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Divine Revelations

God Warns Women Against Wearing Trousers, Makeup and Fake Hair

The Lord then showed me a vision of women with fake hair and Jesus said this too is unpleasing to Him



Last night as I was in prayer,the Lord Jesus Christ showed me a vision re emphasizing that He does not approve of His daughters wearing trousers.The Lord has earlier before given me messages on this in my previous encounters with Him.In this vision of the Lord,I was shown women all dressed in trousers playing what looked like a game of basketball.

The Lord Jesus Christ then said,”this is unacceptable to Me.”The Lord then showed me a vision of women with fake hair and Jesus said this too is unpleasing to Him. Please note that the Lord is not concerned with how the rest of the world is dressing, they have a kingdom they belong to with rules that govern them.Jesus was just talking about His children. He doesn’t want His children dressing this way. The bible says a woman shouldn’t wear men’s clothing or vice versa. Trousers are originally men’s clothing even though they have now invented trousers for women just to blind them take them to hell.The Lord had previously told us that all these things I.e makeup, jewelry, trousers,indecent dressing,sagging of trousers etc are all unpleasing to Him. You may not be living in fornication or be practicing witchcraft or other sins but if these things are still in your life, you are still living in sin.


The fallen angels lived with God and they know exactly what God hates and that’s the reason they taught women to use makeup on their faces,because they knew God hates it.The Lord Jesus Christ said He wants us to be different from people of the world. We argue so much on this topic yet this was taught in Pentecostal churches when before worldliness entered the church. Everyone knew this truth.And Pentecostal women weren’t wearing makeup till Aimee Mcpherson started it.The fact still remains, you can’t dress like the world or act like the world yet claim to be a child of God. Don’t give the excuse of God looking at the heart only because Jesus said a good tree can’t bear bad fruit.If your inside is filled with worldliness it ll show outside too and if you are filled with the light inside that same light ll reflect outside too.Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing who comfort you in your sin because it could cost your soul.