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My children, speak the truth. Speak the truth, do not
children are perishing day and night. There are no workers in my
vine my work, for I am watching over my work in
season and out of weather you feel like or you don’t .do
my work and you will not regret it I promise you.
I will watch over you, fear the lord your God who rules over
all the kingdoms of the earth. I have never failed I never will. I do
not not fear the forces of hell, they are nothing to me. Where
are they now? I am the lord.
Am never far away, am always my work and do not fail me.
I am the lord and time is my work like there’s no more my work now! Not my work like there’s no
time now.
For there is no more at all. Can’t you see it? The things I
have told you all, have come to pass now. There is no time now, do
my work everything you can for my service. You will see
your reward. You will see your reward and you will see how gracious
I am, you will see that you will not regret it.
Never, never has anyone ever worked for me and regretted careful, watch and pray. The devil is looking at you right
now. He has set traps in your not fall. Let my word be a
light to guide you, so that you will not fall into the traps.
He will look for every opportunity, therefore, listen to me. Stay with one can save you, only me, only me. Speak everything I have
told you! I am the lord your God and I tell you again, speak it! Do
not be silent. I am the Lord your God! I am shouting, I the lord your
God have shouted it to not be silent, speak it out.
I do not want worldliness in my church!! I will make no exceptions.
Nothing worldly will enter my kingdom! I do not change! I am the
same as I was yesterday. Speak it with your last breath. I will not
accept worldliness, I will not accept those styles from hell! I will not
accept hell into my heaven!
Do you expect me to welcome Satan into my kingdom? Do you
want me to bring up hell into my heaven? I am a holy God, I am a
holy God. I will never accept not fear, do not be intimidated.
For I am with you. Speak that I have told you. Secular T.V, let it stay
away from you! From this day, let me never see any of you watch
those worldly things again! I never want to see you watch those
things again. I am the lord your creator, who greatly, greatly, greatly
loves you and I know why I said not conform to the world. Let
the world conform to me.
For the world cannot enter heaven. Only me can. The world will
never enter heaven, only me. Therefore, let the world conform to
me. Time is up. Time is up. Time is no more. Stop running to the
world and back to me. Because you will see that you will be closed
There is no time at all, how can I make make you understand this?
The things that are awaiting you are much more better. Why do you
hold on to this filth? Why? Why are you holding on to the filth?
When I have so much for you. Why are you holding on to the filth?
To the rotting things full of worms.why? Are they so much more
attractive than all the treasures I have stored up for you? I know
what am talking about because I loved you enough to die for you
isn’t that enough to make you trust me?
The world will pass away, but I will forever you want to
pass away with the world? Be a shining light unto the world. Make
your father proud. Bring joy to your father. The one who loves you
so much. The one who is always there. The one who never
changes. I have said it, those cartoons are from hell! Stop watching
them! Stop entertaining yourselves from hell a place of
entertainment? Is that what you want? Is that what you think is the
best for you? Are you rejecting heaven and accepting hell? For I give
you a choice I do not force. Hell will entertain you today, it will
entertain you but it will punish you severely tomorrow and you will
cry and weep and gnash but it will be hopeless.
Do you think those people in hell are foolish? They were like you!
They were like you! They were like you they knew me! They were
running to the world and to me! They were not all completely in the
world, they prayed like you! They talked about me like you! Why are
they there? Because they were doing what you are doing.
Me one day, the world the next day. Never, it will never work. Death
will catch you unexpectedly. I have no favors, I favor no one. My
justice forever reigns. Whoever dies in sin, hell awaits you. I don’t
care how close you were to me. I don’t care if you used to see me! I
don’t care if I used to use you mightily! If you die in sin, sin cannot
Which one do you choose my children? After I have paid the price
for the way to be cleared for you, the choice is yours. Don’t be
deceived. Everything I have told you is true. Believe me, the lord
your God. I love you. I do not lie, everything I have told you is true. I
have told you, everything is true. Why are you so forgetful? Why are
you so forgetful of what I told you? I told you those cartoons are
from you think I lied? Or do you want to wait until those
same demons torture you? I told you those secular programs are
from hell. Do you think I lied? What would I gain? I am the creator, I
have all. I don’t need to lie to gain anything.
But I told you to save your souls and you do not mercy
endures forever, but my judgment awaits the stubborn. Which one
are you going to be? Are you going to choose the way of
righteousness and peace or the road to hell? It’s up to you now. It’s
all up to you.
I have thrones for you, for you to reign with me forever more. But
why are you rejecting all that? Just for that filthy thing you call
entertainment? Blaspheming my name all day? And you call it
entertainment? Praising the devil and you call it entertainment? Is
that what you are going to choose?
I have spoken to you now, but I tell you the truth, as I speak right
now, Satan listened to everything I said. He will send his demons to
trick you and you will listen again. You will! Because you are not
standing upon my word. Therefore I tell you now. Stand upon my
word and you will overcome .didn’t I tell you in my word that
without me you are nothing? Therefore why don’t you read my word
as if it was the water? Why don’t you read my word as if it was the
water you drink every day? Why isn’t it the food that never leaves
