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Humanity is Mine, The Devil Brags!

Influence them all and bring them to me. Make dirty language seem normal by turning it into jokes or even normal language or a slang.




“Idolaters shall have their part in the Lake which burns with fire and brimstone forever and ever.”Revelations 21:8

The devil was speaking to his demons “Go on earth and act  movies. Make sure that in Christian movies,you always act the place of  the Holy One (Jesus) so that these humans can worship us. They like to call the Jesus in movies their Lord and even kneel before their Tv screen crying. They even kneel to a picture in their home and call the one on the picture their Lord! Hahahahahahaha indeed! We are their lord! Yes, let them worship us. They also do not know that this is Idolatry and they are not different from the Catholics when they do this. ”
“Go and make Christian movies. Act them and put a lot of unholy things there. They will watch just because it bears the name Christian movie. We will catch those who are un-discerning. Put worldly music in the movies,show sexual immorality. Also promote our gospel songs like rap or reggae during our ‘Christian movies’ and portray kissing as acceptable. Show people living in sin and yet going to Church to encourage them to live double lives. We have to trap those Christians who are spiritually blind and still desire the things of the world.

Ephesians 5:4 “Let there be no filthiness and silly talk,obscene or vulgar joking, because such things are not appropriate for believers; but instead speak of your thankfulness to God.” “Go among them in form of humans and try to live as normal as possible. Leave no clue that you are not a human being. Do everything exactly the way they do it including eating even when you are alone. Let  them never imagine,not even in their wildest dreams that you are demons.

Influence them all and bring them to me. Make dirty language seem normal by turning it into jokes or even normal language or a slang. Crack dirty jokes and say they are just jokes. If they say say that what you are doing is wrong and they do not want to take part in it,tell them that they are too serious and should take life easy. That way,they will start to compromise and immediately they do that, shoot your spells quickly at them to make this language a habit to then. We will bring the whole human race to Hell!”

“Make sure you fill up your discussions with dirty talks which will just corrupt them. Defile their minds so that they will start fantasising of sinful things. Let their ears itch for our topics and remove any holiness from them. Let them compromise every now and then so that they feel discouraged and give up. Not knowing that the righteous one forgives them when they repent. That is why I hate him,he forgives too easily! Discourage them and make them feel hopeless. ” 1 John 1:9
“Let them blaspheme the name of the Holy One so that it can be painful in his ears. Let them use it when talking about the things he hates. For example,let them tell their  female friends ‘Lord! that trousers looks good on you! Let make the Holy one close his ears very hard! Let them use his name in vain by saying ‘oh my God’ anyhow. Let them lose respect for his holy name and make them as dirty as we are. They are sleeping in the spirit because they do not pray and they will not notice anything.”
“For those attacking those who are attacking those who believe in holiness, if they are fasting or doing overnights,be with them during that time. Convince them that you are part of them just in order to achieve a particular mission. They will never ever suspect you. Even tell them statements like ‘brother,these days you are less prayerful,don’t let the devil attack you.’ Do this just in order to blind them. When they look at you,look 100% human and even try to he holier than them. They will tolerate you and if they are not prayerful,you will bring them down. The road to heaven must be unwalked.”
“For you demons going to pretend to be Holy,be persecuted along with the real Christians. You demons going to the world,persecute those going to pretend to be Holy along with the real Christians. This will make all of you seem like real human beings. We will all achieve one common goal. We have to be organised beyond their imaginations.”
“For you others,live an I don’t care kind of lifestyle and promote the things of the world. Let them look like the normal things. Through your everyday lifestyles,preach a sinful lifestyle and a double life. This will influence them to care only about things in this passing world. They do not know that eternity is longer and prefer short lived pleasure. Intimidate them and make them feel foolish for living a holy life. Mock them,those who are weak will soon stop what they are doing just in order to be liked. They will not know that they are trying to please demons and it is all a trap. Make it look impossible to be Holy and dress in the latest expensive indecent fashions to intimidate.

They will never guess that you are doing that on purpose. This is the time to utilize every weapon we know. Time is short.”
“For you going to start Ministries, since it has now been revealed by the Holy one that some humans are not really humans but demons,say the same. Go out with testimonies saying there are demons in human form. If you say this,they will never suspect that you are one and you will be able to achieve your mission properly. Lead them as far away from the truth as possible. We have almost the whole world being pulled to Hell. The longer they sleep in the spirit,the better because we will be able to work without any resistance. They do not know that Hell is a place where they will curse themselves for their foolish decisions for eternity.”

” Those who are true Christians, even at School,frustrate them and make them feel like the Holy One has forsaken them. Steal their knowledge at School by touching their hair or by touching their eyes and make it seem like it was an accident. Touch their hair without them knowing that you are also putting spells of backsliding.” “Encourage them to wear our  indecent clothes and then tell them that they are looking nice. Tell them that they are ‘hot’ and make them feel good. They will start to fear wearing decent clothes. Encourage the women to plait our hair and tell them that now they look like human beings. Hahahahahahahaa!!! Hahahahaahaha!!! When you tell them this,they will start to  feel insecure about their own hair and will always try to please you. Our very powerful spells will tie them to our things! Target them all! Whether they believe in holiness or not! Let those in holiness begin to do the things that they never even used to do when they were in the world. Let them become worse!  Let holiness be a thing of the past.”
“Let revelations be like a story to them. Let them read but never change! That is why only few are getting saved. Let them read revelations for entertainment! Hahahaha, Human beings have never been easier to destroy than now! They have lost their prayer life and  have run back to me. They will never see his face!”

Pray without ever ceasing. Ask the Lord to help you be Holy at all times and to overcome.We can never overcome the devil using our flesh because he has got far too many tactics,many which we would never suspect. That is why the bible says it is a battle that can only be fought in the spirit so put on the whole armour of God!  If the Holy Spirit leads you to wake up and pray,do so.If he leads you to do a 3 days dry fast,do so.If he leads you to do an overnight even alone,stay up and pray all night. Jesus did the same and he is our perfect example.Our Lord is bigger than the battle and as his children,we have been promised victory. Submit to God in prayer and resist the devil.

Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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  1. Aston Vawo

    June 30, 2016 at 8:45 pm

    Keep availing yourself for the Lord. You are blessed and may our Heavenly Father JEHOVAH keep you in Jesus name! Amen

  2. Sally Hungwe

    July 1, 2016 at 5:20 am

    The Lord bless you brethren,

  3. Oluremi

    July 2, 2016 at 11:38 am

    I need to greatly bless the name of the Lord for your lives, God will give you all the divine enabling to continue in the ancient strait and narrow way to heaven. Please pray for me. Thanks and God bless you all.

  4. Melinda Merit Mazango

    July 13, 2016 at 8:32 am

    Thank you Jesus for the revelations, i feel greatly empowered

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