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Divine Revelations

Little by little becomes big…



There was a certain girl who was at a certain College. This girl believed in holiness. Maureen was a very good girl and always behaved herself at School but she would feel ashamed and left out when she saw her friends doing the things of the world. Oneday she said, "let me hang out with a boy today just once and see what it feels like. we'll just talk and have fun!"
So Maureen followed her friends as they went out that Friday.At the park where they went to hang out,she met a certain guy named Derrick.They talked all night and called each other when they were away after that night.
What she had intended to be a one night fun soon turned out into a relationship.
Maureen soon started spending all her time with that boy and forgot about God.Sometimes she would feel guilty but he always made her feel better saying she is still right with God as they both loved each other.
Oneday as Maureen was walking to her Lecture room, she sudeenly started feeling dizzy.It was not long before she found out that she was carrying Derrick's child.
Perplexed,she quickly made some concoction and tried to eliminate the pregnancy.However,things did not work out well and she went into excessive bleeding.So she quickly called her boyfriend to take her to the hospital.He came over but just stood looking at her. He said "You are a fool,all this time you could not tell that I am an agent and I have decieved you greatly.After you die,we are going to feast over your body in our Kingdom.The body of a former Christian is our favourite thing.With that, he got a pillow and quietly suffocated her.This is how Maureen died and went into the flames of hell.This story is purely fiction but serves as a teaching to us that the devil is ever looking for a chance to bring Christians down .So we should never let any compromise into our lives.

Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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