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Divine Revelations

Herbert: Vision of Woman in Hell Torment and Aborted Children in Heaven



The LORD gave me a vision, in this vision I saw a woman in a very dark place with an everlasting torment. Worms kept on coming out from her breasts, ears, eyes, mouth and from the top of her head, a big black snake rounded her waist and kept on going through her private part, she was screaming on top of her voice but no help went her way, she tried to reach me but she couldn’t. The smeal in this place was horrible.
As i was wondering what this was I head a voice from behind saying, ” Enough that is were you and everyone are coming when you rebel against Me, My word and all My representatives that I have sent on earth to represent Me, I the LORD your God!” Oscar Mumba is one among many of you!
Then I was taken to this place that looked like a play park, it was full of happy children I have never seen children this happy all my life. This place was beautiful no place can compare to it on earth, I saw four angels they were dressed in pure white robs with purple linen cloths tied round their waists, they were playing a very nice and happy sound and the little ones were dancing to it and rejoycing.

Again I head a voice from behind saying,

” These are my little ones they were killed before they could even breath their first breath out of the air I have given you on earth. Go and warn every woman that aborts what she consives that hell [ gehenna] the dark place I showed you is where I will keep them if they don’t stop killing my dear little ones for I love little children, thats why I have told the world that, they that, humble themselves like little children shall in-herit My kingdom”

Then the voice kept on getting stronger.

I head the voice say God back and never be ashamed of My name, I your LORD your God that created you!

My eyes were in tears for my heart was so overwhelmed, as I was turning to go… I saw my late mother and my Elder sister waving at me, they were so happy I never saw them that happy here on earth.
The voice said to me go back, I replied LORD I do not want to go back, my mother throw her arms around me and huged me, then she said to me, “I knew you were going to make it, thats is why I trusted you to take care of your siblings, abaiche bobe, ” mum spoke bemba take care of them. My sister said to me be strong we are counting on you!

The voice shouted with a screaming calm and happy sound to say, “Go now and represent me well for am watching! Tell my people to repent for time is at hand and my love is everlasting!!!!!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. John Musilla

    April 21, 2015 at 10:49 pm

    POWERFUL!!!! “Go now and represent me well for am watching! Tell my people to repent for time is at hand and my love is everlasting!!!!!

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