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Herbert Vision: Warning to Believers Who Do Not Evangelise!



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By Brother Herbert Bilika,

herbert2I slept then I kept on seeing People falling into a pit filled up with fire and a blazing liquid like a volcanic boiling liquid! I head the LORD say

“Warn every believer in Christ My Son that knows Me and fail to give and share the message of repentance to those in Sin living around them till they die! Warn them that there is such a bad place prepared for them!!”

Such a bosom have I prepared for them for my Son instructed, ‘Go and make disciples of all nations through preaching the Gospel,” the good news that will bring men unto repentance! So whose man to withhold all my goodness to himself?? Are you all not saved by the hearing of My message through messengers that I send to you? So why then should you withhold what you freely received? Freely did you all receive the message, the good news that brought you all unto repentance! Freely shall you make Me known among the Lost!! For it is not my desire that any  of you perish but that should find life through Christ My son that gave Himself for you! Remind my people of My everlasting Love! For time is at hand! Repent and seek Me while you May still find  Me God!!



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1 Comment

1 Comment

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