of burnt wood. I have never for all the times that I have visited Hell seen people burning as terribly as these. The word of God clearly tells us in 1 Corinthians 6:18 tells us to-



I could not visibly see the Lord with me in Hell but I was aware of His presence and He would answer any question I had. I was not afraid because I knew that He was with me. I reached the room the Lord was guiding me to and it was in cells. I was not inside but stood outside and inside, I saw the famous Michael Jackson with dancers behind him. These were not real dancers but demons which had posed as dancers behind him to mock how he used to dance on earth. They had made deeps cuts in his ankles and had only left little skin and bone uncut and they made him twist his legs in all directions just like he used to do on earth. They made him move his legs to this direction and that direction and he was spinning around and could not stop dancing!

He also had a hat on and he was forced to dance the exact way he used to dance on earth, holding his hat and with his fingers between his legs. He also kept moving his neck head and shoulders in one direction and then the other direction in a dance just like he used to do on earth. The demons clothed him in a superman costume and were laughing at how weak and powerless he had become in Hell. They were whipping him and saying, “Worship Satan your Master because you thought you were a Hero on earth.” Then they would bow to him and say “Long live the Great Michael Jackson” and they would laugh, “HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!” and whip him with thick ropes. They got three thick ropes, put them together and flogged him and he would scream greatly.

I also noticed that the cell where he was looked old, rusted and ancient. On the bars of the cell, there was a thick grease of human fat, blood and pieces of human flesh of different people. It was so thick that you could sink your finger in it and it had giant finger dents of demons as they usually open and close the cells to put different people in or out. You could tell the cells had been in operation for a very very long time. Hell is a torture chamber and there is no mercy.

This cell where Michael was had no fire but it so hot that it was red in appearance because of the heat. It was so hot that I saw the veins on his face begin to tighten and then break. When he saw me standing outside, he tried calling out for help but his voice sounded choked because of the heat. It was also faded because they had been forcing him to sing and so, he could not really say anything. He stretched out his hand towards the cell to ask for help but it was like he was tied to that area he was dancing from by invisible ropes because he could only bend up to the waist with his hand stretched out but his legs could not move one inch. Anyone still listening to secular music is headed straight to the same torture of demons for all eternity if they do not repent!

I must say that the devil did not want me to share this message as he attacked me greatly over it both at night and day. When I try to pray, these same demons torturing Michael Jackson would appear to me in skeleton form or in animal form and try to stop me from sharing it. But the Lord is always victorious. Let us all take this message as the mercy of the Lord on us while we are still on earth and warn others of this terrible condemnation while we still have a chance.


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