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The Lord Jesus Christ took me to a shop in the Spirit.He showed me this when showing me the demonic pollution in the world.With his Holy Hands,he touched a worldly magazine.He opened it and said,do you see these on this section?These are demons in human form. They have dressed and posed in this way to entice people and cast Spirits of Masturbation. There were men and women in all kinds of seductive poses,young and old.
On that article,I saw it was written,"Lonely? You don't have to be anymore,call our number and get connected." The Lord said, "They want people to date them.They want people to date demons. Tell those eager Youths to wait on me in prayer for a partner.Tell them to stop dating demons!"
The Lord also told me that a lot of demons advertise themselves on the Internet. He said the beautiful looking girls saying they are looking for love on the Internet are usually demons in Human Form! They even put up their pictures.Do not be deceived by them.
The Lord also told me that the devil uses demons in Human form to advertise Pornography.One may be on the Internet and a click here to see more suddenly appears. The Lord told me that those demons cast spells to attract people to watch.
Once they succeed,they will inflict you with the Spirit of fornication,adultery,Spiritual Husband,wife and Masturbation.Such Yokes can only be broken through serious prayer and fasting.
He said the Yokes lead to serious demonic
possession,madness in some cases,limitations in life,Spiritual death and eventually,the Fires of Hell.
Then the Lord Jesus Christ gave me a message for those who are still unmarried.He said they should wait on him because he knows all they need.The bible tells us to seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness first,then all these things will be added.The Lord said,"Since I have revealed about demons in Human form,I expect my Children to be more prayerful about their partners. Do they think I am lying to them that demons exist in Human form? What have I to gain from lying? I am the Lord and I do not lie,Numbers 23:19.Tell them that
most people who are desperate end up marrying demons in Human form."
The Lord Jesus Christ told me that when a Christian wants to get married,He sends the Man or Woman they are supposed to get married to.But at the same time,the devil also sends his own Man or Woman to that person.
He said that person from Satan will usually appear quickly and may seem like the answer to the prayer.If one just rushes without asking the Lord about that person,then they end up marrying someone given to them by Satan.
The Lord said,"Tell them to wait on me and really hear from me.Many people are blinded by their attraction to this person that they do not want to ask me about them.They rush because of their stirred up emotions. "
"The devil will quickly throw spells and dreams at that eager Christian and because of their impatience and eagerness they will say those dreams are from me."
"The devil has captured many in this way. When Satan has Captured you with his Gift,your Faith will soon be sucked dry.
That Husband or Wife will use various ways to discourage you."Isaiah 34:16 says,"Search the book of the Lord and read;not one of these shall fail,not one of them Shall lack a Mate." Wait on the Lord in prayer.
The Lord told me that many people are also dating demons Online. He said,"Discourage my Children from engaging in Online dating!"The Lord said people are dating demons in Human form and also undisguised demons through online dating.
He said these undisguised demons are in their demon form but even have Facebook Accounts! On their accounts will even be a Picture of a Man,Woman,boy or girl just to fool people.He showed me a demon with a Facebook Account.It was in form of an Idol made of stone but it had even had a Facebook User name and a picture of a man on its profile! It was near the sea and the Lord showed me its inbox.It was online and talking to a Woman.It said'Hello' and the words appeared as having been typed and the message was sent.It was a demon!
The Lord showed me another one,it was a complete Skeleton and it kept moving its arms up and down.But the Lord told me that it was also on Facebook and deceiving people.
Then the Lord said,Let me show you the reality of demons in Human form.It was like a curtain had been covering my eyes and it was suddenly dropped.I saw a lot of people who were demons in Human form and even people I know personally.
He showed me people in my class at University,people at Church,people at home,people at Stores,people on Facebook etc.He showed me those that were demons in Human form.He said,I want to show you the reality of their existence because many people think this is not real.He said,I will show you some actors and musicians to give as examples to the world.Then they will know that this is real.Do not be afraid of man because I am the God who rules the Heaven and Earth.As I say,it speak! Or else the blood of the nations will I require at your hands.I saw actors from movies I used to watch when I was in the world.
He said,"These 'people' even have family lines that you can trace and even addresses where they live.They do all this to pretend that they are real Human beings and to influence people." He said,"Look at these demons you used to watch in the movies. "He showed me Nigerian Actresses, Patience Ozokwor,Ini Edo,Genevive Nnaji and Tonto Dikeh.These are not the only ones but I am just giving them as an example that people may believe.
They are all over the world and in every race.Even in the most remote places.All they want are human Souls.
He said,"Many people think it is a Joke.Name the demons that people may believe.They are acting movies to capture your soul.I tell you daughter,many people will say you are mad but I will never forsake you."
Then he showed me a music Band called 'IMAGINE DRAGONS.'H e said,"Daughter do you see this rock music band called Imagine dragons? This is a group of demons in Human form.They sing these songs to plant the Spirit of death in those who listen to them.Know that demons even sing songs for you,act movies for you and design indecent clothes and fashions for you.Hell is unimaginable and there is no exit.That is where they want you to go."
"Many people don't think that people close to them can be demons in Human form.Tell them that they are everywhere.Tell them to pray so that they can be able to stand and overcome.They have Victory over the devil."
When the Lord showed me the demons in Human form,they were so many! If 10 people were randomly selected,the least number of demons in human form that would be there is two.That is the least number.
These demons are just like real Humans and may even be your very close friend. You can only know them through discernment.They are real demons from the pit of Hell! Do not be deceived.
I recently also read from the testimony of Emmanuel Samson Jude.He saw the devil instructing demons to come in human form to marry humans.He saw them as many as sands of the Sea. Jesus Christ is our only refuge.We are in a dark world and we need to be the light to those being deceived by these demons.Pray without measure.Let your prayers overflow.

Newscaster and reporter, at GLOFIRE. Child of the Most High God

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