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Divine Revelations

I Saw the Great Tribulation- Emmanuel Samsonjude

I saw large number of people , on a line to received the mark of the beast. Some brethren were hidden inside a very dirty water. 



October 22, 2015, By Emmanuel Samsonjude

I saw the great tribulation yesterday I woke up with great fear 4 am today, It was very very and very terrible. I saw many evangelist that I know on Facebook , they missed rapture, because of evil secret, because of habitual sin. People were banned from coming to Facebook unless they received the mark of the beast.

I saw large number of people , on a line to received the mark of the beast. Some brethren were hidden inside a very dirty water. Demons in Hell came out , tormenting people seriously, it worse than hell, I was crying bitterly, saying I want to wake up, please I want to wake up. Those who are preaching holiness, casting out demon of sin, immorality , fashion from the life of people, if they miss rapture they would face more than hell on earth.

Is very long, but when I woke up, I was very happy, because I thought in the vision it was a reality, I woke up with joy and at the same time crying. My brother and sister, are you ready for the Lord ? Understand that Heaven required practical CHRISTIANITY , the doer of the word of God.
Be sure now that your name is written down in glory in the book of life.
Be sure of your salvation , for if you are not born again you cannot see the Lord.
Also remember to help the poor, widow, fatherless, never allow the true work of God to die and be rotten, those that are in need provide for them, even if they are your enemy , for this will make large number of christian to miss the rapture. James 1:27.

Be sure that you are sanctified, be sure that you are free from all habitual sin.
Never neglect your duty as a christian.
Remember me in your prayer for total recovery for my health, I nearly die today, thank God for giving me a wonderful faithful wife, she ran to meet our brethren in the house and they began to pray for me, their prayer work and I saw the manifestation of the prayer, that is why I could share this vision with you . Peace be unto you all.

Vision on Two Great Men of God, Friday October, 23, 2015

You can’t remain in your sinful old life and still call your self a new creature, you are still an old creature, surprisedly your name is not the book of life, that is a sad news to hear. But the Lord is ready to saved you if you can repent of every sin including secret sin , then return to the Lord for holy walk with Him and you shall be saved.

I saw 2 great men of God, who preaches holiness without looking at anybody, they died and the angel of God came to take their soul to Heaven. I saw how they were clothed in pure white apparel and they are called unspotted saint.
Immediately when they died, there was great commotion in the world, they were a model to many people, they strengthen the faith of many people, but when they died, all the heavenly minded christian and unserious christian were crying bitterly. After the vision I woke but I don’t know the 2 men of God.

After the first time , then I saw the same vision, but this time around God told me the name of those 2 men of God. I don’t want to announce their name, but be praying for them, because know that they have short time on earth, devil will be working tirelessly to bring them down.
Watch and pray messiah is coming .