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Message to the church and Pastors



Message to the church and Pastors

By conrad
My brothers and sisters,You are not called for fame. If you think being called by God will result into fame and people loving and celebrating you, you are dead wrong my brothers and sisters in the lord. You have to be willing to go through pain of rejection, betrayal and hatred from people and even your own family.
If you are a man or woman of God and everyone loves and celebrate your life, then you have great cause to fear. Check your robes and the messages you preach. It means you are off the track; you are off the narrow way. Have you not read a servant is not greater than his master? Mathew 10:24
Remember this; it’s not only the gate (repentance) that is narrow but the path (lifestyle) also. Mathew 7:13-14. Remember also that the cross is heavy which you have to carry every day. Remember Jesus said “if anyone wants to come after me, let him deny himself, take up the cross and follow me”. Mathew 16:24
It’s a life of death to self, to the flesh and its passions and desires. Romans 13:14. It’s a life sentence; you stop living for you self and start living for Jesus. Have you not read that anyone who starts building without counting the cost will fail to finish building? Luke 14:28
Do not seek the praises of men. Have you not read “woe unto you when all men shall speak well of you for so did their fathers to the false prophets? Luke 6:26. Preach the full council of God even if they get angry and stop coming to your church, the lord God who called you will still take care of your needs. You don’t need those people. You are called to please God not man. Galatians 1:10
Walking on the narrow path is a matter of being willing to lose all and out of love and to follow Jesus. Live for him like the disciples did.
In this age, for people to acknowledge you as a great man/woman of God, you have to wear expensive suits, big church with lots of people, loved and celebrated by all people, rich and to preach the global message which has blinded people, PROSPERITY. People don’t want a pastor who preaches against sin.
The bible teaches that the greatest in the kingdom of God is the one who is converted and become like a child, someone who considers himself the least among the brethrens. One who is humble (Luke 9:48, Mathew 23:11) not someone who is proud and seeks the praises of men.
If you take a look at the disciples everyone wishes to be like, which ONE of them was rich? The bible says they left ALL they had and followed Jesus (mark 10:28,luke 5:28) Some left their Jobs, families etc. They followed Jesus not for gain but for the love they had for him and the hope of inheriting eternal salvation.
Look at Jesus himself, he chose to be born not in a royal rich family but a poor one. He grew up in simplicity. Don’t you wonder why they had bribe Judas to show them who Jesus was? If he was dressed in very expensive clothes and looked rich, do you think they’d have a hard time to recognize him? NO! It’s because he was a humble and had a simple personality. Point is Jesus never pursued earthly riches, He never preached PROSPERITY but REPENTANCE from start to finish. he only said God knows what you are in need of but seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all you need will follow you, that’s all. Mathew 6:33. He was hated and persecuted and killed for preaching the full council of God and he told his followers that the same would happen to them, that they’d be hated by all men for his names sake. Mathew 24:9
Let’s also look at the first disciples. They too did not seek the love, praises, acceptance or approval of men but to please God alone. As a result, they were greatly persecuted, insulted, imprisoned and killed for preaching the undiluted word of God. They were not proud but humble. Those who would bow to them they’d stop them and humbly say we too are just men. Acts 10:25-26.Today pastors want to be worshiped and praised.
Let’s look at Paul’s life. He too suffered persecution, betrayal and stoning. Read what he says in 2 corinthians 11:23-33
He was stoned and left for dead, beaten 3 times with rods. By the Jews he received 40 stripes five times for preaching the undiluted word of God but he never gave up. He was abundant in laboring for God, he was imprisoned MANY TIMES. 3 times he suffered ship wreck. He used to move very long distances to preach and as a result he was robbed, starved, thirsty, lacked clothes and endured the cold but never gave up. This is the same Paul who warned us that false prophets will come who will preach messages that suppose godliness is gain (PROSPERTY) .he said from such, withdraw yourself. 1 timothy 6:5. He also said having food and clothes, let us be content. 1 timothy 6:8
The other disciples suffered similar things and were killed all of them except john who died a natural death. and yet in all this the bible says they rejoiced for being counted worthy to surfer shame for Christ. Acts 5:41
Most modern day pastors are not like the first disciples. They love praises of men and are full of pride and are competitive. And you wonder why God still uses them. Jesus is saying “ITS BECAUSE I HONOUR MY WORD, I SAID I ONLY WANT A WILLING HEART. MIRRACLES AND SPIRITUAL GIFTS WON’T SAVE YOU OR ANYONE .YOU CAN BE THE GREATEST PROPHET ON EARTH BUT STILL END UP IN HELL” also read Mathew 7:22
Children of God, of course God wants to bless us, JESUS is saying to you that “I know that you need money here on earth to survive but I’ll only give you what is enough. The rest of your treasures will be stored up in heaven where moths cannot destroy”
God’s blessings come naturally when you live in obedience (read Deuteronomy 30:19 and chapter 28).a pastor or prophet can pray for you but if you continue living in sin, you will never see those blessings. look at the Israelites, all of them received a promise of God that he would take them to the land flowing with milk and honey, so they thought they could live anyhow as long as God had promised and all of them died and only two of them reached (Joshua and caleb) .The rest were the children of those who died.
From whence cometh this global prosperity gospel which has succeeded the great commission? Mark 16:15. From whence cometh these prosperity preachers who claim to be servants of Christ but preach messages that are contrary to what Jesus was preaching, messages that comfort people in their sins? if you claim to be a follower of Christ, preach what Christ preached. 1 john 2:6. Christ preached repentance. Which of the disciples went about only preaching prosperity? Have you not read that sale all you have and give alms? Luke 12:33. Have you not read what shall it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul? Mark 8:36. Don’t be deceived, It’s all about losing not gaining!
The greatest prophet Jesus himself praised (John the Baptist) suffered imprisonment for rebuking sin. Mathew 14:3. Who are you serving? Are you serving the spirit of the AGE/MODERNISATION which speaks from hell or the HOLY SPIRIT? Why are you only preaching messages that make people excited? Why are you scared of warning the people about sin and preaching about holiness? Are you scared they will leave your church and you will have less income? Is it the people who called you for you to desire to please them or God? What profit is there in filling a church with people who won’t go to heaven because they are not being taught the truth about God’s holiness and his fierce hatred for sin? Have you not read without holiness NO MAN WILL SEE THE LORD? Hebrews 12:14
I urge you my brothers and sisters in the lord. Salvation is all about losing not gaining, PLEASE return to the narrow path, aim at pleasing God not man. Preach the full council of the lord before it is too late. Don’t follow other pastors or prophets, follow Jesus. Don’t you know most of these pastors and prophets are not from God but from the devil? Some of them are not even human but demons sent to portray a wrong picture of Christianity all aimed at taking Christians to hell. They do this because they know other innocent pastors will just follow. They are wolves among the sheep.
God bless you.

Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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