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I’m Sounding The Alarm, Will You Gather?



“Blow a trumpet…gather the people…gather My godly ones to Me…at whatever place you hear the sound of the trumpet, rally to us there. Our God will fight for us.” (Joel 2: 15-16; Psalms 50:5; Nehemiah 4:20)

I stopped hosting conferences several years ago. Why? The lack of true kingdom fruit they produced, as well as distaste for the primary motives—promoting ministries, raising money and entertaining the church—saddened and disappointed me. I grew tired of competing for attendees, sometimes even with friends, and decided I would no longer play the game. I actually told the Lord I wouldn’t convene any others unless I became 1000% certain He had birthed the cause and the message.

In hindsight, if the state of our nation—including the church—is the verdict, few, if any, of the hundreds of conferences that have occurred over the last decade have made any real difference. According to the leading research, we’re down to 1% of America’s youth and young adults that hold a biblical worldview—a belief that the Bible is the absolute and final authority for all of life. Aborting sixty million babies is yawned at and selling their body parts is now old news. So is the redefinition of marriage. America is broken beyond human repair. Apart from the greatest revival in the history of America—maybe the world—we’ve lost the war for the soul of a nation. FULL REPORT

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