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Divine Revelations




This time,the Lord allowed the devil to try in all sorts of me to tempt me in order to make me disobey.
The battle was harder this time.
For you to understand this,you must have read the first one on obedience below. Sometimes, He would test me and just as I was about to pray before going to bed, He would teII me,”Don’t pray.”
And I would obey and when I did, I would sleep soundly.
Sometimes,I would be about to eat and He would tell me, “Just eat and don’t pray. ”

He wanted to see if I would obey Him or if I would do what I thought was the right thing to do (Human wisdom) .
He would also detain either Rachael or I,or both of us together.
One time, I went to visit my elder sister (not Rachael) and she went somewhere for a few days.
The Lord decided to take that opportunity to test me on obedience.
I was sitting on the Sofa and as I was there,I heard the voice of the Lord telling me,”Don’t stand up from there for anything until I tell you to. ”
I obeyed but then, to my surprise, hours passed and He did not tell me to stand up.
It was getting dark and I asked Him if I could stand up to switch on the light but He said, “No.”
I stayed there in the dark and mosquitoes even started biting.
Satan was also trying to distract me in many ways.
I had left my slippers at the door and as I looked, the landlady’s dog came and carried one of my slippers away! (My elder sister was living in the same yard with her landlady but different house ).
My first impulse of course was to go and get it back but I remembered that I had been told not to stand up. The Lord was allowing this to happen to see if I would still obey and not stand up.” So,I decided to continue sitting in order to obey the Lord and could do nothing about the ‘stolen’ shoe.
Before I knew it,the landlord started calling me,wanting me to get out of the house and get my shoe back from the dog.
I was shocked that the Lord was allowing her to call me to get out of the house.
But the Lord wanted to test me thoroughly.
It is always easy to obey when things are easy but the Lord wants to teach us to obey even when things are hard.
I did not answer her but was just quiet.
I was in a fix about what to do but God wanted to see if I would still obey Him.
As if that was not enough, she soon came knocking on the door.
The lights were off so she could not see me sitting in the living room and she kept knocking and knocking and knocking.
She also kept calling my name.
Finally, she entered the living room and switched on the light.
She saw me and said,” I have been calling you. I even almost called people thinking that you have been kidnapped. So you were sleeping?”
I did not tell her that I was sleeping but the Lord because I had obeyed Him allowed her to think I was sleeping.
She said,”Here is your slipper,I got it back from the dog for you.”
I got my slipper back and she did not get mad at me for not answering her because she thought I had been sleeping.
All things work together for good when you obey the Lord.
God is faithful.
I thought it was all over but before leaving she said,” The windows and doors are still open. Why don’t you lock up. Its late.” “Aren’t you afraid that someone might attack you like this with open doors and windows this time?” She stood there as if waiting for me to act on it.(She was feeling responsible for me since my elder sister was not around).
I assured her that I would do that but she still stood,insisting on me to lock up.
God wanted to see if I would please a Human being instead of Him.
I tried to laugh it off so that she should leave and assured her,”Don’t worry, I’II do that.”
She looked at me as If I was being strange but then left. Just minutes after that, the Lord released me! I had passed my test of obedience.
That was a hard battle to fight.
Both fighting against demons which were whispering to me to give up and against Humans the Lord had used to test me. The Lord wanted me to share this so that should you ever come into a situation where you need to obey God,you should know that obedience is better than sacrifice.
And just Iike I said Iast time, I just hope that I will not be quoted out of context as some people usually do.
For example, the Lord definitely can’t tell you to go and kill someone or to steaI something just for him to see whether you will obey him or not.
If that happens,know definitely that it is the devil. The Lord can never ask you to do something that is sin