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Good morning friends. The Lord has just shown me something which has brought our eternity into a vivid reality.

This is 5 am and ever since 3 am, can't sleep because of what I have seen. Hell is a haunted dungeon full of rotten stinking human beings who can't die anymore. My heart feels like someone is stabbing me with knives due to how haunted and impossible hell is. Humans can never imagine Hell,oh no!

Please don't go to Hell. Secular Tv is a trap! All those worldly things have a hidden price tag behind them, HELL! Do you think Satan loves you so much to make these things for you? No, he has got something bigger to gain out of it.
Secondly I realised that in Hell, you as as powerless as a strand of thread. You are weak and all your bones are like water. No power at all! Stop having imaginations that you can defeat the demons in Hell or find a way out and repent! You will just be like a speck of dust at the mercy of giant demons and they have none. They are incapable of feeling pity but instead derive their joy from your misery. Ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit so that you can genuinely love God.

Demons in Human form are REAL. I am not going to be afraid to say that no matter how they try to make me shut up about it. They look like you and me. They pretend to have human emotions such as kindness and love like you and me. They don't come with horns and ugly faces no! They look like innocent human beings and sometimes can even pretend to be kinder or more prayerful than real human beings. They come in all sorts of types. Some pretend to worship God and will even 'prophesy.' Someone prophesying is not a sign that they are from God. There are fortune tellers who exist and they use the power of demons. What more a demon itself? They will do anything to gain your trust so that they can influence you.
" Oh, I can't stop wearing trousers or plaiting fake hair or putting on makeup because that Pastor's wife does it. " Well Good luck! Keep following demons or a human all the way to the gates of Hell instead of following Jesus.

Sometimes they can come as if wordly. They are from the young to the old. They are born among us and you can even trace their family line so that it all look convincing. You can read our post on the mystery of demons in human form for better understanding. But the bottom line is that they want to take you and I to Hell. They are numerous and they have set trends to make sin look normal. That's why if God tells you to get rid of someone in your life do it! No matter how
miserable they try to look to win your sympathy. We will understand it better by and by. God is wise.
But don't go judging someone as a demon until the Holy Spirit has told you. You can only know when the Holy Spirit tells you and not using your human instincts because it is spiritual.

Sometimes God tells us to get rid of certain people in our lives but we don't because maybe we feel we will be left without a friend. But I tell you, you can have all the friends in the world who are there for you who lend you their shoulder to cry on who do many earthly things which benefit you. Maybe you're thinking, I just had a problem and this person God told me to get rid of was there for me. If I got rid of them, how would I have gotten out of the fix? But I tell you, if you have all the comfort in this world, the widest circle of friends and anything you can dream of to make your earthly stay a delight but you don't go to Heaven when you die, you've lost it all. You have misfired.

It can never be possible to make humans realise how horrible hell is until they see it for themselves and mostly when they do, its too late.

You say you love someone? Tell them about Hell. Its the greatest love you can ever show a friend. Don't spend time talking about how you will go to that picnic or that picnic or about how you can make more money. Talk about Jesus. When you are in Hell, you will wish you spent your whole life talking about Jesus because He is the only thing that matters.

Ever heard people talking bad about God or even atheist comments about whether God exists? Don't join them and don't worry about convincing them if they are unwilling to change, work out your OWN salvation.

Do you find yourself in situations where people deliberately seem to be doing things to upset you? like trying to pick up a quarrel with you? Just keep quiet. Its better to look like a fool than to engage in strife. Just ignore them or walk away. Don't care about how other people will see you because no amount of pride is worth going to Hell for.

When you find yourself in akward situations with people where you feel you need to talk to fill the silence, don't do it! Let that akward silence be. You will end up talking about things that don't please God or even gossiping and slandering other people. The bible says that where there are too many words, sin is always present and that man will give account of every IDLE word he speaks.

When you are in Hell,life on earth seems like a story someone told you a long time ago. You will think, "I remember there is a place called earth" You will be in too much misery to believe that a place where you were once happy exists. It will just be like a memory.

This earth has got a way of making things of eternity seem unreal. When you are here,it seems like these will always be like this. But we know they will not be. The vast grave yards are a proof of that. One day you will have to give an account for your life.

Is God telling you to reconcile with someone you haven't talked to in years? To get rid of some things in your life? Some clothes which are not pleasing to Him, some habits? Movies you like watching? To share the gospel with someone? Do it, it is better hearing the Lord telling you 'repent!' than to hear Him say 'I gave you many chances, its TOO LATE for you now."

Jesus died for you and me so that we will not have to face eternal death.


Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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