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Prophet Kevin: I Saw Leading World Leaders Gathered To Sign A Deal



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By Prophet  Kevin Mirasi

In the morning of 10th March 2015, in a vision (supernatural dream) of The LORD God Almighty, The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, I found myself in a place where the leading World Leaders were sitted. This place looked like a conference room. One of the people I saw in the vision was USA President Barack Obama who by “default” was leading this team of world leaders in signing what appeared to be a deal (an international agreement). So there was an agreement that was being signed.

In the vision, The LORD placed me right next to these World leaders (I was actually sitting right next to The USA President Barack Obama) and for whatever reason The LORD made me know that even though there were other world leaders gathered in this conference room to sign the deal, but the main focus was inadvertently on the USA President.

The message that was imparted in my heart from this communication of The LORD is that there is a deal (an international agreement) that will be signed very soon by the leading World leaders including USA President Barack Obama. The leaders will be gathered in a conference room and then sign this deal.

I don’t know the contents of the deal or what the deal will be about as the same was not revealed to me in the vision. But all in all, The LORD is now revealing that a deal, in the form of an international agreement is going to be signed very soon.


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