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armor of God

It is not a game, put on the whole armor of God

The bible says that whoever gives up his life for the sake of Christ will find it but whoever seeks to keep his life will lose it



The Lord Jesus Christ showed me a dream of a Christian being attacked by demons. I saw that this person was a real Christian but he was having a lot of trouble fighting the demons and he kept moving from side to side avoiding their spears and could not completely defeat them.

I saw him dressed in part of the armor of God but he had no breastplate of righteousness. He was wearing a normal blue shirt but had no breastplate covering him. So the demons kept aiming to hurt on his chest. He was covered elsewhere and so the only place the demons could attack was his chest and they all kept trying with all their might to hit him. At the same time the battle was going on, I could hear a Christian rap song playing. Then the Lord made me understand what was happening.

The demons were fighting the Spirit of that man and they were playing that song to mock him. Without the breastplate of righteousness,he was weak spiritually and they had found a weak spot to attack him from. He did not have the breastplate of righteousness because he had started listening to Christian rap and the demons were even mocking how weak he was because of that song. So they were playing that song to taunt him while defeating him.

They were saying,

“It is because of our songs that you have become weak. We have made you weak and now,we are going to defeat you. Hahahahahahahaha!!!”

The Christian kept fighting desperately but could not defeat them. I saw that he never used to listen to Christian rap,watch secular Tv or any other secular movies after he repented. But I saw him sitting in an office and two of his friends who were actually demons in human form saw that he was a real Christian and they were scared that he would get saved. So they started mocking him for listening to proper Christian songs and not others like rock,rap etc. He gave in to the pressure but he did not know that it was all a trap to weaken him in the spirit so that they can defeat him and take him to Hell. What he did made him weak in the spirit and they succeeded in removing his breastplate of righteousness.

Brethren,let us realise what kind of battle we are in. The way you are in the physical world is the same way your soul is. The things you do in this body reflect how your soul is dressed. Is your spirit full dressed in the armour of God or did you just take one part off to please someone? This is not time to please the world or to take pleasure in it. Demons in human form are really fighting and defeating a good number all because we are not spiritually alert through constant prayer.

Jesus said, “Whoever loves his Father or Mother more than me is not worthy of me.” We have to love the Lord more than we love anything else. The bible says that whoever gives up his life for the sake of Christ will find it but whoever seeks to keep his life will lose it. You have to give up your life. Give up the pleasures of this world. If you are not yet ready to give up that life,you will lose your soul.
He is talking about giving up that secular Tv,that fornication,that nail polish, all that fake hair. Give up pleasing your friends,give up sagging your trousers,your alcohol your cigarette,your unholy movies,those cartoons,those songs. Give them up and be Holy!
If you seek to keep that kind of life, you will lose it. But if you lose it for the sake of Christ,you will have eternal life.
Are you worried about how the world is going to see you? Then you love them more than you love Jesus. He said whoever loves his own Father or his own Mother more than me,is not even worthy of me. We have to love the Lord our God with all our hearts,soul,mind and strength. Then,we will not disobey him. I too am not perfect and I also have to overcome just like everyone else. We all have to fight our battles because Satan is a personal devil. He attacks each of us individually and tries to bring us down.
Let us be like Paul who says, “Yet indeed, I count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord,for whom I have suffered the loss of ALL THINGS, and count them as rubbish that I may gain Christ.”
Have we indeed lost all things or are we still holding on to some? Are we saying we will get rid of them later as if we are in control of the rapture or as if we choose when to die?
Where will you be even just by the year 2050? Will what you are doing now be worth it? Will worldly things be worth burning billions and billions of years for without an end? Just imagine how long a day is. Just 24 hours. If you were locked in an earthly fiery furnace for just one whole day how would you feel? Now imagine being in spiritual fire prepared for the devil and all his demons for all eternity. Will your 70 years of rebellion be worth it? Look at,the people who lived in the time of Moses. They thought they were clever and rebelled but how many thousands of years have passed since then and where are their souls now?. Was their rebellion worth it?
Brethren, let us ask for spiritual eyes so that we may see things the way our God sees them. Let us ask for the Holy Spirit Baptism in prayer and overcome.
The devil is a liar and the Father of all lies. He makes things of this seem like they will never end but we all know that they will. The many Graveyards scattered across in our countries are a proof of that. Let us focus our minds on the things above and not on the things below.


Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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