your mouth? I tell you now, because my word isn’t the food that that
leaves your mouth every time, that is the reason why you always
listen to the enemy.
I have offered my help. I have given myself for you. I have died for
you and I have offered to help you. I have offered to help you. Keep
your eyes on me. Let my word never leave your mouth! Read my
word morning, evening, night read my word! Live my word and you
will prosper now and forever more. Don’t be carried away. Don’t
think am delaying in coming. Do not relax and think am not coming.
Because then, you will be taken by surprise.
Do you want to know what will happen when that happens? I tell
you, you don’t want to be part of it. I do not want anyone to be part
of it. Have you ever seen human beings suffering more than
animals? I tell you, you don’t want to be part of it .prepare, prepare
now! Pray without ceasing. Fast! Fast I say. Pray and fast. Preach
my word. Watch and pray. Check your robes every day. It will be
worth it. It will be more than worth it I tell you. The reward will be
more than worth it I tell you.
Do not look down on yourselves. I am your not condemn
yourselves. I know everything am the lord your God. The one who
helps you. Obey me now. Take everything into the sea of no
remembrance. Let your obedience begin now. For it’s not too late.
For the hour is indeed now when I come, I cannot say its tomorrow,
no, I say the hour is now. I come, I come, I come ,tell the world that
I come!
Tell the world that I Jesus Christ the Lord God Almighty who died
for them on the cross of Calvary ,tell them I come again, tell them
am coming, tell them am expecting righteousness from them. Tell
them am expecting righteousness and holiness.
Tell them, fear no one, no, fear no one. I am the Lord God, who is
that man whom you will fear if you do not fear your God? Tell them
this, tell them Jesus Christ of Nazareth said, stop wearing like
prostitutes if you really are my daughters. It breaks my heart to
pieces, tiny pieces. For how long is it going to be? Who has
bewitched you? Who is it? Tell me now!
Tell them I come, but tell them, I require holiness and righteousness
.Tell them, where has the love gone in my church? I will not take a
church without love. Have you never read? Have you not read in
your bibles? The lord God himself is love.why then do you slander
each other in your churches? If it was outside I would tolerate it,but
not in my church! Why? Why is there so much bitterness? Why are
you fighting for positions? Are you really fighting to serve me? Or
are you fighting for fame of men? Let me tell you, you have received
your reward and in full! Running over and poured over you! Nothing
more shall you receive. And you will not enter my kingdom. You will
enter the kingdom of your father the devil. Because I the lord your
God I am love.
Why have you turned my church into a club where you just meet
and make programs? When am I going to make programs for you?
Am I still the owner? Why am I being pushed outside? If I am the
owner. No, I do not own you anymore. You have rebelled against
me. You have rebelled against me. Therefore, if you do not turn
back to me before its too late, I tell you this, only destruction awaits
you. So many of you, so few doing My work in genuinety. What is
happening? Have you lost sight of your creator?
Well then, He is here calling you again to look back and turn back to
Him. His love is unending, have you never heard? Don’t you know
He loves you? His love is unending. Unending. Forever.
But why has your love ended? Are you really like your Father? That
is why I say, you are no longer My children. You are no longer Mine,
unless you return to Me. You keep rejecting My word, you keep
rejecting My messages. Why don’t you seek Me and I will tell you.
Why? Why don’t you seek Me? What are you afraid of? well tell Me
now; what are you afraid of? Are you afraid you are going to find
out it’s the truth? Are you afraid you are going to find out it’s the
truth? And are you afraid you are going to have to preach the truth
and be hated by people? Have you not read a servant is not greater
than the master?
Therefore why are you seeking praises everywhere? Praises that
lead straight to hell? I tell you, that makes no sense. Nothing at
all.Nothing. It makes no sense, no sense to Me your God. Does it
make sense to you?To be praised and die?
There’s so much self -righteousness. So much self-exaltation.
Where will Jesus be exalted if you are the ones exalted? Humble
yourselves before Me and I will exalt you.
I am coming very quickly and My reward is with Me to give to each
man according to his work. How will you be rewarded? See now and
expect it. See now and expect your reward. Now you can change
everything. But when I come it will be too late.
I will accept no reason for anyone who fails to complete their work.
No reason I say, No reason.Was the servant who buried his treasure
in the ground….were his reasons heard? I tell you,for everything I
have given you,I have made the conditions suitable for that.
Therefore, I will accept no laziness from My children. Do My work in
season and out of season. Put yourselves in My shoes, am
watching people fall into hell everyday. Do you know how that feels?
No, you don’t know. You do not understand.
It breaks your heart. You want to bring those people back up to
heaven, but sin cannot enter My Kingdom, I am a Holy God.
Therefore, they must remain where they are.But preach to them.
Preach. Day and night, morning, noon, preach the word, talk about
My judgement, talk about My holiness, talk about My word, talk
about Me. Tell them, tell them, tell them. Speak it out loud. Shout it
on the mountain top. Speak speak speak everywhere. Speak, speak
don’t be silent. Don’t wait for anything, there’s nothing to wait for.
Time is gone.Speak.You are not alone.Time is gone.Speak,Prea
ch.Do not rest.The time of your rest will come.It’s not now, it’s not
yet,no.The harvest is not done.Do not rest.Do not rest.The time of
your rest will come.
And I tell you,it will be restful.I tell you it will be worth it.i tell you,I
tell you, you will be glad you worked so hard.You will be glad,don’t
be tired My children.Dont be tired, No.Do not be tired.Use every
