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Life is more than food and clothing…….

In this article, am going to be sharing on how Jesus is faithful to save,and also how it really feels like to die,based on my own personal experience with near death experiences(not spiritual experiences,but physical experiences of times I faced death and even died).
In 2018,I had two very real near death experiences, where I got so sick and even kind of died.
Its based on these that am going to be sharing.
In September 2018,I had flu and I got so sick.
I previous shared this one,you can see it on my timeline so I won't go in detail.
Please read it here…/a.289909144…/738062429881009/…
I ll just share the lesson I learnt in that moment.
I had managed to open my Bible even though I couldn't read it,and what amazed me was that a light seemed to shine over the pages of scripture!
And even without reading, just looking at the words written there,each seemed extremely precious, each seemed like a real treasure
And in that moment, I realized just how much of a privilege it is to be able to read this precious word of God!
I realized that while we are here on earth,we don't usually understand exactly how precious the word of God really is,if we did,it would make us to want to read it much much more!
I didn't have any feeling in this moment of whether I'd go to heaven or hell.
With all my heart,I envied those who were remaining alive to still be able to read this precious word of God!!
At the beginning of December, 2018, I got extremely sick.
I had previously developed really bad high blood pressure.
I was at work when I first got sick.
I had just left my office because I wanted to do something.
But I suddenly felt my heart "leap" and then begin to beat so very fast,I nearly had a blackout.
I lost my vision for some seconds,I could just see darkness,then my vision returned but I was still feeling so weak.
I thought I could fall down,so I held on to a nearby wall to get some balance.
After a while,I felt stronger so I decided to just go back to the office while I was feeling better.
And when I got there,I thought I was going to die because I got much more sick.
I was alone in my office at the time.
I began to declare healing, and to pray against death.
But as I got so sick,I just called a taxi driver to take me home.
And I also called my mum to pray for me.
I found my husband home,and after continuing prayer with him,I felt better.
Two days later,I was home alone with my baby.
My husband was at work when I began to feel unwell.
I had just finished praying, and my baby was asleep so I decided to put him to bed.
So because I was feeling a little weak,I decided to sit down first,then put him on the bed.
I had started to feel my heart rate increasing really fast at this time.
The moment I put the baby down,I fainted.
I don't know how long I fainted, the only thing I remember was that I was down and all I could see was darkness, I was disoriented and couldn't remember what had happened or where I was!
I also had this really loud ringing in my ears,and my heart was beating fast.
There's a difference between fainting and dying.
Sometimes people confuse the two, they think that just because when you have a blackout and faint, when you wakeup you can't remember anything, like you ceased to exist for a while.
So some people think even death is like that,death isn't like that,with death you actually feel,see,and feel more alive!
You will see the difference as I explain.
So when I opened my eyes,I saw my son lying in the bed,then I remembered I was home,and I remembered I had come to put him to sleep,but I couldn't remember what had happened after that.
I went to the living room, then decided to come back to the bedroom and sleep.I was still feeling sick,and
I laid down on the bed,but just a while later,I found myself "flying" out of my body.
I didn't know what was happening and I panicked.
When I looked at my hand,I was horrified to see that there were two of me!
My body was still laying on the bed,but i was right above it,floating out!
I saw my baby sleeping peacefully.
And I tried to touch him but I couldn't,my hand just went right through and I realized I had died and i was in the spiritual realm!
I could still see everything around me,my vision was so clear,all my senses were working perfectly.
I felt much more alive than I felt in my physical body!
It was as if all my senses had been dormant and now they were all suddenly active!
My whole physical life didn't seem real compared to how real I felt in mg spiritual body.
My physical life seemed like just a dream,or like a story.
In that moment, my even my reasoning was so much more clear.
I tell you the truth,the moment your soul separates from your body,at that very moment, no one will have to convince you of anything.
There and then,you will know what was sin and what wasn't.
There and then,you will know what you did wrong and what you should have done.
It's as if you were blind and now can see!
As if you were thinking and reasoning in a drunken state and now you are suddenly sober,that's how everything feels.