opportunity,tell everybody,tell everyone your King is coming.
Tell them all,let them all know am coming.Let them all know am
Holy.Let them know am Holy.Let them know without holiness no
one will see Me.
Tell them Jesus Christ is a Holy God.Jesus Christ is not a worldly
God.Which Jesus do you have?I tell you,I tell you, I am Holy, I say
this, this is the truth,am Holy,Holy,Holy,Holy is My name!
I want holiness My children,from your hearts,to your mind,to your
speech,to your character,your behavior,your dressing,your
conduct,everything,Holiness.Let holiness clothe you like a robe.I tell
you,don’t be deceived,don’t be deceived,I am the Lord your God
and I say this;without holiness not one person,not one Pastor,not
one Bishop,not one Archbishop,not anybody will see Me.I tell
you,wether they prophesy,wether they heal the sick,wether they
pray, they fast, without holiness no man will see Me.
Therefore I tell you, preach holiness,tell them holiness is
required,before they can prepare in any other way,tell them they just
have to be holy, they just have to be like their creator.From the little
children,little little little children.Am saying,little, did you hear Me?
Do not neglect them.Am telling you,little little children,little little
children,am telling you, Am talking about 4 year olds,tell
them,holiness,3 year olds,holiness,let them grow knowing holiness
is important,is what will get them into My Kingdom.
Tell them, tell the old people,tell everybody,tell the teenagers,tell
everybody;holiness,tell them prosperity(prosperity gospel) will get
them into hell only.Nowhere else,tell them it will only get them into
hell,that’s all.
Tell them it breaks their Father’s heart to see how they keep going
every Sunday,all through the week to church,thinking they are going
to get into heaven,and I see that they are taught nothing of
Me,Nothing,I say Nothing,I tell you,Nothing, I see it, I am the Lord, I
see it,I tell you I see it.I see it in many churches,I see it,I tell you,I
see only tradition, traditions of men, that’s what I see I tell you.And
the people go out, and they think they worshipped God.It breaks My
heart,tradition,religion, recipes for hell only,only,that’s all.
This is the time that Am looking for worshippers who ll worship in
truth and in Spirit,who are led by My Spirit. Because,behold,the
heavens are ready,the heavens are ready to pour out the
Holyspirit,the heavens are ready for that great outpour for anyone
who asks.
But I don’t see people asking,I just see people running to man for
help.I see people running to man,and I ask;will they ever run to their
creator?And I see no,no,no,no,no,no,no,the creator is not even on
their minds.i see you run from one man to another,to another,to
another,to another, prophet,to another prophet,to another
prophet,to another,when will they run to their creator?When will
they run to their God?Is God a shop?Am I a shop where you just
come and get what you want?and you go back to your life?you just
run to a prophet to ask for a blessing?No,I tell you I watch and I do
not answer.I do not answer.i will not be used.
Repent for the time is now.Repent,I tell you right now look around
you.You think everything is perfect,you think everything is
perfect,but I tell you in a split second it will all change,
Repent,Repent,I tell you, let this word never leave your lips;
repent,wether they are angry,repent,shout it louder,repent for the
Kingdom of God is NOW.
Tell them the Master says you will not see Him unless you are
holy.The Master says you will not see Him until you remove your
idols.Tell them the master say He cares about the outward too,or
else I wouldn’t have written it in My word.i do care.How are you
going to shine as the light of the world?Is the world going to look in
your heart?What do you think I meant when I said you are the light
of the world?Is the world going to see your heart and know you are
My child?No.The world is going to see your conduct, and the world
is going to see your dressing.
Many will regret,I tell you many,but it will be too late,many will
regret,I hate to think of the numbers,you don’t know,you don’t
know the numbers.There are Millions upon millions upon millions
upon millions upon millions who are going to reject this,but who are
also going to endup in hell.My heart breaks for them.Why is it?Why
is that?My children don’t you know My voice,can’t you tell it is
Me,your Father?why do you argue so much?Can’t you tell it is from
your Lord?Why do you argue?why is it that you just argue?You
argue and you argue and argue and you argue,stop arguing,stop!st
op arguing and go on your knees,repent for the time is now.
Iam a holy God.Holy,Holy,do you know Holy?It is not partial,it is not
part of your life,it is not your dressing leaving out your character,it
is not you praying,leaving your behavior,it is everything.For on that
day nothing will be hidden, I will see everything,and I already see
everything.The time is now.
Tell the world I love them,I Jesus Christ of Nazareth who died on the
cross of calvary for their sins,tell them I ve prepared a place for
them,to reign with Me as Kings,sons of the Living God.
Tell them I’ve prepared a way of escape from hell.Tell them I invite
them in My love.
Tell them it is I Jesus Christ who sent you.Tell them,tell them if they
reject you they reject Me.Tell them you do not come on your
own.Tell them it is Jesus Christ who walked on this earth
Tell them I am the One,the Great I am.Tell them it is not another
Jesus,it is not another Jesus I tell you the truth.Tell them it is not
another Jesus,tell them it is I.It is I the Lord your God who spoke to
Moses in a burning bush and now I speak to you.Tell them it is I
who parted the red sea who has sent you.Tell them it is I,I who
spoke the world into being.Tell them it is Jehovah their God.Tell
them it is the Great I am.It is not you,No.Tell them the Great I am
has sent you.My sheep will hear My voice.
Peace be unto you My children. I am the Lord your God.I am your
creator.I am Jesus Christ,the One who was crucified for you.I am
the Son of God, and theres no one else but Me.
I go now,Peace, Peace be unto you.Do My work faithfully.Do My
work faithfully.Speak My every word faithfully.And I am with you

Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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  1. Gilbert Munzhelele

    February 24, 2016 at 7:24 am

    Thank You LORD

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  3. Ariel Lopez Sanchez

    February 24, 2016 at 7:32 am

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    February 24, 2016 at 7:33 am

    Danica Dangz Cerilo

  5. Joshua Ojile

    February 24, 2016 at 7:54 am

    This word is not coming from human being.this must be from what do I mean when I said to you that you are the light of this world.will the see your heart?This word is not from not human from God.full of wisdom

  6. Lapokalypse Saute

    February 24, 2016 at 8:18 am

    be careful, watch and pray. The devil is looking at you right
    now. He has set traps in your not fall. Let MY WORD be a
    LIGHT TO GUIDE you, so that you will not fall into the traps.
    He will look for every opportunity, therefore, listen to me

  7. Khathu Khwerana

    February 24, 2016 at 8:48 am

    Glory be to Jesus christ

  8. Criselda M. Sello

    February 24, 2016 at 9:20 am

    thank You Lord for speak us… thanks for mention Ariel… I realize this message…

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    February 24, 2016 at 10:09 am

    Oh my God….!your love is great

  10. Ivy Sibanda

    February 24, 2016 at 11:37 am

    Lord please help us to be obedient, to listen to you when you speak to us we love you.

  11. Josiah Blackstock

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  12. Faith Mwikali Fai

    February 24, 2016 at 7:45 pm

    thank you Jesus for warning us for nothing unholy will enter heaven… thank you for your everlasting love

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  15. Okech David

    February 28, 2016 at 3:07 pm

    I will testify more and more to people about God and the reality of hell

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