My life has never been the same from that day.Yes,I have seen hell several times I have been in the spiritual realm, but how I felt dying like this really made me to completely not care what anyone will think about me or what they ll say about me.
The only thing I want is to please Jesus.
It doesn't matter if I get embarrassed, or humiliated, or look like am a fool in the process.I really don't care because in that moment all of such human cares and concerns seem like child's play compared to the reality of the afterlife.
When you just separate from your body,you will realize that such cares like," how people will see you,what someone else will think of you,what your partner will think etc"
All of such cares actually do not exist once you leave this body they are like an illusion.
This body makes everything look so real here on earth.
Our fears of persecution seem so real,our desire to be accepted by others,all seem so real,but I can tell you once you leave this body,they all seem like an illusion. They don't exist!
Just follow Jesus,you don't have to care what anyone will think, regardless of how important they are to you,all those feelings are lies from satan!
I realized that's why Jesus said life is more than food and clothing.
It's more than any material thing,more than any earthly care.
Life is knowing Jesus.
Let me tell you,once you leave your body,you are completely willing to obey all that God tells you!
That's how you will feel.
It is our flesh that makes us so unwilling to let go of some things.
That's why we must crucify the flesh.
It came from the ground and only desires things that are earthbound. Our spirit,on the other hand came from God,and the very moment it is separated from the flesh(body),it is more than willing to obey God completely, and it also completely despises earthly things!
However,by then its too late to change anything, that's why we must not let the flesh rule us while we are still alive,we must kill it!
Seek God till the flesh is completely dead and stay so close to God so that it doesn't resurrect!
Every single thing I ever did seemed so useless.
Nothing seemed important.
All material things completely vanished from me…money, nice clothes,or anything which seems like it matters here on earth seemed so worthless.
I really love my husband,but what I realised is;the very moment your soul separates from your body,you are also separated from your husband/wife.
That's so literal I realised its the reason marriage vows are " till death do us part".
Death DOES part you,because now you are in completely separate worlds.
Previously, I used to think people whose partners die,and then they later remarry,I'd think maybe their partners would fell bad if they knew.
But its nothing like that.You are completely separated.
You become a spiritual being with no earthly desires such as marriage.
I understood why Jesus said in the resurrection people will be like angels and neither marry nor be given in marriage.
Its very real,the moment I was dying, even when I thought of my husband remarrying, I felt no jealousy whatsoever, I was so detached.
All I felt was that I wanted him to be happy, and I didn't want him to start thinking he should stay single in loyalty to me.
I was completely separated from him.
And this made me realize some thing.
God really honors marriage,and at marriage you become one,but at death,you are two completely separate individuals!
This is why we must also take our spiritual life like this.
Our spiritual life is just between you and Jesus,no one else.Not even your husband or wife.
That's why you must never let your partner lead you to hell, you must have a personal stand.
Even if they dong want to follow Jesus,you follow Him. Even if they dong want to pray,you pray.
Its extremely personal, and you must take it like that.
The moment you die,you will realize that when it comes to your relationship with God,you and your husband or wife are two completely separate individuals who each have a personal responsibility for their own actions here on earth.
So all my physical possessions had passed away,even my marriage had past away,and all I had was Jesus!
Oh,how much we should value Him while we are alive!how much time we should give Him while we have breath.
Everything else will pass away but He will remain!Faithful friend!
So the only thing that I knew really really mattered now was my relationship with Jesus.
All my prayer times,all the times I read the Bible, all the times I lived in obedience to God,they seemed like the only thing I had left to hold on to!
Jesus Christ was the only one I left to hold on to!
It was as if you have so many things and then you have to pass through the fire and you realize,all the things you had got burnt in the fire and Jesus and His word are all you have left!
If you didn't have Jesus,when you come to this fire,you will be left with nothing because everything else will burn up!
And I was really greatful to God that death found me in a better place,in a place I was really holding on to the Lord with all I had,forsaking all.
In a place I was really seeking the Lord with all my heart.
In that moment, as all these emotions and realisations were going through me,flashes of my life passed before me.
I saw myself kneeling down in prayer asking God for the salvation of my soul,asking God to be merciful to me at the time of my death,asking God to remember me when that day comes!
I had been crying out to God and praying a lot of such prayers in the days before that.
And I could see all that in flashes,different instances,all prayers for God's mercy.
Then as I realized I was in the spiritual realm, I called on Jesus Christ.
I didn't know what would follow,would God be merciful to me?
I screamed, "Jesus!!!"
Still silence.
Then the third time I screamed, "Jesus!you are the One I depend on!"
And suddenly my soul entered my body and I was physically alive.
What shocked me was the peace with which my baby slept.
I was laying next to him and I had screamed with all my might,three times.
I had expected him to wake up frightened and crying, but he just slept still.
I had thought maybe a neighbour would come and try to find out what was going on because if how loudly I had screamed, but nothing.
It had all been in the spiritual realm and that's why my son didn't hear me!
But as I was back in my body,I was still sick and my heart was just out of control.
It raced uncontrollably and I was getting weak.
I wanted to call mum to ask for prayer but I was to weak.when I held the phone it just fell down!
Finally I put the phone in the bed and made the call to her.
I told her to pray for me because I was dying.
Then I called my husband.
He was shocked how sick I had gotten because I had called him earlier and had sounded fine.
I told him to just start praying for me.
I could feel a spirit of death.
And I began to rebuke it in the name of Jesus.
My husband got home and found my extremely sick.
When he felt my heart beat,he got so scared because it was just too abnormal.
And I tried by all means to be calm because when I panicked it worsened.
I asked him to pray for me in a calm manner,which was difficult because he could see how sick I was!
Strength left me and I couldn't stand or do anything, I just laid down.
But at the same time,I could feel that the Lord Jesus had come.
I couldn't see Him,but I could feel His presence mightily.
I could feel His presence fill the entire house.
There were times my hear would feel like it would stop any moment, and I had no doubt this was the day I would die.
My husband wanted to take me to the hospital, but I told him not too because I didn't feel like I could handle movement.
Any movement agitated my heart beat,and I felt that all that movement in a car,plus the obvious panic medical staff would make trying to do things quickly to save my life would kill me.
I told him I needed to be still and would go to the hospital after I feel better enough to move in a vehicle.
So he was praying for me and proclaiming scripture on me.
When I clearly heard the Lord's voice, He said, "you will live!"
And I told my husband what Jesus had told me.
And even though I was still extremely sick, He later told me that because of how confidently I had told him the Lord's message,he believed it!
Jesus told me,"If you died this day,you would have gone to heaven. My blood saves!But I do not want you to die right now,so you will live.
If a person, while here on earth loved Me with all their heart,soul,and mjmd,if they were willing to obey Me with all they have.
If with all their heart,all they wanted was to obey Me. When that person dies,I will be there and I will save them.I am faithful and my blood saves Not what you have done,but My blood."
The Lord was speaking to me,and at this moment I appreciated the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross!
He died that we might live!
And all He wants is for us to just completely surrender to Him,obeying Him no matter the cost.He will faithfully be waiting for us,you can be sure of that.
Its guaranteed!


Romans 6:1-4" What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?6:2 God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?6:3 Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death?6:4 Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life."

The Bible says faith without works is dead.(James 2:26)
We are not saved because of what we did,we are saved because we put our faith in Jesus Christ.
That faith is only shown if we live in obedience to Him.
You can't live in disobedience then expect the blood of Jesus to cover your sin.
What you are doing is crucifying Jesus for the second time.
In simple terms,God won't save me simply because I didn't steal,He will save me if because I believed in Jesus,I didn't steal.
Its not the action that will save me,but its the fact that the action was fruit of my belief in Jesus.
So what will save me is my belief in Jesus, but if that belief truly exists,it will be expected to have borne fruit of repentance where I abandoned my sin to follow Him.(Matthew 3:1-8)
If there were no fruits of repentance (holiness),that itself will be evidence that I did not believe in Jesus in the first place.And therefore His blood won't cover me,and I will be condemned.
This is the reason why good works cannot save.
Someone can do good works but if in the first place they didn't receive Jesus,they will go to hell.Jesus is the only way.(John 4:16).
Works don't save us,but our belief in Jesus leads us to do many good works,which are all fruit of repentance!
Because I believe in Jesus, I won't steal,because I believe in Jesus, I won't hate my brother, because I believe in Jesus, I won't dress indecently, because I believe in Jesus I become a tree filled with many beautiful fruit!
However,if there's no fruit,then I didn't believe in Jesus in the first place,and that will be testimony against me on the day of judgement.
The Bible is clear,EVERY tree that doesn't bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.(Matthew 7:19).
But by repenting and surrendering our lives,we are accepting the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross!
You can't say, "Jesus died for me so I can do anything." You ll find yourself in hell.
God's grace leads us to repentance.
Grace is that while we were sinners,Jesus died for us.
But we can't keep on sinning after that just because Jesus died for our sin!
The blood of Jesus will only cover those who repent, and abandon their sin,and follow Him.

And its only when we accept Jesus that His blood covers us.
We can't say we have accepted Him if we continue in sin,we are only lying to ourselves.
Accepting Jesus is action,it requires change of lifestyle. It actually requires us losing our life,that we may find it.
Am explaining this because I don't want you to misinterpret what Jesus told me about His blood.Jesus was telling me that because I had been living in obedience.
If I had lived in disobedience, His blood wouldn't cover me.
We didn't deserve salvation,we were deep in sin and lost,God showed mercy and sent His son to die for us,so after we accept His Son,God isn't expecting us to continue in sin.He's expecting fruit of repentance!
Any unfruitful tree will be thrown into the fire.
And continuing in sin is proof we have rejected Jesus Christ.
God is holy,and Jesus didn't die so that you can continue cohabiting with your bf/gf then die and go to heaven because of Jesus' blood.
He didn't die so that you continue exposing your body in ripped jeans and short skirts then die and go to heaven because of His grace.
Jesus didn't die so that you continue lasting after women then die and go to heaven because of the blood of Jesus.
You will be very shocked because hell will be your portion.
The grace of God is received when we repent,He forgives and forgets all our past sins lovingly accepts us and helps us to overcome and go to heaven.
God is holy,and heaven is a holy place.Nothing unholy will enter that place!

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